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SOME EXCITING TIPS FOR THE Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography has become a staple for wedding photography in India. An engagement shoot is done during a couple gets engaged and it usually is apprehended before the wedding. Whether someone wants to recreate their proposal moment, or just simply want to capture candid and artistic photos of their ring ceremony, having an engagement shoot is a fantastic way to express that elated glow they get in the lead up to the wedding.

The Significance of an Engagement Session: Educating the client on the importance of an engagement session might prove crucial for the growth of any photography business and photo-artist’s relationship with clients. It is also a great opportunity for a photo artist to show the client what you can do without being in a zero hour. The engagement sessions give a great turn to the clients to understand how photographers work behind the camera and give a chance to practice for their upcoming wedding as the photographers subjects. Now, there’s a point to be understood by both of the parties, i.e; photographers and the couples. Sometimes, most of the clients consider the pre-wedding photo and filming session as a part of their engagement. But as a photo artist, it’s the photographer’s responsibility to educate their clients about the differences between the outdoor-based candid pre-wedding shoot and the engagement photo and film session. So a telephonic conversation may not be enough to know each other and to initiate the process of wedding photography and film. We always recommend a face to face interaction to identify the client’s preferences and expectations.

The venue, Timeline, and Date: In India, choosing the date of engagement is mostly a job of the parents or the senior family members. But as the photo artists one should be knowing about the venue and the timing as the main component of capturing the images or filming the moments is the lighting and the weather conditions. If a client expected to get captured in a park or such a place which is a natural outdoor then it’s recommended to be in the first half of the day and the rainy weather must be avoided. For the outdoor venue like banquets, it’ll be an easy job as the shutterbugs because the external weather will not affect the shoot.

Clothes for the groom: If you are the groom to be and stumped on how to dress for your upcoming engagement party, use this list as inspiration.

  1. Choose patterned kurtas or patterned jackets/ bandhgalas in interesting patterns for they are a great way to add a dose of personality to your engagement.
  2. Rajwadi Koti With Asymmetrical Kurta is the royal outfits that will make your features look sharp and you are bound to make an impression.
  3. Mughal inspired outfits like designed Kurta has made a comeback into the mainstream Indian fashion.

Clothes for the bride: If you are the bride to be, use this list as inspiration.

  1. Floor Length Anarkali Gowns.
  1. Gowns with attached capes.
  1. Glam Gowns.
  1. Light Lehengas.

Hope this blog will be helpful to the photographers and the would be couples who’re planning their engagement in coming days.

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Consider Three Important Things First When to Hire Wedding Photographer in India

wedding photographer in India

Finding and choosing the right wedding photographer in India for your wedding is a lot like finding the right hairstylist and/or a good barber. There are many different cheap photographers you see and probably come across, and at the same time come to know like, expensive one, lousy one, and great one for sure. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast regulations, restrictions as well as licenses that photographers need to hold in the world, so India is not an exception, which means there is not a guarantee on the quality of work that a photographer will give you or can produce for.

How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer India?

In a market like India, where any Joe can pick a camera up and become a photographer, then it is really difficult to know whether the Joe is a professional and having experience in photography and also the person is really good in photography or not. Now the question is, how to find the best as well as affordable wedding photographer in India, who is good in photography and very, very professional in wedding photography? Let us discuss about it.

A Veteran Photography Organization Can Help You – A veteran photographer in the country can give you the real photography experience. The experience in photography means capturing the memory and frames them onto to give you the best experience you ever had. You can hire one that can help you and help you with an affordable cost of photography that is though a hard task, but possible sometimes.

Photography is Not a Hobby but a Profession – Hire a photographer who is very responsible in this wedding photography and think or take photography not just an hobby but a profession. Because a professional photographer only knows how to capture the real life images or pictures and make your wedding memorable.

Reasonable or Unreasonable Cost of Hiring a wedding Photographer – The experience in photography means capturing the memory and frames them onto to give you the best experience you ever had. The cost can be sometimes reasonable and sometimes unreasonable but to hire a photographer especially wedding photographer in India is very sure the memorable experience you ever had and that would be your best experience ever and you are going to do that very soon.

To sum it up, it is true that finding a wedding photographer in India is not a daunting task, but finding a veteran photographer in the country is a tough task, whether you do not know one professional who is in this domain for a couple of years. There are hundreds of thousands of Joe, dick and harry in this domain but hardly you come to know one who is truly a professional and can give you the best experience in wedding photography. The end can be good when you hire a good photographer surely.

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