Destination Wedding Photography

Wedding Photo Creators offer the Top Wedding Photographers in Kolkata that enables the occupants of the state to capture the best photographs for the special events and occasions.

Shooting at some of the top destination wedding venues in India, like Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, Jaisalmer, Delhi, and Jim Corbett has taught us what being a good Indian destination wedding photographer needs to be, and you can count on us to ensure your memories are captured forever. The best part is, you don’t just have to take us at our word—all you have to do is check out our gallery of some of the best Indian destination weddings we have shot, and you’ll see that when we say we’re one of the best destination wedding photographers in India, we mean it! And if you rely on us, we’ll only give you the best. From candid wedding photography to wedding films, we’ll give you the complete package. Within India or internationally, no place is a challenge for us. Kenya, Canada, South-east Asia, we’ve shot in all these locations, and we’re ready for every new chance you want to throw at us. Finding the best destination wedding photographer for your wedding may have been a struggle, but now that you’re here, you’re in safe hands.

With destination weddings becoming popular with Indian couples, the world is your oyster. From Goa to Kashmir, Kenya to Malaysia, there is no place you can’t go for the wedding of your dreams. And to capture those dreams into gorgeous cinematography, turn to Wedding Photo Creators. We’re one of the best destination wedding photographers in India, having shot for numerous happy couples. No matter what your budget, all we need from you is that you have the time of your life, and leave the rest to us.

Bengali Wedding Photography

Bengalis are fond of cultural events; their marriages are ample proof of that. Bengali marriages are colourful and fun-filled and Wedding photography is extremely important to the bridal couple at their wedding.

Traditional Wedding Photography: This type of wedding photography is more formal in its approach which allows the wedding photographers in Kolkata to create the absolute space to click a picture where everyone is giving their best pose. So it means that people can dress up as they want and give a pose which suits them more. This type is always on demand and it will remain the same for the coming years as well.

 Candid Wedding Photography: Candid wedding photographers in Kolkata capture people when they are unaware that their picture is being taken. The photographer’s job is to click pictures without staging a scene so that the image looks natural and brings in a sense of realism. The photographers hover around the wedding venue and capture people as they go about the wedding rituals.

Some images are best when they are candid while certain parts of the wedding demand traditional photography. Though candid is on trend it doesn’t mean that the traditional version is out. Be it traditional or candid, the final look of the picture is dependent on the processing of the images post-editing. and of course, it depends on the wedding photographers’ creative skill too.

Wedding Photo Creators is your best choice for Bengali Wedding at a very cost-effective budget