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Wedding Photographer in Kolkata – Traditional or Candid, What’s Trending?

Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

Wedding Photography in Kolkata

Traditional or Candid, What’s Trending?

In Kolkata, the candid wedding photography has become popular in recent times in spite of candid photography cost is actually higher than that of traditional photography.
As a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata, it is our primary concern to understand first the differences & scopes of these two distinct forms of photography.


1. Traditional Wedding Photography: This type of wedding photography is more formal in its approach which allows the wedding photographers in Kolkata to create the absolute space to click a picture where everyone is giving their best pose. So it means that people can dress up as they want and give a pose which suits them more. This type is always on demand and it will remain the same for the coming years as well.


2. Candid Wedding Photography : Candid wedding photographers in Kolkata captures people when they are unaware that their picture is being taken. The photographers job is to click pictures without staging a scene so that the image looks natural and brings in a sense of realism. The photographers hover around the wedding venue and capture people as they go about the wedding rituals.

3. Creative Differences: The creative differences between these two forms are very important aspects of studying on Wedding Photography in India. In Indian weddings, photographers cover a very traditional wedding in a new and different perspective. Traditional photographers capture events and rituals as they are supposed to. Here the bride and groom will be at the centre of the picture and by default they will look more prominent than the crowd. Where in case of capturing candids, the photographers can decide unique angles for capturing the couple.

They may focus on a particular scene through a new position and may use the light to give a fresh look to the pictures. As the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, we believe that the unique essence of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reactions of the people. It frames people in their true emotions and brings out the uniqueness of that moment through a picture.


4. What’s Trending? : Some images are best when they are candid while certain parts of the wedding demand traditional photography. Though candid is on trend it doesn’t mean that the traditional version is out. Be it traditional or candid, the final look of the picture is dependent on the processing of the images post editing. and of course, it depends on the wedding photographers’ creative skill too.

In this article, as the wedding photographer in Kolkata, we have tried to make you understand that as the professional photographers you will have to be prepared for both of the ways. A perfect Indian Wedding Photography album is a mix of traditional and candid photographs both.

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Wedding Videos Now a days


If you’re reading our blog, chances are you’ll be getting married sometime this year (or encapsulating the moment of another couple’s involvement). Congrats and wishing you all the very best !!!

You’re probably also going through the meticulous process of meeting with cinematographers (or clients if you happen to be the cinematographer ) and trying to come up with an intuition for a wedding film that is neither vicious nor epigraphic.

To help you in this pursuit, we bring you a list of what’s progressing to be the top wedding cinematography trends in 2018-2019 or maybe beyond that!

  1. Freeze Effects: There are two separate types of video capturing techniques that do this. Being the wedding photographer in Kolkata, you can use any of these or both as required.

1.1. This is simply a single frame held for a few seconds. Often used to accentuate a particular moment. Like the Varmala or Bridal Shower.

1.2. Objects stay in place, but the camera becomes evident to move around them. Many movies, commercials, live events like wedding, etc. started to use this technique right after motion picture The Matrix came out.

Of Course, both of these techniques can be time-consuming and requires a maddening degree of masterminding. But the fruit is pretty sweet and delicious.


  1. Aerial View or Drone camera footage: Drones are accomplished enough of recording certain frame of references that you simply cannot get on the ground. And no, I’m not just talking about those bird’s eye aerial shots of your ceremony lied closed in the middle of a picturesque estate. We’re also talking about candid moments that capture the suspense and hullabaloo of the day.
  2. Wedding Invitation Video: Wedding video invitations have been around for a long time, typically in the form of cute logbook montages or motion graphics pictures. Recently, however, the bar has begun to lift and now some couples are going to great lengths for their wedding teasers. So if you’re into Wedding Photography business, you can offer this Invitation video as a complementary to their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. While some people may see these extravagant Save The Date videos as over-the-top and borderline vainglorious, there’s no denying that they mark a super fun emigration from the cliche old postal invite.
  3. Highlights Video: In the era of ever-declining attention spans, compiling a 5-minutes highlights reel to share or mail along with your wedding video is a consummate must.
  4. 3D Photo Montage Show: Still images, which are generally taken during engagement or pre-wedding, are digitally manipulated to appear three-dimensional—special effects and music can be added as well. So if you’re looking for a bit of entertainment that will admire your wedding guests, this could prove to be well worth the money.
  5. Pre-Wedding Film: You can use your Pre-Wedding film as a backdrop of your wedding. You can even use it’s a glimpse as a creative save the date poster.

Hope this blog will help you out to identify the trends and options which are suitable for you.

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Some Must Have Indian Photography Shots

wedding photographer


Wedding Photography is an emerging trend in among Indian communities and it is very important to know about the type of shots those are much required to fill your wedding album. Here we are trying to make a list of some important shots.
1. Prep shots- bride and groom
2. Dress- hanging or draped
3.Groom or bride Checking the Time
4. Bride Applying Make Up
5. Groom fixing hair
6. Bride Groom Shoes
7. Small Children Dancing with Bride & Groom
8. Centerpieces and flower decorations
9. Bride & Groom dancing with cousins and friends
10.Wide shots of wedding gifts
11.Bride and Groom Portraits
12.Exchange of Vows
13.Exchange of rings
14. Group shot of all guests
15. Candid images of guests.
16. Details of any special cultural ceremony
17. Bride and groom getting into car to leave ceremony

We are a team of talented and enthusiastic wedding photographers in India, and between us, we have captured over 100 weddings, including the grand, opulent weddings so popular across India and abroad, to fun, intimate and private destination weddings. We are unobtrusive and ever-vigilant. We specialize in capturing the beauty and sentiment of a day as it unfolds, especially all those moments that often go unnoticed. As one of the best wedding photographers in India, we are suggesting to you the above must have shot ideas so that you can make your wedding album, a beautiful one.

Doing wedding photography gives us a great sense of responsibility for keeping special ones better and we feel emotional in the same way as you feel. It is our urge to make your wedding day special that helps us to consider ourselves as your buddy and not hired photographers who may click your photos but not make your emotions captured in the way it should be.

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Wedding Photography Trends Expected to influence 2019 and Beyond



Weddings are one of the most momentous occasions in an individual’s life and hence need to be well-covered and preserved for life to be cherished. Staying updated with the latest trends in wedding photography is important to create heartfelt, everlasting memories. As a wedding photographer, you are obligated to capture the entire event in a professional manner and create wonderful memories. To make things easy for you, we have listed some of the latest wedding photography trends for 2019 and beyond –

1. Candid Photography:
Gone are the days when we would shoot pictures using a film with the pressure of getting it perfect in the very first shot, followed by most of the photographers printing the photos where everyone are posing. But now with the flexibility of the digital medium, there is no limit to the number of shots that can be captured. Today, more and more number of people are now shooting candid photographs that capture every expression and emotion being expressed by the bride and the groom throughout their special day.
2. Black and White Photography:
Black and white were being used only for artistic shots in the past, but this trend has been slowly changing with time. Last year we saw the comeback of black and white photography and this year we will see more people using this technique in marriage photography. Black and white images remove the focus from the variation in the composition and prompt the viewer to concentrate on the moment captured.

3.Drone Photography:
Today, drones with cameras are available at reasonable prices, which capture high-quality photos and videos. Drone cameras give a whole new perspective of clicking images from a height. Proper planning and execution of drone marriage photography can produce some of the best photography results.
4. Destination or Location Photography:
More and more people are traveling to exotic locations for their pre- and post-wedding shoots. A new and creative location helps to build the composition and also capture interesting shots. The environment of the new location plays a key role in setting the mood and taking amazing pictures.
5. Using smoke bomb as a prop:
Using smoke bombs is a great way to make wedding photos look more interesting and happening. Mostly such photos are used as the exit photos of the entire event. However, when captured with appropriate backlighting, the colors will shine through and create some of the most amazing shots.
6.Wedding Hashtag:
This is one of the latest trends used to capture the world’s attention towards the wedding. Besides, having the guests upload the photos on social media platforms with the relevant hashtag will also help easy retrieval of the photos and help the couple experience their wedding from the perspective of their guests and acquaintances.
7.Underwater Photography:
With the advent of waterproof cameras and GoPro cameras in the market, underwater shoots are gaining popularity worldwide. Mainly popular among athletes or sportspersons, underwater marriage photo shoots will be in vogue in 2019 and beyond.
8.Stop Motion Wedding Photo Films:
This is the form of photography which takes still photos and animates them amidst a video of choice combined with the pleasing sound effects. These short photo films can be easily shared on social media accounts or embedded in the wedding invitation emails sent to friends and family. This serves as a trailer for the forthcoming wedding and set the mood for it.

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Unleash Your Wedding Photography Experience Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

wedding photographer in Kolkata

Why hire only a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata? This question will certainly come up in your mind, when there is a wedding event and you need a professional photographer. It is not just a wedding event or an occasion where your kith and kin will come to see and enjoy your wedding event, but also a time or a day when your colleagues and neighbors will greet you and will have a fun loving day. Your many other friends will come and memorize the day and capture the event for lifetime.

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Hiring a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata for your wedding day or any of your family member’s wedding would offer peace of mind. You may say you got a friend or a colleague who know how to take pictures, so he or she will help you. You can say that your uncle or one of your very nearest on has a professional camera and he will do the photography for your at your wedding event. Some buddies are there who want to be a wedding photographer and do it for free rather than hiring wedding photographer in Kolkata.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

There are some reasons that can give an opposition to hiring a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata. You must know that Kolkata is a big city and finding a wedding photographer is not a daunting task, but if you are new in the city and do not know anyone, then it can be a hard task for you. Let us see the things that you need to know about your wedding photographer, which will help you choose the best professional photographer in the city.

So want to make the choice to go with the professional now?

  • First, you need to know a professional wedding photographer and how they work. A professional wedding photographer in Kolkata is someone whose skill, professionalism, and artistry dexterity enable them to make a living with their professional photography.
  • Second, This is not somebody who has a decent digital high quality camera as well as gets a couple hundreds or thousands of dollars cash to get some real life snapshots at a friend’s or relative’s wedding.
  • Third, a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata has to be as good at running a photography business as they are at photography in any occasion and it can be for a wedding or for other occasions.
  • Fourth, this can include the use of good agreement and can be clear information with certain expectation for good communication at the same time.

Last, but certainly not the least, your wedding is a day of enjoyment as well as excitement. You do not need to adjoin the worry that your friend or uncle or your buddy is destroying the once in a lifetime memories. Therefore, you should not find other things or ways sans hiring a wedding photographer in Kolkata.

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