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Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

This blog will investigate the magical world of wedding photographers in Kolkata, where love stories are brought to life. The blog post “The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Kolkata” can help you discover the magic hidden inside those memorable wedding moments.

Memories captured in time are the main aim of wedding photography, rather than just stunning photos. There is a booming wedding photography business in this busy city because love has been captured with elegance and care.

This blog post is an appreciation of Kolkata’s artistic talent. We will talk about the significance of wedding photography, where each photo has a story to tell. Get ready to be amazed by their different charms and the moments they have captured as we discuss the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Join us for a visual retreat as we pay appreciation to the photographers who make lasting memories.

Things to consider while choosing the best wedding photographers in Kolkata

Hiring the best wedding photographers in Kolkata feels like choosing the best narrator for your special day. Highlight your assessment of their expertise and skills. Look for photographers who have a talent for capturing emotions in their subjects and restoring them as lifetime memories.

Years of working experience are also vital. Experienced photographers guarantee a smooth wedding day by providing a huge amount of information. Their skills in capturing stunning photos while adjusting to different situations are important.

Next, you should check their photography style and portfolio. Every wedding photographer has a different view of the world. Hence, choose a photographer whose portfolio tells a story to you. Look into their portfolio to get a sense of the narratives they convey with pictures.

Do not forget to read client testimonials and reviews. What feedback regarding their photography experiences do clients give? Their reviews highlight the level of expertise and skills of that wedding photographer.

Last but not least, search for industry-specific awards and recognition. Awards are often given to leading photographers in the industry, which shows a sign of their unique talent and dedication.

You can find the best wedding photographer in Kolkata to creatively capture the various stages of your love story by considering the above points.

List of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

1. Wedding Photo Creators

Wedding Photo Creators is the popular name that comes to mind first when searching for wedding photographers in Kolkata.

In 2014, Wedding Photo Creators started their journey on the ground in Kolkata. They are famous for capturing wedding moments from various locations in India, such as Jodhpur, Goa, and Jaipur. Their skilled team of professionals highly values the core cinematography, which gives an emotional touch to wedding stories.

Services Offered: The various photography services offered by them include traditional photography, family shoots, pre-wedding shoots, wedding films, candid photography, couple photography, and many more.

Why choose wedding photo creators?

You should choose Wedding Photo Creators as they have more than 9+ years of experience in the wedding photography industry in Kolkata.

They have completed more than 200 wedding photography projects since 2014, which shows their expertise in this field.

Their high dedication to adding color and customer service places them at the top of the list of wedding photographers in Kolkata.

As seen on their website [website link], wedding photo creators are famous for their magical moment captures, which cannot be created twice or reproduced.

Their candid photography is the major attraction of their wedding photography services. This team is highly dedicated to capturing the candid moments of their clients on their special day.

They offer a variety of photography packages in different price ranges, which help a client choose them according to their budget and interests.

You can visit their website for more detailed information. Website Link

How to contact?

Address: 23/15 D.P.P. Lane, Kolkata, West Bengal-700047, India

Call us at +91 86172 89391, or you can send mail at

2. Sambit Dey Photography

Among a huge range of wedding photographers in Kolkata, Sambit Dey Photography sets itself apart for its unique style that adds magic to each capture. Their commitment to conveying narratives, creating emotions, and creating lasting memories is among their unique features.

They capture the joy of every candid moment. With more than 10 years of experience, they have produced visual narratives along with wedding photography. You can shortlist Sambit Dey Photography to capture your special moments in a timeless tale with an exciting combination of artistic skill and creativity.

Sambit Dey Photography is considered one of the most creative wedding photographers in Kolkata for capturing the colors of emotion through their lens.

They have also been awarded Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016–17 for capturing the most exceptional moments of the bride and groom.

Services offered: wedding photography, drone photography, pre-wedding photography, candid wedding photography, and cinematic videography.

How to contact?

Address: 86 Beadon Street, near Minerva Theatre Hall, Kolkata, West Bengal (70006)

Call us at 09830570102, or you can drop us an email at

3. Rig Photography

Under the supervision of the highly talented Rig Biswas, Rig Photography stands out as a unique style that brings life to every capture. Rig’s interest is capturing original moments and converting them into long-lasting memories.

Couples find safety in his relaxed attitude, careful attention to detail, and skills to place people at ease. The achievements listed on Rig’s website showcase a highly creative and commendable journey with their 1000+ photography projects.

Rig Photography creates artistic tales that celebrate all forms of love, from pre-wedding sessions to traditional weddings, leaving every click genuinely exceptional for 10+ years.

Rig Photography has also gained popular awards, including ‘Nikon Influencer & Mentor’, ‘Wonder Weddings Shooting Star’, and ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year nominee-India’.

Services offered: Bengali wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, candid wedding photography, maternity and baby photography, rice ceremony photography, and corporate photography.

How to contact?

Address: Nabin Sen Rd., Palpara, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700126

Call us at 98306 93939, or you can drop mail at

4. AD photography and films

AD Photography by Amit Kumar Das stands out for its unique combination of creativity and passion. With his own style, Amit Das creates long-lasting visual stories by adding classic and trending elements. His artistic work shows a sensibility for emotions and beauty.

AD Photography, which has been there for 10+ years, is popular for its skills to capture love tales in Kolkata and other locations. Amit is a popular choice because of his attentive nature and commitment to high quality. Ad photography captures moments as they occur and turns every wedding into a stunning tale shot on camera.

AD Photography offers different types of exclusive wedding packages, which include crystal packages, ruby packages, sapphire packages, and diamond packages.

How to contact?

Address: Texmaco LFQ Near 120, Udaynagar, 4 Number Railway Gate, Kolkata, West Bengal 700056

Call us at 9836206192 or you can drop mail at

5. Sourav Sen Galleries

With a single blend of skill and creativity, Sourav Sen Galleries sets itself apart in the wedding photography ground of Kolkata while crafting lasting memories. The vibrant colors and candid moments they capture clearly show their unique wedding photography style.

Sourav Sen has collected more than 5 years of experience and is now a reputed figure in the wedding photography industry in Kolkata. Their stunning portfolio shows the team’s commitment to creating captivating tales.

Every capture they create claims to be a piece of art. Due to their high accomplishments, Sourav Sen Galleries is a top choice for couples searching for the best wedding photographer with exceptional passion and creativity.

Services offered: wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, rice ceremony photography, baby photography, and birthday photography.

How to contact?

Address: 51 School Road, Birati, Kolkata, 700051

Call us at 9874598769, or you can drop mail at

6. Birdlens Creation

Birdlens Creation’s exceptional photography style makes it stand out in the wedding photography field in Kolkata. Every frame reflects their commitment to utilizing photos to narrate a love story.

They create visually appealing stories, and their specialty is to capture uninterrupted candid moments. The key to their success is their skill to brilliantly combine traditional and contemporary trends with their 10+ years of expertise.

Their work shows a dedication to capturing the essence of each wedding day, as seen by their many achievements, awards, and appearances in popular magazines.

Go visit their website to learn more about their unique photography and the narratives they successfully portray.

Services offered: pre-wedding photography, wedding photography, baby photography, celebrity wedding photography, and Bengali wedding photography.

How to contact?

Address: 123, Canal Street, Sreebhumi, Laketown, Kolkata – 700048

Call us at 8910575255, or you can drop mail at

7. Rajesh Gupta Photography

Another great choice for capturing your wedding day in Kolkata is Rajesh Gupta Photography. Famous for their flexible offerings and different photography packages, they offer a huge collection of options for any wedding occasion.

With their unique style, Rajesh Gupta Photography guarantees every occasion is carefully and creatively crafted. They have emerged as one of Kolkata’s best wedding photography businesses by focusing on narrating stories through videos and pictures.

They are the perfect pick for couples searching for customized wedding photography experiences due to their commitment to providing a huge range of photography services. To create lasting memories of your wedding events, choose Rajesh Gupta Photography.

Services offered: candid photography, pre-wedding shoots, cinematography, traditional photography, traditional videography

How to contact?

Address: 57A Park Street, 42A Park Mansion, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

Call us at 9831002369 or you can drop mail at

8. The Sparkling Wedding

In Kolkata, the Sparkling Wedding is the best example of the imaginative narrative creator in wedding photography. They are not just photographers with 10+ years of expertise; they are passionate narrators who create captivating love stories.

Their careful attention to detail, artistic skill, and motivated team dedicated to breaking the barriers of traditional photography set them apart. Their talent lies in capturing candid moments, ensuring that every story is conveyed differently.

The team stands out by their dedication to uniqueness and creativity, which showcases the originality of their wedding works. The Sparkling Wedding turns everyday moments into memorable recollections by adding advanced technology with an artistic touch to capture the magic of your day.

The Sparkling Wedding has also collected famous awards from popular organizations such as National Geographic, APF, Creative Image, and Canon.

Services Offered: The photography services offered by them are pre-wedding photography, candid wedding photography, destination wedding photography, creative wedding photography, pre-wedding videos, and cinematic wedding videos.

How to contact?

Address: 8/2/1A, Dhiren Sen Sarani, Manicktala, Azad Hind Bag, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700009

Call us at 7439968048, or you can drop a mail at

9. Memories Designer

Memories designers make a long-lasting mark on wedding memories with their unique talents. They have an impressive working portfolio and are experts at capturing candid moments and stunning compositions.

With its special customized services, Memories Designer guarantees that every click tells the unique story of your love. Check out their site to explore how talented they are at shooting pre-wedding photos, dramatic videos, and creative videos. This makes them a popular choice for individuals seeking budget wedding photography in Kolkata.

Services offered: The photography services offered by Memories Designer are pre-wedding photography, reception photography, wedding photography, Bengali wedding photography, and engagement photography.

In addition to this, Memories Designer also offers their photography services through different packages, including the Royal package, the Elegant package, the Exclusive package, and the Classic package.

How to contact?

Address: 3/1, Acharya Para Ln, Naora, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal 711101

Call us at 9830961795, or you can drop mail at

10. The Shutter Story

The Shutter Story is another major name in the realm of wedding photography in Kolkata for its unique storytelling technique through a lens. Their unique capture style generates everlasting memories by skillfully blending candid situations with creativity.

The Shutter Story’s wedding photography journey shows an excellent combination of modern and traditional elements, and this photography service is popular for capturing original emotions. Their skills in capturing candid emotional moments and their polished manner are highly appreciated by their previous customers. 

Being one of Kolkata’s best wedding photographers, The Shutter Story has earned huge popularity. If you choose Shutter Story, your wedding story will be captured with passion, precision, and a pinch of magic.

Services offered: The photography services offered by The Shutter Story are candid photography, pre-wedding photography, wedding photography, traditional photography, fashion shoots, traditional videography, cinematography, drone photography, and maternity photography.

How do I contact?

Address: 5/5 B, Dum Dum Rd., Ghughudanga, Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700030

Call us at 98-04-348501 or you can drop mail at

In conclusion, the key to turning events into lifelong memories is choosing the best wedding photographer. The top 10 photographers in Kolkata shed light on the special styles and talents brought to the table. Choose wisely to ensure that your wedding day is passionately captured.

Please feel free to share your unique ideas, recommendations, and experiences in the comments section below!