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The pre-wedding shoot is like a commitment shoot that takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day to show the bonds between the couples. A pre-wedding photo shoot is equally important for couples to show their love for each other. If you are about to get hitched we can bet a million dollars that the most thrilling will be your pre-wedding photo shoot and we the Wedding Photo Creators being one of the best pre-wedding photographers in India are here to present you with best candid pictures of both of you.

Pre-wedding shoots are best when they depict the spirit of the couple to its fullest. To get perfect images of your loving moments, reconnoiter your interest as a duo and feature them in your shoot. But nowadays being an occupied couple its difficult for both of them to choose a perfect place where they can have their pre-wedding shoot done. So here we are to provide you with the best destination wedding photography done in Bangalore with our destination wedding photographers spread all over India. We will deliver you with the best pre-wedding photographer in Bangalore.

No matter how much we hate crazes, pre-wedding photo albums look extremely mind-blowing. Sure a lot of covering up and peculiar pretention in civic places goes into it but with charismatic surroundings of the effervescent pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore, the final results are totally worth enclosing. Being a working couple it is not easy to sit down and pick up the places so here we are giving you the perfect wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore that you must consider, given the fact that we will even offer you with the best pre-wedding photographers that can do marvels with there snaps here.



Lalbagh is a trance location in Bangalore with vivacious flowers, expansive greenery with a tinge of ruggedness and a lake which is the perfect backdrop for that dreamy pre-wedding album. Head here during the early morning, you will have an easy weather and lesser crowd for the shoot.


Location-High court of Karnataka, ambedkarveedhi,sampangi,ramanagar

Located near lalbaghcubbon park also is among the best pre-wedding locations in Bangalore. The gardens here are well maintained and there are sculptures to add a little fun to the snap.


You cannot go wrong with Nandi hills to do your pre wedding photoshoots in Bangalore. The variety of backgrounds you have here is incomparable. Lush greenery, Nandi hills cave, enchanting tipu’s fort and ancient temples like bhoga, nandeeshwara temple add a traditional touch to the clicks. Opt for an early morning shoot.


A road corridor fringed with an abundance of greenery, this is one of the most romantic places for photoshoots in Bangalore during the early morning. You have a peaceful atmosphere that will embiebe in your surround. Alongside capacious greenery, you have TALAGHATTAPURA LAKE, gardens and TURAHALLI FOREST to get clicked.


Stealing the show with a lake surrounded by verdant greenery, jp outskirts is a serine locale for your special photographs to come to life. Here you can enjoy complete privacy as it is a less visited spot in Bangalore.


Location-100/1,halvarthur main road ,siddapura,white field

An expansive ranch for relaxed pre wedding photography in Bangalore,satoriflourishes shaped gardens and extensive space closer to flora. This huge area also gives you the opportunity to go innovative and play with the circumstances.


Location-opposite FORUM VALUE MALL, white field main road, palm meadows,narayanappagarden, white field

The German vibe swirls in the air in the summer house which is among the best pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore. With its history dated back to 1950, this cottage has its own collection of antiquated cars. You can get the shoot done any time of the day adding a classic feel to it.


Location-21stkilometre , kanakapura road, opposite art of living international center.

A location away from the hustle of the city with optulent halls and brimming luxury. If you fancy one of the immaculate places in Bangalore, this is your still.


Location-770, escape hotel, 100 feet road Indira Nagar

One of the most chiche and quirkiest pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore, brick lane grill is a posh white themed hotel restaurant. It features a swimming pool where you can find many frames for your pictures.


Location-25 Windsor square, golf course road.

The stunning white neo-classical structure dating back to the 19th century adds a lot of vintage charm to your frame.

Hope this blog will help you to find out the best pre-wedding photographers in Bangalore.

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The Hindu Wedding Rituals in South India

hindu wedding

The Hindu wedding rituals in South India differs from the other parts in every aspects. So if you’re planning to shoot a south Indian wedding, you should have some figurative and literal ideas about the four core communities of South India and their wedding rituals. The traditional attire that usually passes for a South Indian wedding guest is a white shirt and a veshti (a silk Dhoti).

There are mainly four communities in South India and those are Kannada, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalee. Usually, the wedding is regarded as long term process in South India which may take place up to 16 days. Each day signifies a particular essence and has set rituals to it and weddings can also be quite long depending on the status of the family. All of the communities more or less follow the similar kind of sequences of rituals during the wedding. The best wedding photographers in South India literally take the challenge to cover up the entire series of events with the highest level of patience, dedications and professionalism.

Kannada Wedding Rituals
Starting from Nischay Tamulam ( fixing the date of wedding by the family elders ) to Vidayii it is a long term process that may take seven days on an average. The Kashi Yatra tradition is common in most of the hindu south Indian wedding family. After the Haldi ceremony this fun packed event take place where the groom pretends as if he is going to Kashi Yatra to forsake marital bliss and being interrupted by his maternal uncle and after the Dev Karya ceremony or the worship of lord Ganesha the family leaves for the wedding venue.

Tamil Wedding Rituals
Panda Kaal Muhurtham is the first ritual in Tamil Wedding where the bride and groom prays for the peaceful marriage ceremony. Then during the Sumangali Prarthanai the bride take blessings from such an woman in her family who had died before her husband so that she can be like her. Then the Pallikal Thellichal wherein seven earthen pots brimming with curd and gains are immersed in the water. It is done to take the blessings from fish. And then Nichayathartham takes place during which the bride prays Lord Ganesha. During the Nichayathartham ceremony, the bride and groom also exchange rings.
The main rituals commence with Mangala Snaanam wherein the relatives and friends apply a paste of oil, turmeric, and kumkum on the bride and the groom and they are taken for bath. After that the Kashi Yatra take place where the bride’s parent praise the groom to marry the his daughter. Once he reaches the mandap, the Pada Puja takes place, and bride’s mother washes the feet of the groom. Oonial ritual is next in line wherein bride and groom sit on the swing to eat and banana and milk while the relatives and friends keep on throwing rice balls on them to keep the fun alive. Then both the bride, and groom are escorted to Mandap to follow the further ceremonies – Kanyadanam, Muhurtham, and Saptapadi. All these ceremonies are followed by Bidaai during which the bride leaves the paternal home to go to her in-law’s place.

Telugu wedding Rituals
The wedding rituals of the Telugu wedding commences a day before the marriage with Pendlikoothuru in which friends and relatives apply the paste of turmeric on the hands, feet, arms, legs and face of the bride and the groom and bless them as they gear up for their big day. This is followed by the ritual of Kashi Yatra, as per which the groom pretends to leave for Kashi but interrupted by bride’s brother. In the morning, on the wedding day, the bride, and groom performs the Mangala Snanam ritual, in which they take a holy purifying bath. Following this is Gauri puja, which is done by the bride to seek the blessings of Mother Goddess. Meanwhile, the groom performs the Ganesh Puja.
At the wedding venue, the bride is escorted by her maternal uncle to the mandap. The couple sits opposite to each other, and a curtain is then placed between them to prevent from sneaking a look at each other. Then the Kanyadaan ritual is performed by the father of the bride. The curtain is lowered down only to perform the mangalsutra ceremony. After this, the couple exchanges garlands and are showered with flowers and yellow color rice. Next ritual in line is Saptapadi, wherein the couples take seven rounds around the fire, and vows to stay together in thick and thins throughout life. Subsequently, the groom slips silver toe rings on bride’s feet. And then comes the ‘Bidaai’, the last ceremony of the wedding when the bride leaves her place of birth, her home, her loved ones and go to a new home & life that awaits her.

Malayalee Wedding Rituals
Malayalee wedding
starts off with Muhurtham Ritual, this is when a priest decides the pre-wedding and wedding dates and time. Next ceremony is Nischayam in which elders of the family make an announcement but no prospective groom and bride are allowed to attend the event.On the day before the marriage, a five-course feast is prepared at the bride s house. The bride wears fine jewelry and silk saree. She is then made to sit facing the east. A function in the similar pattern takes place at the groom’s house as well.
Before the wedding, both the bride and bridegroom receive the blessings of elders by giving Dakshina. Then they leave for the venue. At the venue, bride s brother washes the groom s feet and invites him to the Kalyana Mandap. The bride is escorted by her aunt to the Kalyana Mandap. Once she sits next to the groom, the nadaswaram plays in the background. And then the priest performs the nuptial ceremony by chanting Vedic mantras. The couples walk around the fire and then ties the mangalsutra on bride s neck. Also, the groom gifts her bride a saree conveying to her that he will now assume the responsibility of providing for her life. This followed by an exchange of garland ceremony. The bride s father places her right hand in the right hand of the bridegroom, symbolically transferring the responsibility of taking care of his daughter, in holy matrimony. After the sadhya (feast of 25 dishes), the bride bids farewell to her family, and the wedding ceremony comes to an end.

Now let’s focus on the photography part. Once you entire the venue, you will notice things such as full-grown plantain trees tied to both the gateposts, festoons overhead of mango leaves, and screw-pine petals that never fade, notes of the Nadaswaram, the South Indian Shehnai, Kolam or Rangoli designs at the doorsteps. As an wedding photographer,let your lenses capture these unique essences of the South Indian Marriages. Be ready to capture the candid moments during the Kashi Yatra, where you’ll find smiling faces of everyone like the elders and younger members of the family. Try to capture the aerial views if you’re getting an open area as wedding venue.

Wedding Photo Creators, as a team of the best wedding photographers in South India are based in Bengaluru, are providing an one stop solution to all your wedding and pre/post wedding photography needs.

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