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Five Tips for The Wedding Photographers in Kolkata to Capture the Best Bridal Portrait

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Every bride is very much bothered about the bridal portraits their wedding photographers capture. From the moment of getting ready for the D-Day to post-wedding reception, brides long for giving away the best poses in their minds. Every bride looks different and unique and it is your lookout as the best wedding photographer to make them look perfect in every shot. Their temperament, physical presence, and the way they are the things you need to highlight while you are capturing them. To help you click the best bridal portraits, we have come up with five essential tips. You can consider these before you start clicking. Watch below.

1. Plan and share her poses: It is always beneficent for the bride if you show her how to pose according to your foresight. It will give her the clarity, help her build confidence and she will feel more comfortable as well. First of all, you need to make sure that she is unperturbed as she might not be used to posing in ways that you suggest. By showing her how accurately you want her to pose, your job will also get easier.

  1. Give her tips on eyesight: Ask the bride to look at you or look at a distance for a better portrait. You can do that when she is opaque about next. She must be getting ready to pretense, will look around, look at you or somewhere else and must be unaware of the camera. That’s the moment when you can get a snap as a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata that looks completely natural. Moreover, she must be entirely herself at that fastidious moment which will give you a perfect pose.
  2. Bride’s neck and shoulders need special attention: During the shoot, check if your bride’s chin is barbed uphill or if she is looking down too far. If her chin is upward, her next will look long or if she is looking down, then it almost certainly will create a double chin or no chin at all in the image you capture. Likewise, you need to be very cautious about her shoulders. Let her push back her shoulders in order to get a greater body language for your image. Or if she has open shoulders, ask her to go round a little away from the camera.
  3. Hands and fingers play an impactful role in good portraits: The positioning of the bride’s hands creates a lot of divergence in the picture you capture. Give a reminder to her to relax her hands and finger that will help her pose more at ease. Give her a prop up or ask her to hold her bridal dress on the sides.
  4. Arrange the background appropriately: Likewise, you should be very attentive to the background of every image you capture if you want to butter up your client with the best wedding story. If the background is jumbled or has superfluous colors, the image will suffer. That being the case, we recommend you to be prepared in go forward to find the most appropriate background.

One vital thing you need to keep in mind while photographing a bride is to enhance her buoyancy throughout. Besides, comprehend the bride and her personality level well which help you get more candid and genuine poses from her.

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Five Wedding Photography Awards for Indian Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers

Weddings in India are a hullabaloo of a lifetime. A hypnagogic union of two souls, weddings in India are a time of perpetual festivities marking months of fastidious preparations and craftsmanship. Peaceful co-existence of innumerable cultures in India makes the wedding rituals of each culture distinct and equally breathtaking. A magnetize display of involvement, effort, emotions and wealth, Indian weddings are no less than a visual pageant.

Being an Indian Wedding Photographers in Kolkata, Mumbai or anywhere across the globe with the most talent, experience and innovative approach to crafting Indian Wedding stories every individual have their own aspirations for wedding photography awards. An award is something given to a person, a group of people, like an organization in recollection and apprehension of their mastery in any certain field.

In this article we will share a few popular and aspiring awards for the new wedding photographers in India, who have chosen photography as their main source of earnings.


  1. WeddingSutra Awards: Founded in 2000 by Parthip Thyagarajan and Madhulika Sachdeva Mathur WeddingSutra quickly became the leading bridal brand reaching millions of to-be-weds in India and outside. WeddingSutra provides comprehensive wedding information and inspiration to a target audience of smart, spirited, and sophisticated couples. According to the CEO, Thyagarajan WeddingSutra Photography Awards are conceptualized to inspire and honor the best wedding photographer and they now look forward to ensuring that wedding photography in India has a strong global platform and is recognized as an exciting and creative profession.
  2. Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards: On 2009, it was initiated as a national level award with the aim of both recognizing extraordinary talent in wedding photography, and adoring the finest photo artists in the field. They literally pioneered the concept of specifying and recognizing wedding photography in India, as an individual genre.
  3. Wedding Photographers Association of India Awards: Founded by Arjun Kartha and Vinayak Das, two of the best Wedding Photographers in India on 2009 WPAI also facilitates aspiring wedding photographers for showcasing their talents in front of critics and judges.
  4. FEARLESS AWARDS: Fearless Photographers is a photography directory of the world’s finest wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos of your D-day now known or hereafter. On every two months interval, a panel of expert stewards selects the very best wedding photos as Fearless Awards.
  5. Others: Major camera, album and accessories producers also conduct very few awards for young aspiring photographers in India to showcase their talents.

Hope this blog will help you as a photographer to explore your talent.

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The Bridal Jewellery and It’s Photographic Importance in Indian Weddings


One can never imagine his/her wedding without jewelry. Jewelry is one of the most prized possessions of any Indian bride. The pattern of buying and preserving the jewelry differs from family to family. In some affluent families, the ladies of the families collect and store the jewelry from generation to generation. Modern nuclear family based girls prefer to go out and pick a personalized piece in obedience to what is in trend now.  This blog aims to discuss the popular bridal jewelry types and their acceptance in matrimony families and as the wedding photographers in India, how one can utilize them to click a perfect frame.

Different Jewellery Styles:

  1. Kundan: Traditionally used by Mughals, Kundan Jewellery is made by Rajasthani artisans with an unblemished finish and angled designs. It makes significant use of glass imitations set in stones with Gold or Silver tones. Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. Kundan, also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry, is a popular variation, wherein enameling with vivid colors and designs is on the reverse, while the kundan setting is in the front. The city of Jaipur in Rajasthan has traditionally been the center for Kundan jewelry in India. It features Meenakari enamel printing work on its reverse side.

2.Pearl: For brides who would like to go minimal with their jewelry, Pearl is a perfect choice. With multi-layer Pearls, fine strands and statement pieces of Pearl jewelry, add a touch of royalty to bridal look in the most tenuous way.

3.Mughal: During the Mughal rule in India, jewelry-making was given utmost importance. The magnificent jewelry worn by the leading pair in Jodhaa Akbar, with its florid patterns and majestic look, got the attention of both the common people and the jewelers. Now, many jewelry stores are stocked with glorious Mughal-styled jewelry.

4.Silver: Oxidized silver jewelry offers a homely look and on-demand now a day. Silver jewelry designs for pre-wedding rituals like your Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony and is unique.

  1. Polki: Polki is a form of jewelry made of uncut raw diamonds, becoming an interesting choice of bridal jewelry well-knowns for its exotic shine and designs.
  2. Panchikam: Unlike other jewelry, these Gujrat based patterns use Silver as its base and is set along with different precious and semiprecious stones. The process of making this type of jewelry is quite tedious but is well-appreciated for its handmade touch of excellence and superior finish.
  3. Temple: It is a chunky type of jewelry set in patterns with sacred pendants of Lakshmi, Ganesh and more. South Indian brides prefer to use temple jewelry for their bridal look. Not only this looks majestic, but it is also said to bring in good luck and prosperity.
  4. Others: There are other forms of jewelry which are very much popular. The most popular choice of bridal jewelry is Gold and is considered to be very auspicious. Diamond Jewellery, plated in gold or platinum offers a rich selection of styles and attracts everyone.

Now your job as a wedding photographer is to capture the wedding jewelry which makes the wedding albums fabulous.

Camera: For jewelry photos, where lighting is abundant and controlled, a basic DSLR is all you need.Full-frame means that the camera captures a wider range. This is important when shooting landscapes or other nature-related photographs because you can capture a larger scene from the same distance. For jewelry, since products are small, a DX camera works fine. The 18-55mm lens that is included with your camera kit is sufficient for almost all items or object. In most cases, you don’t need a macro lens or any additional lenses. For smaller pieces like rings or small studs, a macro lens will give you a better quality picture in a bigger size. For bracelets, necklaces, chunky earrings, etc, the basic 18-55mm lens works well.

A macro lens is useful when you want to blow up small products like rings or small studs to poster size images. Canon 100mm lens is very useful and much recommended.

Hope this article was helpful for you.

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