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Three Major Things to be Considered When You Book Your Wedding Photographer

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In numerous blogs prior to this article, we have already discussed a few essential topics for the wedding families to consider before hiring any wedding photographer in Kolkata. In this era of aggressive digital marketing and promotions, every individual is showcasing his/her creative talent in various interactive media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to get some good business out of these activities. But in consumer point of view, you as a consumer will have to prioritize your intellect rather than your mind in a matter of taking conscious decisions on booking your photographer for your wedding. Today as wedding photographers in Kolkata, we will focus on the things which we want you to consider when you book your photographer.


Are you paying for some serious artwork or just for another candid wedding photography package?

Well, it’s very difficult for you to convince us as a potential connoisseur of artwork and photography that for what you’re paying for regarding the photography in your dream wedding. Now, first, you should have the clarity on your expectations. Candid wedding photography is just a name or a trend in modern days. We can bet that most of the people just do not understand the scope and features of true candid wedding photography. Hence if you think you have a budget of more than 1.5lacs for any standard wedding photography packages which includes the coverage of both side rituals, then you are advised to go for the actual artistic photographers rather than the self-proclaimed candid wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Do you believe in Google Rankings of the Photographers ensure their credibility in terms of deliverable?

Yes, in the modern business environment, particularly in show business we cannot overlook the importance of search engine activities to generate traffic for the websites. But that doesn’t mean that the highest position or rank holder is the best one to meet your expectations. Choose your photographer wisely. Go through the websites and social media presence and manage your time to sit with the photographers to understand their works.

Are you expecting a Wedding Story or Cinematic Wedding Video to be in your inbox within a very strict timeline of two months?

If as a client of a photographer in Kolkata, you’re expecting the above then we can ensure you that you’re not getting the best output or the best wedding video film as desired. Filming the moments, aerial cinematography and action shots are just a part of shooting the moments. The most important role in every wedding film is being played by the editors and their editing skills. The best wedding video is not all about the shots that the cinematographer has captured, it’s the editing of the video and the post-production that actually makes the difference.

Are you intervening too much into photographer’s job?

Please do not interfere in photographer’s job once you’re agreed with their and your terms and conditions before both of you’ve signed the terms of agreement paper or the mutual mail confirmations as once you’ve paid then it’s their responsibility to complete it with their creative skills and efforts.   


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Wedding Photography Trends Expected to influence 2019 and Beyond



Weddings are one of the most momentous occasions in an individual’s life and hence need to be well-covered and preserved for life to be cherished. Staying updated with the latest trends in wedding photography is important to create heartfelt, everlasting memories. As a wedding photographer, you are obligated to capture the entire event in a professional manner and create wonderful memories. To make things easy for you, we have listed some of the latest wedding photography trends for 2019 and beyond –

1. Candid Photography:
Gone are the days when we would shoot pictures using a film with the pressure of getting it perfect in the very first shot, followed by most of the photographers printing the photos where everyone are posing. But now with the flexibility of the digital medium, there is no limit to the number of shots that can be captured. Today, more and more number of people are now shooting candid photographs that capture every expression and emotion being expressed by the bride and the groom throughout their special day.
2. Black and White Photography:
Black and white were being used only for artistic shots in the past, but this trend has been slowly changing with time. Last year we saw the comeback of black and white photography and this year we will see more people using this technique in marriage photography. Black and white images remove the focus from the variation in the composition and prompt the viewer to concentrate on the moment captured.

3.Drone Photography:
Today, drones with cameras are available at reasonable prices, which capture high-quality photos and videos. Drone cameras give a whole new perspective of clicking images from a height. Proper planning and execution of drone marriage photography can produce some of the best photography results.
4. Destination or Location Photography:
More and more people are traveling to exotic locations for their pre- and post-wedding shoots. A new and creative location helps to build the composition and also capture interesting shots. The environment of the new location plays a key role in setting the mood and taking amazing pictures.
5. Using smoke bomb as a prop:
Using smoke bombs is a great way to make wedding photos look more interesting and happening. Mostly such photos are used as the exit photos of the entire event. However, when captured with appropriate backlighting, the colors will shine through and create some of the most amazing shots.
6.Wedding Hashtag:
This is one of the latest trends used to capture the world’s attention towards the wedding. Besides, having the guests upload the photos on social media platforms with the relevant hashtag will also help easy retrieval of the photos and help the couple experience their wedding from the perspective of their guests and acquaintances.
7.Underwater Photography:
With the advent of waterproof cameras and GoPro cameras in the market, underwater shoots are gaining popularity worldwide. Mainly popular among athletes or sportspersons, underwater marriage photo shoots will be in vogue in 2019 and beyond.
8.Stop Motion Wedding Photo Films:
This is the form of photography which takes still photos and animates them amidst a video of choice combined with the pleasing sound effects. These short photo films can be easily shared on social media accounts or embedded in the wedding invitation emails sent to friends and family. This serves as a trailer for the forthcoming wedding and set the mood for it.

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Who are the best wedding photographers in India?

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Here are the most important people of Indian weddings and it is none other than the wedding photographer wants to click on all in marriage because they all wear amazing clothes. There is also a memory in these photos, so the photographer is a very important part of every marriage. This is the best place for your wedding day

Wedding photography is photography for activities related to weddings. It includes photographs of the couple before marriage, as well as full marriage coverage.

Photography is an art that usually captures unusual moments of life on a photographic film. This art is very rare in Kolkata city. The best photographer till now in Kolkata is Jashaswi Das Majumder. Their talented team crew is serving the dimensions of events, music, pre-marriage, and marriage at a reasonable cost. Through the art of our photography, serving in the areas of Kolkata, India, we are behind the success of many opportunities, events and people’s marriage. Are there.

Wedding Photo Creators offers a complete package of photography solutions in Photography, Kolkata. Our photos perform brilliant moments of moment, which are attractive and attractive

We offer you different aspects of photography, including the following:

True photography: True photography is now popular in India. The young generation is found in such photography. We have our crew, which are in the best photography, do not feel shy to contact us.

Single / Double Picture: The painting is an advanced form of pictures. Senior generations still come to this kind of photography. Give us the honor to portray your beauty on fine paper.

Contemporary Photography: We offer this photography to your family’s dear children. This allows you to see their progress in an album physically and financially. Later you have something to boast and admire.

Traditional photography and videography: As it is said, the traditional method of gold photography is never out of style, you just need to take the right people with a mixture of advanced techniques and traditions.

Wedding Photography and Videography: We are the best wedding photographer in Kolkata; we cover every event of marriage including Tilak, Engagement, Music, Mehndi, Verma, Pavilion, Vidya and Reception.

Real Estate Photography: We also have a new and inventive style of real estate photography to showcase its plots, houses, and flats for magazines, articles or newspapers.

Landscape Photography: This style of photography is devoted to nature lovers. The beauty of this world has been hidden from the busy eyes of this generation. We as a professional photographer find this responsibility to bring the hidden characteristics of this nature before this generation.

Fashion photo shoots: We offer you the best photo shoots in Kolkata. If you are a model and want to impress someone with your portfolio then you are in the right place. Feel free to contact us

Event Photography: Event photography is very rare art. Photography in Kolkata is the best photographer for the purpose of the event in Kolkata. We consider every event as special because it is also special for you.

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How to Hire Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata for Your Next Event

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Have you hired a photographer for any of your earlier event? Do you know how a photographer helps you memorize the event passing by? If you have an event coming, and need to hire a photographer in Kolkata, then you have a chance to hire only a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata, who will be your friend to help you capture and memorize your event, be it wedding or wedding ceremony. A wedding without photography is impossible or unbelievable, so you need to hire one that can give you the best photography experience.

Why You Need Wedding Photographer?

This is a very silly question if you ask weeding photography and the reason of this photography, because all types of wedding photographers are not same and all cannot give you the best photography experience. Though, a best type of photographer or the professional photographer can be your choice. A wedding without photography is impossible or unbelievable, so you need to hire one that can give you the best photography experience. This would be your value for money and you will get the photographer of your choice.

How a Photographer Helps You?

When you know photography is nothing but a style or an art then you should only hire the candid wedding photographer in Kolkata that would be your great help for sure. This is a very silly question if you ask weeding photography and the reason of this photography, because all types of wedding photographers are not same and all cannot give you the best photography experience. Though, a best type of photographer or the professional photographer can be your choice. A way which would be the way for you known fact for the photography shot.

Is Affordable Photography for Wedding?

The way you hire the candid wedding photography that way you need to hire a photography but that you need to know whether the professional people you are about to hire would be a professional and experience person, because only an experienced person can give you the best photography experience and that experience would be your choice and can help you in the event. If you have hired one that was not supportive enough or have not given to you the best photography experience then you can hire the another one this time.

Why you need to Hire a Candid Photography?

A very good candid wedding photographer in Kolkata can be your help when you know that you need to know whether the professional people you are about to hire would be a professional and experience person, because only an experienced person can give you the best photography experience and that experience would be your choice and can help you in the event. You can hire a photography professional or a professional photographer that would be your choice, because you even do not know who is going to provide you the service and that service would be helpful for you or not.


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Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer The Best Decision You Could Make

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Are you going to knot? Yes! That’s great. Trying to knot is no doubt one of the best decisions you have ever made, but it is the time when you know all time remembering, and only photography can make it possible. When you have taken a life changing decision, you certainly thinking of making it ever green and you will make it remembering in your lifetime. If you are from Kolkata, the city of joy, then you must be looking for a best Wedding photographer Kolkata for your wedding day.

Photography that touches your heart

Is it safe to assume that you are looking for candid wedding photography Kolkata? If yes, then a professional wedding photographer can capture some of the best moments in your wedding day and you would be remembered life time. You do surely wish to have a kind of unforgettable wedding and that wedding would be colorful when you hire the best of best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata. Let us see the things you need to know before you hire or the reasons you hire a professional photographer in Kolkata.

Commitment – Photographers who are professionals are bound by contract, this type of contract are simply photography contact and that lasts for your wedding, a photographer in Kolkata can show up on your big day, does not matter what the environment is. You hire them, so you deserve to get good photography, thus the commitment only.

ExperienceProfessional photographers are experienced, because they spend hundreds and thousands of hours doing photography and they know how to shot the best quality photos according to the situation. They are hired not only for their professionalism, but also for their experience, which matters a lot. When you hire a photographer, always see if they are experienced and have covered the kind of photography you look for your wedding event.

Exceptional Outcomes – Only an experienced photographer knows the outcomes, because they know how exceptional your wedding event is. This is the day, when you know last for a few hours and this will be captured or the moment would be captured in the camera and produce by the photographs. A professional wedding photographer Kolkata can give you the exception results or output only, thus you are advised to hire the professional and experienced one.

Assurance – Only professional photographers know the good and worst situation and they do prepare for all situations. This is solely for photography. They have backup for all situations, from camera to people and according to that they do assure their clients to complete the work. If they find any issue they only can do the backup to make your event photography smooth and perfect.

To sum it up, it can be said that for all types of Indian Candid Wedding Photography you need to hire a professional photographer only, who understands the need of your event and the need of your photography. Best photographer can be your event best and ever memorable.


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Capture Your Wedding Moment Selecting The Best Wedding Photography

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The good thing is, you are going to be married. You will have a new life, better to say, your life will start and take a new dimension. Yesterday, you were a bachelor, today you would be husband or would be wife of someone and tomorrow you would be a married person with a loving and caring husband or wife. Though, the unfortunate thing about your big-day is that it is one only day. Luckily, the right wedding photographer can astonishingly preserve the total things and entire event’s happenings, the enjoyment and emotions balancing both the side for you – ever and forever!

Why You Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

A professional wedding photographer only gives you the moment you need during your wedding. A professional photographer understands the photography needed in the time of a wedding party or wedding ceremony. One fine picture shoot perfectly can instantly take you back to the moment you come across or the happiest day of your life.

What are the things to ask your wedding photographer when you are going to hire them for your next wedding party or wedding event? Some simple questions to keep in mind…..

  • Ask them for a portfolio to see the kind of wedding photography they have done previously.
  • When they show you their portfolio, you will come know about their quality of work and you would be very sure that you are about to get good photography of your wedding.
  • Ask them about the rate of the photography, if you have a tight budget, you need to talk to them first. A professional photographer in your city would surely help you.
  • Ask them the delivery time of your wedding photographs, and the copy you need, so that you can share them with your friends and relatives.

Your wedding photographer can make your wedding day special. Yes! Special when you hire a professional wedding photographer who knows how to give your wedding photography the lively touch that nocks your heart’s back door.

A great wedding photography album can become your favorite tea table book that would be appreciated when you hire a top class wedding photographer in your city.

When it comes to professional wedding photography, many shutterbugs start out by shooting weeding events. This can say many prospective hires prior to choose the right fit for you. Below are some simple tips for choosing a professional wedding photographer who will shoot the event exactly the way you want to call up.

  • Start searching immediately
  • Tap into your professional network
  • Try to narrow down your options
  • Start taking as many photographers you got to connect
  • Talk softly about their professionalism
  • Discuss about their photography equipment

To sum it up, you need to know when you hire and who to hire after clarifying the given tips. Lastly, you should determine the costs sign the contract.

Happy Wedding!

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