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Wedding Photographer in Bangalore

Are those traditional long videos of your parents’ wedding, recorded from the beginning to the end, not your style? Do you want the memories of the most important day of your life to be one-of-a-kind? With changing technology, wedding photographers in Bangalore/ Bengaluru has advanced from what it was several years ago. Besides this, pre-wedding photography, save-the-date invites with the photo shoot and fashion-styled photo shoots are also in vogue

With better equipment and talented photographers and cinematographers, a whole new trend and era of making couples even happier today than they were yesterday, is emerging. So what will it be for your wedding? 

Here, we present the Wedding Photo Creators, one of the finest and most celebrated wedding photographers in India, is now in Bangalore. Under the supervision of Arijit Lahiri and Tathagata Chakraborty, we have started our Bangalore Diaries. Our Bangalore venture is focusing mainly on the community-specific weddings of Kannar and other South Indian Communities.

Our services and offerings are uniquely designed for the couples interested in Pre-Wedding Photography, Post-Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography, Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding Film or Wedding Stories. According to trend reports, initiated by South Asian Community Weddings in India, China and Indian Sub-continent Pre/Post Wedding Shoot and Creative Wedding Photography is now catching up rapidly the European populace. So we always try to maintain a global standard in our service design.

As per the global market review, India is the second rank holder which has a demand for wedding albums and coincidentally our Bangalore connection is so strong for last five years due to the demand of Canvera Photobook in each and every wedding family who were our clients.

However, we are among the pioneers in India, to introduce the concept of Photo-journalistic wedding shoot style, using drone or helicam to shoot a budget wedding, transforming an ordinary location into lovers paradise through scientific camera techniques. We are being featured in several reputed national and international magazines for our creativity in editing and wedding filmmaking. So we are aiming to be recognized as The Best Wedding Photographer in Bangalore in coming days.

At present Wedding, Photo Creators is a household name in Eastern India and now as a part of expansion initiatives we are starting our journey in Bangalore. Bangalore is a cross-communal and cross-cultural city as people from all parts of India are coming into the city and during their wedding planning, they are searching for somebody who can photograph their wedding at their convenient location. So, we are aiming to cater their all wedding photography needs.