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With the mind-blowing ideas of pre-wedding photography, post-wedding photography, candid wedding photography, wedding films and couple photography services we are entering into Mumbai. We are providing services to our direct clients as well as in collaboration with the Mumbai based Wedding Planners and contractors, Event Management Companies and Banquets. Our team of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai is looking forward to serving any community-based wedding at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Why Wedding Photo Creators?

Though our expertise in Indian community-based Wedding is being critically acclaimed throughout India, we will love to shoot fusion styled weddings, non -religious weddings, wedding showers, engagement ceremonial celebrations happening in Mumbai and greater Mumbai suburbs. Our mission is to gain love from Mumbai and be regarded as The Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai.

Every marriage has a special story behind it, a celebration of life and a new relationship. Our association of candid  The Best Wedding phPtographers in Mumbai is dedicated to capturing the special day of your life. Starting from the marriage rituals, dance to the small pranks we carefully capture every moment.

We are a dedicated team of young, dynamic candid wedding photographers in Mumbai offering wedding photography services with all modern equipment to ensure perfect and beautiful wedding photographs and to make your wedding day memorable throughout your life.    We promise our clients that we will frame your wedding day story in a very special manner. Our clicks definitely speak many words, it will surely be a reflection of your emotions. So consider us as your friends and enjoy your wedding day.

Why  Wedding Photo Creators Are The Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai?

We are the most reliable solution for the couples looking for VR Photography at their wedding,pre-wedding and reception.

Virtual reality has seen tremendous progress in the past two years. From being an unimaginable future technology to an accessible market tool, virtual reality has come a long way. 

Today, virtual reality is not just used for gaming, it is way beyond that. Immersing the viewers in experience is what virtual reality is all about and hence it is a perfect match with photography. With virtual reality taking a grip over content marketing as well as consumers, learning to create virtual reality content has become necessary for savvy virtual reality photographers.

Are you looking for a wedding photographers in Mumbai to infuse virtual reality into your content? Then you must understand what virtual reality content is at first! Virtual Reality Content Creating a virtual reality content needs a photographer to master a well-known yet overlooked photography technique i.e. panoramic stitching. And in the case of content creation full spherical 360s is the key.

Spherical denotes the complete picture which is a full 360 degrees of horizontal viewing and 180 degrees of vertical viewing. Nothing should be left out of view in any direction! Following are a few tips for creating an impeccable and impressive virtual reality content that every virtual-reality photographer needs to know! While searching for a wedding photographers in Mumbai, make sure you choose a photographer who is aware of all these tips as it will make your content more impactful.

Selecting the Right Environment In order to immerse someone completely into a virtual experience, the photographer should ensure that the experience is as convincing as possible. And to start with the process they should start with a captivating environment. In the case of traditional photography framing a shot by excluding the surrounding environment is the process. 

 However, as far as virtual reality photography is concerned everything in every direction needs to be taken into consideration. So it is extremely essential to select the right environment in case of VR photography. Subject Matter Consideration To keep the viewers fully immersed in the scene being presented, the photographer needs to consider the subject matter seriously.

A good subject matter is not something that looks or sounds good but it should have that power to evoke the emotional response from the viewers. It does not matter whether the response is positive or negative, compassionate or repulsive! The thing that matters the most is the involvement and emotional attachment of the viewers with the subject.

 Keep a Check on Quality Quality matters a lot when it comes to photography as blurred and unclear content cannot deliver the actual feeling and message behind the content. So, virtual reality photographers must keep a check on the quality of their photography to achieve the desired response from the viewers. Few components such as lighting, location, right tools and gears must be taken into consideration.

Why Wedding Photo Creators Are The Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Mumbai?

“A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance,” is what Wikipedia says if you search candid photography on Google. Yes, while candid photography does mean taking photos without people being aware of it, or creating a posed set-up, this definition has also led to the misconception that candid photographers do not take family portraits or formal portraits at all. Which is not true.

While we do take the majority of our photos which are not posed and as real as it happens, we are happy to take portraits with your friends and family. A wedding is an event that’s for family and friends and we understand how important it is to have some formal portraits with them. Of course, it’s a little difficult during an important ritual or ceremony. But as the best candid wedding photographer in Mumbai, we are always open to taking group photos and family portraits once the main event is over.

Why Wedding Photo Creators Are The Best  Cinematic Wedding Filmmakers in Mumbai?

Wedding Cinematography is an art the cinematographer makes a full film. He/she makes research, uses very special equipment like (aerial photo, HD or 4k cameras etc), directs the wedding with a unique storyline for every couple.. The wedding films you see on our YouTube and Facebook are all shot with a cinematic wedding style.

The Wedding Videographers are more like journalists; they just capture the moments and mix the images or videos with music and text. The storylines of true wedding filmmakers are surprising, varied, dynamic and full of emotion. All of us have watched a long, boring wedding video of our parents.

Why Wedding Photo Creators Are the Best Pre-wedding Photographers in Mumbai?

Every year new trends are coming in and they are contributing to all kinds of aspects, be it beauty, lifestyle and many more, our team of the Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai are making the most of it. So for the below reasons we are the most suitable option for every couple.

Keeping it casual: To keep it natural and casual is the most relaxing and candid programme for Pre-wedding photography and Cinematic wedding videos. For the couples too, it’s like no shooting at all with natural settings, themes and candid moments. It’s the easiest, cheapest and the simplest of ideas but it’s in no way inferior to ideas that involve exaggeration. The couples stay comfortable while the photographers do their work and make them the moments to cherish the whole life.

Multiple photographers: Use of multiple photographers ensures that all the priceless moments are captured forever and nothing is missed out on. It happens when both families encourage such practice. Pre-wedding photography that involves multiple shooters ensures that every angle is taken care of and nothing is missed out so that they capture all the moments forever. Shooting Cinematic wedding videos from different angles by multiple shooters will also enhance the feel of this sacred bond in the great festivity. Our Best wedding photographers in Mumbai are here for the offering.

The first look ones: It is customary that while everyone is allowed to look at the bride, the groom can see her only at that golden moment. Pre-wedding photography is all about breaking the trends and creating new ones. These first shots include sharing the first look pictures of the bride with the groom. It remains the most special thing as far as the groom is concerned to have the majestic look of his loved one at the first go. Best wedding photographers in Mumbai are here to do the needful.

Taking the alternative path: This is about breaking all the norms and being on your own. It is not about the traditional group photos or the cliché pictures of the bride and the groom. Pre-wedding photography has broken all the rules and has come up with something new. The alternative option to going traditional is to be non-traditional in every way. It involves using modern-day props and following modern trends. For instance, one who loves anime or cartoons can dress as his favourite anime character. The Cinematic wedding videos and Pre-wedding photography have all kinds of offerings.

Videography: This mainly concerns Cinematic wedding videos and it is mainly about going on the lines of documentary making with journalism-like coverage. Pre-wedding photography is not only about clicking pictures but also filming the whole ceremony with raw emotions. Nothing is left uncaptured and every candid little moment stays inside the memory of the camera and thus, in that of the families. Best wedding photographers in Mumbai are here at your service.

Capturing the prologue: This is getting popular day by day as couples are opting for capturing all the raw emotions that are involved in the curtain-raiser. It starts from capturing every moment starting from the proposal to nurturing the bond, coming closer, engagements and closing in on the real ceremony. It involves heavy pre-wedding photography but that’s what the Best wedding photographers in Mumbai are here for.

After the ceremony: A lot of things go after the golden moments expire and they are raw and candid. Best wedding photographers in Mumbai are here to oblige you to capture the loved ones and their families at their candid best. A wedding is not just about tying the knots of the bride and the groom but also about the marriage of two families. The Best wedding photographers in Mumbai are here at your service to capture how sacred this hitch can be.

Using drones: This is one of the most dramatic things to do but what’s a marriage without some overt drama? Drones are mostly seen in amazing videos involving a roving eye of the camera from the top. Pre-wedding photography uses drones to capture the whole location where the event is actually taking place and all the people from a bird’s eye view. It looks beautiful and is one of the best examples of Cinematic wedding videos.

Using cinematic teasers: That’s a new trend no doubt. As far as movies are concerned, teasers these days play an important role in arousing the curiosity amongst the audience. It acts as the prologue as well as the hints to what’s coming. The concept of teasers can be used in pre-wedding photography and Cinematic wedding videos as well. Best wedding photographers in Mumbai will take the snippets and scenes from the actual event and create a short montage and will give a beautiful experience.

Why Wedding Photo Creators Are the Best Customized Wedding Album Producers in India?

Different photographers might talk about digital books, photo books, coffee table books, traditional albums, matted albums and so on, lustre photo paper, glossy, fine art paper. These are all professional terms for the different products on the market. There is no right or wrong, there are simply different tastes and products available to match yours.

We as an establishment which is into mass production of photo books. We are a well-known brand and the albums printed by them are known as our exclusive photo book. Our design has been setting industry standards with their unparalleled expertise. Our upload to print process is seamless and extremely user friendly. We offer a series of design themes for designing wedding albums. Our top-quality albums from the best labs allow us to individually design the album so the images are arranged in such a way to best portray your wedding day.

The pages are elegant, with only a few images per page, designed around your wedding. The covers can be fabric such as Harris Tweed or linen, or leather. The pages are very thick. The album is likely to be very heavy and will definitely make you feel like you are about to lift and open something very special.

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