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Some Tips for looking beautiful in your Wedding Photographs

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As wedding photographers in Mumbai, we get interrogated most of all is by brides, wanting to know if there are any simple gestures they can perform that can help them look splendid in their photographs. Being such an essential aspect of their D-day, we thought we would share some points to help all the brides out there.

Hire someone who’s professional: Suppose you’re anticipating your trusted friend to forego most of the fun during your wedding because he or she will be stuck behind the camera, and second you’re giving them the mammoth responsibility of getting quality pictures from hours and hours of ceremony, with rapidly changing light and a loads of hindrances.

A professional wedding photographer knows how to work within all these– and has made the underwriting in skill and gadgets to make sure all the wedding pictures are the way they should be.

Make-up Artists: When you’re meeting make-up artists make sure you take a contemplation at their work and choose someone you are comfortable with. As far as possible, opt for your MUA to come to you (to your home or venue assigned) instead of you going to their studio on your wedding day. Not only will it be far more homelike in your own space, but you’ll also get to spend more time with your family on your wedding day. And of course, your photographer will have that much more freedom to shoot you while you’re getting ready!

Selecting your outfit

This is the single-most fundamental selection for a bride for her wedding day! Here are some important points from a photographer’s interpretation:

Colors: Make sure your décorations and overall wedding theme colors do not conflict but complement your outfit.

STYLE: You have to remember that you’re going to be spending time in it – and the happier you are with life in general while you’re in your chosen outfit, the happier you’re going to look in your pictures!

SNEAK PICS: When you’ve manifested where (designer/ store) to buy your D-day outfit (s), don’t rely only on the mirror or what the designer or their staff say. Get clicked while you’re draping–so you get an idea of what you look like in pictures. Later, it will eventually help to share the pictures with your wedding photographer so he/she knows what to expect and be mentally prepared.

Photographs you must have

Lastly, we’re suggesting a few shots which you should ask your wedding photographers to capture.

Ring Shot, Flower bouquet, Wedding Invitation Card, Bridal Jewellery,  Groom’s sherwani, Shoes of Bride and Groom, Hair make-up of bride, Bride with bride-mates, Groom with cousins and friends, Pre-Wedding shoot for digital invitation cards, portraits of parents, hands filled with Mahendi, bridal and groom shower.

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Six unusual pre-wedding photography zones in Kolkata and suburb

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Kolkata is a city of witchcraft and to witness the marvels it encompass within one really needs to quit google & walk down on the streets. Beyond the somber, soot, humid decay and the tootling chaos, when you really slow down and start “living” the city, halt to feel its pulse you realize there is more to it.
Let us show you ways to unearth this paradox called Kolkata. There is something for everyone, whether you are a passionate wedding photographer in Kolkata or not.

1.Mukutmanipur and Jhilimili: Mukutmanipur and Jhilimili adjacent are major tourist attractions visited by more than a lakh tourists. The second biggest earth dam in India is located in Mukutmanipur 55 km away from Bankura. Approximately two kilometers from the lake is the Bangopalpur Reserve Forest, home of many species of flora and fauna. A boat ride into the jungle of over 11 km has a Deer Park towards the end where you can see some seasonal birds and spot some spotted deer. As the wedding photographer in Kolkata, if you are looking after a nature-themed pre-wedding shoot then Mukutmanipur will be one of the best options.
2. The confluence of Popular Markets across the city: If portraits or capturing people in their spontaneity at a crowded market-places as a backdrop of your client’s mesmerizing pre-wedding is what gets you going then you need to opt for this one. Located under the Howrah Bridge and on the boundaries of Mallick ghat, Known as one of the largest flower markets in Asia. Near the southeast end of Howrah Bridge, this flower market is fascinatingly vibrant nearly 24 hours a day.
3. Cross-cultural influences: Kolkata is a multi-cultural or rather cross-cultural area. Conglomeration about the Chinese who made Calcutta their home and gave Calcutta its great Chinese food, the oldest surviving Christian tomb in the city, walk into synagogues at Burabazar. Find concealed gems in the middle of nowhere at Fire Temple. So many cultures and so many communities ( religious, ethnicity) co-exists in Kolkata side by side.
A. Bow Barracks: Initially used as a mess for the British platoon during the days of the British Raj, today transformed into the only colony of Anglo-Indians of Calcutta.
B. The Zoroastrian Fire Temple
D. Jewish neighborhoods at Burabazar.
E. Jain Temple
F. Portuguese Church
G. Armenian Church
H. Chitpur locale.
4. Barrackpore: Old temples and cantonments, famous ghats like Dhobi Ghats, Gandhi Museum, parks and gardens like Mangal Pandey Park are some of the major attractions here.
5. The European Essence: Benevolent doses of history with lots of opportunities to capture makes this heritage city a must do
Kolkata in the times of British Rule was once maneuvered as the most handsome town in Asia.

6. The Chandannagar Strand: The Chandan Nagar strand is the most imperative and popular corridor in all of Chandan Nagar. The strand is built along the Ganges river, creased with trees and lights.

The most essential feature of the strand is that in totaling to the striking riverside view, the strand has abundant monuments and historical spots along the region, making it a complete day worth of visit. The Chandan Nagar strand is distinguished as the most ornamented strip of Ganges, in all its path right from the Himalayas. As a part of couple photography, a photographer has plenty of scopes to utilize the location.

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Six familiar faults most couples make while hiring A wedding photographer

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Every wannabe couple for their wedding to be a picture-perfect occurrence. And, they leave no stone persisted to turn this dream into a reality. They look for the most alluring venue, hire suitable vendors, select the most gorgeous outfits, and everything else, which helps them to make their wedding truly indelible. However, when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, not every couple might end up making the best decision because of their lack of knowledge on how to choose the best wedding photographer in Kolkata. In fact, there are a few mistakes, which most couples usually make while booking their photographer.

Well, this can be a real marauder in any couple’s dreams of having a perfect wedding, since, only the wedding pictures conserve the memories of this beautiful day. So, here are some common mistakes you must not do, which most couples make while hiring a wedding photographer in Kolkata.

1. Budget or quality, Which one you should go for?

Having a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata is possibly the best speculation that you can make for the most important day of your life. This is where you should not be looking for the cheapest, but for the best that you can spare. Remember, even if you stretch your budget a bit more on other perspectives, it will be forgotten once the event is over. However, what will stay with you eternally would be your wedding photographs. So, it is surely not good to compromise on the quality of your photographs, just because they cost you slightly a notch under than the good ones.

2. Interfering into Photographer’s Job

Many couples tend to give their commendations to the photographer while getting themselves shot. They even reject the photographer’s inputs at times, and enforce them to do the things the way they feel is right. You have to be aware that your photographer is a pro in his or her field, and hence, is well aware of how to give you the best wedding photographs. By imposing your own terms, you might just end up peeling them; the result of which can lead to you getting the ordinary pictures.

3. Prioritizing quantity of images over quality

You might have a defined budget, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, this does not mean you need to adjust to the quality of your wedding pictures. There are ways to shoot around a low budget. However, those ways might not work at all if your preference would be to get a number of pictures than those better in terms of clarity and creativity. Well, ask you well wisher. And, if your budget does not allow you to get the photo book made right now, you can skip it for a while and get it made a little after the wedding. At present, simply focus on the photography, rather than worrying about the number of pictures you will get in your photo book.

4. Allowing other people to shoot

Nowadays, it is pretty common to see the guests clicking pictures of the couple with their cameras or at least, with their phones. Well, this can make the work of your photographer difficult, as the ardent guests might just come in their way when they might be about to capture a perfect shot. Agreed, that it might be difficult for you to prevent them, but you can always tell this in advance to at least your close buddies and family members. After all, it would be the best way to let your photographer do this job, as he/she is paid to do it.

5. Booking a distant venue

This one is particularly for the couples, who hire the photographers residing out of their own place. You have to establish that the stay arrangement of your photographer is done as early as possible, to your own place. And, in case you are having a destination wedding, then there could be nothing better than having your photographer in the same hotel or resort where you are staying. This will ensure that your destination wedding photographer does not miss any important moment, and is easily available even at certain candid moments. Additionally, they will be saved from the inconveniences of traveling back and forth with entire camera gear, when there are a couple of hours between two ceremonies.

6. Doing mess with copyrights and usage rights

Some couples might get confused by the concept that the pictures taken at their wedding for which they have paid, are owned by them. Well, prior to booking a photographer, you should be having these questions for you and your photographer both:

What is it that you are entitled to when you entitle a photographer to shoot your wedding?
Who owns the copyrighted images?
What rights do you have in your wedding images, and what rights, if any, does the photographer have?

Well, Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country, which grants the photographer of an original photograph, exclusive rights to its use and distribution. Usually, these rights are provided for a limited time, with the intention of enabling the photographer to receive reprisal for their inventive effort.

So, you hire a photographer and in return for your investment, you are entitled to certain usage rights in the images. In the matter of your own wedding images, these rights are usually extended to personal use. This means that you will be able to do whatever you want with the images as long as you do not use them for business purposes. So, at the end of the day, all you really should have is the usage rights. At the same time, the photographer should still be able to be recognized as the creator of the photograph or film and keep his or her moral right. The photographer might want to use those from your wedding on his/her website for self-promotion, but will not be able to use images for any commercial use unless a model release is signed.

Inessential to say, pictures are the only way to preserve the moments of the most beautiful day of your life. And one of the ways to get the best wedding pictures is, to let an adroit do this task. So, all you have to do now before booking a professional photographer for your wedding is, to keep these tips in mind so as to avoid any clash between you and the photographer’s interest.

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Sankey and Vishaka’s Pre-Wedding Shoot by Wedding Photo Creators

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Being an association of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we choose to film couples in exotic destinations as per their preferences. Sankey and Visakha are a newlywed couple and we took the privilege to photograph and film them from their pre-wedding shoot to wedding and reception. Today in this blog, we will share our experiences with the couple during producing their pre-wedding film.

Mandarmani as a pre-wedding destination: Mandarmani is very popular now a day among the destination wedding photographers as a pre-wedding location. The core attractions of Mandarmani is the crawling of red crabs around the 13kms long beach and it’s known to be the longest drive in beach in India. From Kolkata, after crossing the second Hooghly Bridge, Kona Expressway leads to Mumbai Road. As the total drive takes about 4 hours from Kolkata via Kolaghat and Nandakumar. From Nandakumar, there is a right turn towards Contai. In the said Kolkata- Digha highway there is a place named Chawalkhola where a left side road ends at Mandarmani.


The Journey: So one fine morning we the team and the couple started for Mandarmani from Kolkata. Being in Mandarmani gives the shutterbugs some amazing pre-wedding photography goals. The resort, booked by the couple to the beach, well-laid lawns with verdant nooks, relatively low waves of the sea gave us the motivation to film and shoot the couple in the lap of nature.

Filming and Photography: Their concern was the pre-wedding film and we wanted to produce it in a unique way. Some aerial shots were taken to project the venue, and then we captured the picturesque waves of the bay of Bengal. Dine out shots, driving in the beach, low light shot during the night made the video different and colorful. Our aim was to establish the togetherness of the couple on screen. We also captured some worthwhile walking shots. When the joy of sharing sweet nothings turn into togetherness for a lifetime, you know the walk was worthwhile.

Importance of the Dress Code: Dress code plays a very significant role. A pre-wedding photo shoot is a window for others to see what kind of a couple you are. The photos are like an invitation for your friends to experience a fun day or evening out with the to-be-weds. A photoshoot and cinematography take a lot of time to get those picture perfect shots, and you really don’t want to be sweating it out while smiling for the camera. So we suggest our clients November to February due to the comfortable weather conditions. They picked a suit with waistcoat and gown type long dresses. There were Hawaiian collections and easy breezy closets too for candid moments in the sea beach. Colorful Punjabi suites were picked by the to be a bride for his immense affection for Bollywood movies.

Props as the side characters: Props like a jacket, umbrella, cycle, empty wooden boats in the sea beach played a pivotal role during frame planning as props are used as visual experience enhancers in the pre-wedding shoot.

Moments: Beach, car drive and candid moments are the ultimate epitome of romance. Additionally, fresh leaves, cool morning with few rays of sunshine made the perfect picture background. During the night, we took some indoor shots of dining out and bonfire. Wide shots in the resort arena made the couple picture perfect.

Our two days long pre-wedding photography and film project was an experience full of fun, new learning and joy. We’re known for our professionalism and the advantages of hiring the professional photographers in Kolkata are being discussed in prior articles. But it was our privilege that we got a very warm welcome from the couple and the friendly attitude helped us to be committed and deliver as per expectations.

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Wedding Photography Lenses to consider for a complete wedding shoot

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In order to deliver a complete wedding photography service, you’re going to need lenses that allow you to capture each of the aspects of every type of photography with artistry and creativity. In a perfect world, we’d have the finances and manpower to haul every available lens to the venue; but in reality, we’re limited to a handful of accessible, high-quality, and versatile lenses. Lenses have already appeared whose image quality would have been marginal or unacceptable in the film era, but are acceptable in the digital era because the cameras for which they are intended automatically correct their defects. Here we’ll speak about some of our favorite lenses which are required for a perfect wedding photography session.

1. 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens: It creates a beautiful bokeh (blur) at f2.8, and the compression you get when you’re zoomed in from 150-200mm gives your image a look that’s hard to achieve with any other lens. It also allows you to get in close on the moment without disrupting the moment. It also allows you to capture candids, from the tears at a wedding ceremony to the laughs at a wedding reception.

2. 50mm f/1.2 Lens: It can save the day when the light starts to drop and allow you to bring out the backgrounds. It also, makes you less reliant on your flash, creating a softer, more natural look for your subjects, as illustrated in the following outdoor dance floor picture. The 50mm also allows you to create stunning portraits, as the low aperture creates the shallow depth of field that makes your subject pop off the page and softens your subject’s skin.

3. 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens: This is a critical lens for smaller spaces. For example, a mahendi ceremony in an Indian wedding is commonly held in a living room. The 70-200 would be too close for this situation, and the 50mm would not provide enough versatility, as you typically don’t have too much room for movement.

4. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens: If your bride and groom are spending thousands of dollars on the details of a wedding, they are sure to appreciate you capturing the event in detail. With the 100mm Macro, you can capture detailed shots with the same quality and detail as product advertisements in magazines.

5. 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens: Sometimes the 24-70mm lens just isn’t wide enough to capture everything you want. The ultra wide angle helps you capture your surroundings. Venue and landscape shots are also a great addition to your wedding day coverage, as it sets the scene for the day and allows you to take full advantage of the amazing scenery.

So, What do you think? What are your must-have lenses?

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Pre-Wedding Couple Photography in Rain

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“Bad weather makes good pictures.” Almost everyone would be couple’s dream is to get clicked in the rain while romancing. As the lovebirds, you’ll never ever want to miss the chances of getting clicked while you and your partner seeing on each other with pure love beneath the umbrella.

As the pre-wedding photographers in India, we prefer the frame with downpour rain to picture your precious moments. We really get a very little time to cover the shoot before everything ( including the equipment ) get ruined. But we are comfortable to shoot on a thunderstorm than a slow and constant rain.

Twilight and night render the best opportunity to take amazing rain picture. A remote flash hidden behind a couple enables the photographer to freeze the raindrops and make them look magical. City lights and streets are amazing during and just after the rain, and storm clouds can make for a dramatic background for pictures.

But, all the above tips are for shooting during the original rain. You can plan it artificially also. The real trick to capturing rain is making sure you have the water backlit correctly. This will help capture the individual drops on camera. You’ll also notice that many rain shots are close-ups or medium close-ups — which hides the rain machine in the background.

Now come to the aspects of different feelings. None in the earth who doesn’t enjoy to drench with his/her interest in love in rain. None can deny the awesome feelings of watching rainfall with girlfriend or wife. Falling in love is like the rain, it’s unpredictable, but there are always signs before it completely falls.

Here are some cool ideas to pose in front of the shutterbugs during a rain themed pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. You don’t need to be afraid of getting wet as two lovers in the rain have no need of the umbrella. So get wet if you can and don’t hesitate to express your love.

2. Rains make a heart go romantic. Ever danced in the rain? The feeling is inexplicably beautiful. Hold your sweetheart’s hand and walk in the rains while the clouds play cupid.

  1. Last but not the list, kiss in the rain!! The night might end, The rain may stop but the kiss you give me in rain will never be forgotten.

So if you’re finding your shutterbug to make your rainy day out with your loved one remarkable, what stops you to hire the best pre-wedding photographers in India for a rain themed pre-wedding shoot.


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How to shoot a Bengali wedding?

bengali wedding photographer

India is a diverse country which has different cultures and different ethnicities and obviously different wedding rituals. Each and every culture have their own traditions and significance. The wedding is one of the most precious days in any couples life. If you are a wedding photographer then you have to make sure that you capture the most exquisite and memorable moments on their big day. The Hindu wedding rituals in Bengal differs from the rest of India. Each day shows a certain quintessence and the rituals add a spark to it.

The Wedding Photographers take the challenge to embrace up the perfect sequence of occurrence with the highest level of serenity, commitment, and perfection. A Bengali wedding from the beginning to end, you will give your word for the fact that Bengali weddings are suffused with rich beliefs and traditions. From the mouth-watering Bengali delicacies to the elegant red benarasi saree, the emotive resonance of sehnai and the sweet aroma of jasmine and roses, Bengali weddings are the real pleasure for the senses.

ASHIRBAD: Rice husk and trefoil plant are sprinkled on the brides head is regarded as propitious and is a part of a pre-wedding ritual called ashirbad. Charms are exchanged in the ritual and these days couples also bestow rings to each other during this casual ceremony. This is the time when a photographer should seize the candid moments of the people involved in the ceremony. This is more of a casual affair so people are seen in light moods and a photographer present there should take out the best from it along with the traditional portraits.

Jolsoya: On the morning of the wedding the mother of the bride or groom along with few married women goes to the nearest waterbody to fill a brass pitcher. This is used to bath the bride or groom in their gaye hold ceremony. Here the cinematographer should cover the whole event.

Gaye holud: The Haldi ceremony in Bengali Hindu wedding is called gaye holud.Seven married women of the prolonged family crush the turmeric themselves and then smear it on the bride or groom. This usually takes place on the morning of the wedding day. Here the photographer will get vibrant and bright shots of the bride and her relatives while they will be engrossed in applying haldi to the bride. The cinematographer should shoot this fun-filled ritual with focus on the bride.

Totto: During the haldi ceremony the groom’s family send extravagant endowments knows as Totto.A traditional tattoo includes everything from attires, shoes, cosmetics to sumptuous sweets and toiletries. The groom’s family also send a big decorated rohu fish and other nourishments along with them. A photographer should take pictures of each item that has been sent by the groom’s family. The cinematographer should cover the whole event of the arrival of the tattoo by the groom’s siblings and friends.

Sajsojjya : A wedding is never complete without a bride getting ready for her big day. A Bengali bride’s attire is never complete without the prototypical Sakha (conch shell bangles), Pola (red coral bangles) and Loha (iron bangles). The loha is said to give the marriage strength,besides harmonising the negative and positive energies. A Bengali bride also carries gachkouto and kajallata throughout the wedding day. While the gachkouto is used to carry siddur (vermillion dust), the kajallata is believed to keep the bride safe from evil spirits. The most significant features for a Bengali bride is the blood red benarasi saree that she wears along with designs on the forehead with Chandan ( sandalwood paste) and Alta (red dye) on her hand and feet. A bride’s look gets complete with kohled eyes and red lips with a red bindi on her forehead. Gold plays an important part in a Bengali bride’s jewellery. In which some of the ornaments are received from her mother and grandmother .you can visualize the deep-rooted culture of the traditional Bengali jewelry. Some of the jewelry which is included in the Bengali wedding is:-

  1. Nath
  2. Paatihar
  3. Jhumko
  4. Tikli
  5. Tairaa
  6. Chik
  7. Bala
  8. Kanpasha
  9. Chur
  10. Ratanchur
  11. Sitahar
  12. Bauti
  13. Churi
  14. Nupur
  15. Satnori
  16. Komorbandh

Here the photographer has ample chances to take out the best shots of the woman when she is turning into stunning wife to be focusing on her paramount features. Here the photographer must take close shots showing his photographic skills.

Boragaman : The groom along with the borjatri (groom’s friends and relatives) appears in the venue. They are received with fervor amidst blowing of sonkho (conch shells). The mother of the bride receives him with a borondala , a large tray containing items like rice, turmeric, betel nuts, a bunch of banana and a lighted diya. She then feeds him sweets and water and welcomes him in. Here the photographer and cinematographer should cover these whole sequins of events.

Saat Paak and Subho Drishti: The groom is taken to the wedding mandap known as Chhadnatola and the puja is performed along with the person who will do the kanya sampradan.The bride is seated on a wooden plank known as Piri and is carried by male members of her family, to the mandap while she hides her face with betel leaves. The bride takes rounds around the groom seven times while she is being carried by her male relatives, which is known as saat paak. Once the saat paak is over the bride is placed in front of the groom and the bride removes her betel leaves and sees the groom, this is known as subho dristi. This whole event should be filmed by the cinematographer without leaving a single moment of this funfilled ritual. The photographer should capture the candid moments of the bride and groom living their special day.

Mala bodol : The couple exchanged flower coronets is known as mala bodol.It is a fun packed event when the relative of both bride and groom hoist them up to make it difficult for them to each other .photographer should capture this competitive and fun moments while keeping the tradition intact.

Kanya sampradan : After the mala bodol, the bride sits opposite to the groom and the elderly member preferably father of the bride tie their hands and bound them by a pios thread and the priest chants the mantras and the bride is officially given away to the groom. This ritual should be fully covered by the cinematographer and the photographer should take close shots of the bride and groom when the Kanya sampradan takes place.

Saptapadi: The female member of the grooms family ties a loop between bride’s saree and the groom’s shawl. After tying of the knot the couple goes around the fire seven times while articulating the seven sacred vows. Here it’s the work of the cinematographer to cover the whole ceremony.

Lajanjali: The brides’ brother puts puffed rice into the bride’s hand and the groom holds her arm from behind and together they pour the offering in the fire. Here a photographer should capture the closeness between the bride and groom through this ritual.

Sindoordan: The groom applies sidur on the parting of the bride’s hair and covers her head with a new saree given from the groom’s side known as lojjabostro.This is the most special moment in a bride’s life when she turns from a daughter to a wife and her new journey of life. A photographer should be capable enough to seize this moment and restore it for the couple’s lifetime.

Bidaai: This is the time when the bride with tearful eyes leaves her own house to get settled in her husband’s house. The bride throws a handful of rice to signify that she is paying all her debts from her father’s home. The photographer should capture this emotional moment keeping in mind the last few moments of her in her father’s house.

As a wedding photographer, you should let you lenses do the talking by capturing the actual emotions behind the Bengali Wedding. Also, try to get aerial views during the saatpaak and malabadal if the venue taken by them is an open area.

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As a professional photographer, it is really hard to resist the enticement once you understand the true potentiality of a big fat Indian Wedding. Being a wedding photographer you must have a dream to shoot an Indian Wedding in popular wedding destination. Now the point is to plan the shoot and cinematography for the wedding and of course the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. This blog will put some light into it.

An Introduction to Indian Wedding: A typical Indian wedding happens over a number of days. Each day of the wedding has its own set of rituals and ceremonies which can be both religious as well as non-religious. Deep-rooted customs and beliefs are often being practiced in the form of rituals, which are practiced during bright events such as weddings.An apprehension of the ceremonies gives you an astounding edge over other wedding photographers.

Understanding the expectations of the client: The business policy of every wedding planning or wedding photography company should be hundred percent client oriented. In case of affluent families, somebody from the wedding families books the photographers rather than the to be coupled decide by their own. So it is always better to meet the couple first and establish their expectations. Then you will have to meet the family members to plan the entire event. You will have to be prepared to photograph the huge number of guests which is usually not less than 1000.

Type of Photographs: Candid images with the cousins, siblings, and friends of the bride or groom are being taken during the mahendi, sangeet and varmala. You will have to concentrate on family portraits with the parents of the bride or groom at the same time. So you will have to arrange separate sets of lights and other equipment for each ceremony of the entire event.

Cinematic Wedding Highlight: To shoot a cinematic wedding highlight of an Indian Wedding is another crucial aspect of the photography companies. Using some newly invented devices like Go-Pro, Osmo, Helicam or Drone or Jimmy Jiv ( may require in case of farmhouse, lawn ) and to re-organize the videos are very very important.

The number of Photographers and Cinematographers: A team of minimum 3 photographers and 2 cinematographers along with 2 helpers we recommend to the photography companies.


Pre-Wedding Rituals: In pre-wedding rituals like mahendi,haldi, sangeet, Prarthana, and haldi a photographer should focus not only the moments created by the people involved but also the small details like the design of the mahendi, bridal costumes etc.

The Baarat: Once the groom and their relatives or the baarat rich on to venue, You will have to start capturing the candid moments. To get the best shots you will have to take your position before the baarat comes.

Photographing the Mandap: A mandap or the main wedding place is being decorated in different forms.  It is a consecrated area at the venue where the bride, the groom, and the priest sits and the wedding is solemnized. Once you enter the venue you will easily identify it by the way it is designed. Usually, it is on a high platform so that everybody can see it from a distance. There should be four pillar-like structures surrounding a square enclosure. There may or may not be a canopy, depending on the venue. The structure is decorated with fresh flowers, colorful fabrics, and other embellishments. It can be photographed before the wedding, during the wedding and even after the wedding.

Hope you find this article resourceful and it will help to plan a shoot for a big fat Indian Wedding.

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Kolkata is being called the “City of Furious, Creative Energy” as well as the “cultural capital of India” and “ City of Joy”. In our previous blogs, we have mentioned the concept of Pre-Wedding Photography and it’s growing acceptance among the Indian to be wed couples. So here, in this article, we will focus on Kolkata’s various location which can be the best of best outdoor destinations for a pre-wedding shoot.

Kolkata and the greater sub-urban areas adjacent to Kolkata are very much popular among the localities of Kolkata and eastern India. So at first, we are focusing on some locations which are located in the heart of Kolkata.

  1. Princep Ghat: The two kilometer stretch of exquisite riverfront (of the sacred Ganges) is what magnifies its photographic significance. A popular chill out place for lovebirds is a good enough idea for pre-wedding photography, especially early in the morning or on the verge of twilight. The aggregation of white pillars, a park, railway tracks, Ganges and bridge view, all in a single location, goes well with all kinds of
  2. Maidan and Victoria Memorial: Tinny greenish bungalows, horse-drawn carriages, Gupchup sellers and broad roads etc are making the Life on the Maidan as the quintessence of life in Kolkata. The combination of Tram Tracks, Carriages drawn by horses and above all the gateway of the Victoria Memorial Hall has always been the first priorities of every wedding photographer while choosing the location suitable for pre-wedding photography and video.
  3. Eco Park: Located in the extension in the Eastern Part of the city and close to the airport, in New Town, The Government of West Bengal have developed a nature-themed park or Eco Park. The assemblage mostly consists of laid-back visitors who have come to relax and enjoy. Once you are there you can take all the time you need to complete the shooting void of any distractions and disturbance.

Rose Garden, Butterfly Garden, Cafe Ekante, Eco Iceland, Deer Park are the key attractions of this place.

  1. The Rajbari, Bawali: Located within 30kms from Kolkata, in South 24 Parganas, The Rajbari itself, an extraordinary, architectural masterpiece, was built around 250 years ago.It is only recently that The Rajbari, the only building now remaining from this time, albeit in ruins, has been salvaged and exquisitely restored to reflect the opulence, style, and grace of the Zamindars of Bengal. Now it is being turned into a luxurious resort and an ideal place for heritage-themed pre-wedding shoots and bespoke wedding events.
  1. Botanical Garden: Located on the bank of the river Hooghly, the botanical garden is also an ideal pre-wedding photography destination with water lily, banyan tree, and palms.

Apart from the above, within 500kms, there are destinations like Mandarmani, Tajpur and Digha in the coast of the bay of Bengal are very much popular among them to be wed couples as a pre-wedding destination.

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Pre-wedding photography in popular destinations and the colorful environment is a new trend in Indian wedding photography. From 2010 onwards these pre-wedding photography has prominently become a practice of wedding families or even the best wedding photographers in India. This blog will discuss with certain components of  Pre Wedding Photography and Video.

Importance of the Moment: Be it a casual spring hangout at local destinations or a planned trip to any heritage sites or travel destinations, professional pre-wedding photographers in India are ready to click each and every moment’s wheater it is candid or photographically planned. Usually, photographers focus on the candid moments of the time spent by two lovebirds or the couples.

Silhouette Photographs: There are different styles of photography involved in pre-wedding. The most common style of photography which is very popular from pre-wedding is Silhouette. A silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject. These silhouette images can be used as the invitation posters which usually couples share from their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Props: The role of the props is very important in pre-wedding photography. BubblesConfetti, colorful balloons, frames, rings, scrabble letters, glitter, holi colors etc can be used as props that make the moment more interesting. A cycle ride, vintage cars, Superbikes and Cars dupatta, blanket and similar kind of stuff are very popular nowadays.

Cinematic Influences: Bollywood style wedding is a very popular concept. So photographers usually get influenced from the movie stills of popular films and compose the subjects. In case of Pre Wedding Video or Wedding Stories cinematic shots with different camera angles, aerial views etc are being used to make the presentation more attractive.

Outfits: The pre-wedding photography plays the ultimate role in modern wedding album’s first pages. So the couples are advised to choose their outfits wisely. They should try different outfits for different frames to diversify the essences of the images.

Locations: Choice of location is the most important part of  Pre-Wedding Photography. A resort with plenty of green areas and nature influences or a sea beach, all the locations have certain exclusive factors. So you will have to choose your location wisely.

Last but not in the least, you should book your pre-wedding photographer at least three months before your wedding. So that you can plan a hassle free pre-wedding hang out the day with the best cooperation from your pre-wedding photographers.

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