Tricks and trends are the newest things that got implemented in the whole saga of wedding events .every year new trends got set up by celebrities or any unique trend around the world which got viral in the social media and the trendy new-age couples get into it. Nowadays couples want to celebrate their wedding events with complete chic and grandeur. It is their day and they want to enjoy it with their life.

In Kolkata, we have lots of quirky places and also we can implement quicks tricks which will make your pre-wedding shoot unique and trendy

  • Miniature shoot

Quirky couples who want something cool for their pre-wedding shoot they can go for this idea .this is something which is in today. if this is something you are looking for ask your wedding photographer beforehand, as it is time-consuming and it needs perfect theme planning.

  • Shoot with pets

For pet lovers, this is most ideal trend by which they can capture their moments with their loving pets by portraying their pets as bridesmaid or groomsmen.they are part of our family and they are nothing less than the children of their pet moms or dads, so if you have to leave your love in your maternal home, this shoot will be perfect for you because it will keep a complete memory of that bundle of joy with you in your most happy moment.

  • Bike and cars

If you both are a sports car lover or a biker couple, you can team up your first loves with your second ones. A sporty look together with your bikes or cars in the background is something very chic and smart, you can try.

  • Underwater shoot

In movies also nowadays directors implement a scene in underwater to give an aesthetic romantic feel to the frame .the soon to be a couple is nothing less than that. To give yourselves a movie-like romance treat, you can try out these frames. the best wedding photographers of Kolkata will give their best for it.

  • Sky lantern and fireworks

If you want a magical background which will enlighten your photos with magical colours, you can opt for this trick. You can choose night time to shoot and use the dark natural canvas for your background and decorate it with sky lanterns and fireworks.

  • Date night

If you didn’t get any formal proposal from your groom, you can recreate it in your pre-wedding shoots as a date night. You can dress up as couple who are going out for a date and falling in love all over can relive the proposal moments from him and capture it in your shoots to relive it forever.

  • Smoke bombs

This is a simple prop which will make your simple pre-wedding photos magical and something out of can ask for it to from the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. they can arrange it as per your need.

  • Rainy love

Couples who love rain or got their love stories started in monsoons they can opt for this natural prop that is rain. Nothing can be more romantic than rains for showcasing love between the lovebirds. the rain set the romantic mood and it will brighten up your expressions easily.

  • Festive season

If you want to make it completely different from other pre-wedding shoot you can shoot it in festivals like Holi or Diwali. You can celebrate it together and shoot the celebration as a pre-wedding shoot. the best wedding photographer in Kolkata will make sure you get both the feel of your romance and celebration in your photos.

  • Classy props

You can use props according to your theme but don’t overdo it. take advice from the best wedding photographers of Kolkata regarding the implementation of props. Whether its cars, posters, costumes, luxury items, whatever it is . you can simply change your simple photos with these props and make it charming and classy.

These are the 10 tricks you can use which are most in trend right now. The best wedding photographer in Kolkata will give you the best outcome of whatever trick or theme you choose, according to you and your partner.s personality they will create the frame which will capture the love of you both which you can cherish forever.