pre-wedding photographers

“Bad weather makes good pictures.” Almost everyone would be couple’s dream is to get clicked in the rain while romancing. As the lovebirds, you’ll never ever want to miss the chances of getting clicked while you and your partner seeing on each other with pure love beneath the umbrella.

As the pre-wedding photographers in India, we prefer the frame with downpour rain to picture your precious moments. We really get a very little time to cover the shoot before everything ( including the equipment ) get ruined. But we are comfortable to shoot on a thunderstorm than a slow and constant rain.

Twilight and night render the best opportunity to take amazing rain picture. A remote flash hidden behind a couple enables the photographer to freeze the raindrops and make them look magical. City lights and streets are amazing during and just after the rain, and storm clouds can make for a dramatic background for pictures.

But, all the above tips are for shooting during the original rain. You can plan it artificially also. The real trick to capturing rain is making sure you have the water backlit correctly. This will help capture the individual drops on camera. You’ll also notice that many rain shots are close-ups or medium close-ups — which hides the rain machine in the background.

Now come to the aspects of different feelings. None in the earth who doesn’t enjoy to drench with his/her interest in love in rain. None can deny the awesome feelings of watching rainfall with girlfriend or wife. Falling in love is like the rain, it’s unpredictable, but there are always signs before it completely falls.

Here are some cool ideas to pose in front of the shutterbugs during a rain themed pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. You don’t need to be afraid of getting wet as two lovers in the rain have no need of the umbrella. So get wet if you can and don’t hesitate to express your love.

2. Rains make a heart go romantic. Ever danced in the rain? The feeling is inexplicably beautiful. Hold your sweetheart’s hand and walk in the rains while the clouds play cupid.

  1. Last but not the list, kiss in the rain!! The night might end, The rain may stop but the kiss you give me in rain will never be forgotten.

So if you’re finding your shutterbug to make your rainy day out with your loved one remarkable, what stops you to hire the best pre-wedding photographers in India for a rain themed pre-wedding shoot.