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Four Different Wedding Photography Types can be offered by Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

As with every popular photography alcove, wedding photography allows photographers to explore their imaginative freedom while seeking inspiration from others. This results in wedding photographers in Kolkata having several “distinct” styles, depending on their aimed purpose.

These paths are not strict standards followed by wedding photographers in Kolkata, especially since every style tends to be fused with other styles. But of course, it’s a good intention to understand them if you’re interested in becoming a wedding photographer in Kolkata and developing a unique style of your own.


Photojournalistic Wedding Photography:  A lot of imaginations and inventiveness are required for this wedding photography style, not to mention some essential skill in quickly adjusting camera settings, framing, and shooting as moments unravel around the photographer. Aside from that, photographers in Kolkata will have to blend in, sometimes with a telephoto lens to easily capture candid moments. The results are real and natural images that will evoke a flood of emotions.


Illustrative Wedding Photography: Often used for pre-wedding photography sessions, illustrative wedding photography places emphasis on the composition, lighting, and background. The couple is asked to pose in an often picturesque environment, which makes this style an interesting blend of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. Illustrative wedding photography demands some skill in landscape photography, as well as in the use of wide-angle lenses and sometimes even aerial view photography.


Natural Wedding Photography:  Natural wedding photography involves taking photos using innate light rather than with your camera flash or other artificial light sources. The result is obviously more expected, although it’s usually best for weddings in open area after sunrise and before sunset, or anytime in the day wherein the sun isn’t too grim so as to avoid shadows on the subjects’ faces. However, the photographer will have to be very skilled in dealing with shadows and other lighting obstacles. It’s usually best to use a bright lens with a wide aperture that allows more light in to achieve more well-exposed images for this type of captures. As long as you’re using the right white balance setting, the colour temperature of sunlight will instinctively result in warm photos and nice skin tones.


Fashion Wedding Photography: Also considered a type in itself, this wedding photography style focuses on showing off bridal fashion for commercial aspirations. However, we’ve seen this style cross over to a lot of actual wedding and engagement photos in recent years. With the use of lighting setups, trendy poses and expressions, and beautiful backgrounds, this style gives photographers opportunities to be imaginative and creative with their posed shots and for couples to be “models” for a day.

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Two Wedding Photography friendly Venues in Kolkata


Two Wedding Photography friendly Venues in Kolkata for the grand celebrations recommended by the best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

If you are an admirer of new age professional wedding photography, then as wedding photographers in Kolkata, we can understand that you have a very rich taste as an individual. After the economic liberalization in India, post-2005 the crave for quality Wedding Photography have been increased not only among the affluent families but among the rising middle class as well. Now, when you’re expecting your D-day memories to have refrained for years through your photographs then you’ll have to consider a few more additional things which will leave the greatest impacts on your photographs & the wedding story or film.


The wedding venue that you’re picking up matters the most followed by the lighting & decorations of the venue. Today in this article, as one of the best wedding photographer in Kolkata , we will brief something about a few venues which may be liked by you & everyone.

Calcutta Boating & Hotel Resorts: Huge areas, greeneries, and Lake attract people fresh breathing as well as great relaxation from today’s hectic lifestyle. It is at Topsia Road which is just two minutes walking distance away from Kolkata Science City on the Park Circus Connector connecting Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. CBHR offers the wedding families a vast choice to select from different venues, as it covers across an area of 2 lac sq ft. area with 6000 sq ft on water body which can be designed on demand. CBHR offers a varied range of venues to choose from followed by customizations based on the wedding families requirements.

The Open lawn, a few AC banquet halls, additional AC Hangers, Different rooms for bride and groom, separate restrooms, lakeside view, additional water platform of up to 6,000 sq ft and more than 1000 car parking at a single time, CCTV surveillance and alert security services are few of the salient features.

With a combining area of 13,000 sq ft, separate lawn and two banquets of 1600 sq ft each the venue named Ashirwad can accommodate 500 – 1500 guests at one go with an additional 2,500 sq ft platform on water for reception and different parties.

The Bandhan offers an area of 13,600 sq ft and capacity to accommodate 700 – 800 people, consisting a banquet Hall of 2500 sq ft. with a capacity of 200 – 300 people & Lawn 3500 sq ft with a capacity to fit 200 – 300 people (in & out). It has 7600 sq ft area upstairs encouraging it to a full capacity of 800 – 900 people. Wedding families have the option to choose to book the entire area or just one depending on their number of guests.

The Orchid Garden spreads over the largest area within the premises, it offers a widespread lawn in an area of 1 lakh sq ft that could easily accommodate up to 2000 people at one go and in addition wedding families get a 7000 sq ft AC Hanger. This is the most photogenic & one of the grand wedding venues in Kolkata.

The Orchid Banquet spread at an area of 14000 sq ft in totality, with a banquet spread at 5000 sq ft, the lawn at an area of 8000 sq ft and an overlooking balcony at 1000 sq ft respectively can accommodate 600-700 people. There are huge lakeside & garden side areas as well which can be customized as per requirements.


P C Chandra Garden: This premier area needs no introduction with three premium venues inside the garden. Approximately 60,000 sq. ft. lawn with lush greenery is named as Gold Acres. It has an additional 6,000 sq. ft. the covered area including AC Lounge and 2 Guest rooms with adequate washrooms. Approximately 33,000 sq. ft. an area with lush green lawn is known as the Maple & the Tulip will really give you the big fat Indian Wedding feel.

So, before you make any decision on venues, just google or physically visit the above venues to experience & we’re sure the above will be liked by you.

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Six familiar faults most couples make while hiring A wedding photographer

wedding photographer

Every wannabe couple for their wedding to be a picture-perfect occurrence. And, they leave no stone persisted to turn this dream into a reality. They look for the most alluring venue, hire suitable vendors, select the most gorgeous outfits, and everything else, which helps them to make their wedding truly indelible. However, when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, not every couple might end up making the best decision because of their lack of knowledge on how to choose the best wedding photographer in Kolkata. In fact, there are a few mistakes, which most couples usually make while booking their photographer.

Well, this can be a real marauder in any couple’s dreams of having a perfect wedding, since, only the wedding pictures conserve the memories of this beautiful day. So, here are some common mistakes you must not do, which most couples make while hiring a wedding photographer in Kolkata.

1. Budget or quality, Which one you should go for?

Having a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata is possibly the best speculation that you can make for the most important day of your life. This is where you should not be looking for the cheapest, but for the best that you can spare. Remember, even if you stretch your budget a bit more on other perspectives, it will be forgotten once the event is over. However, what will stay with you eternally would be your wedding photographs. So, it is surely not good to compromise on the quality of your photographs, just because they cost you slightly a notch under than the good ones.

2. Interfering into Photographer’s Job

Many couples tend to give their commendations to the photographer while getting themselves shot. They even reject the photographer’s inputs at times, and enforce them to do the things the way they feel is right. You have to be aware that your photographer is a pro in his or her field, and hence, is well aware of how to give you the best wedding photographs. By imposing your own terms, you might just end up peeling them; the result of which can lead to you getting the ordinary pictures.

3. Prioritizing quantity of images over quality

You might have a defined budget, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, this does not mean you need to adjust to the quality of your wedding pictures. There are ways to shoot around a low budget. However, those ways might not work at all if your preference would be to get a number of pictures than those better in terms of clarity and creativity. Well, ask you well wisher. And, if your budget does not allow you to get the photo book made right now, you can skip it for a while and get it made a little after the wedding. At present, simply focus on the photography, rather than worrying about the number of pictures you will get in your photo book.

4. Allowing other people to shoot

Nowadays, it is pretty common to see the guests clicking pictures of the couple with their cameras or at least, with their phones. Well, this can make the work of your photographer difficult, as the ardent guests might just come in their way when they might be about to capture a perfect shot. Agreed, that it might be difficult for you to prevent them, but you can always tell this in advance to at least your close buddies and family members. After all, it would be the best way to let your photographer do this job, as he/she is paid to do it.

5. Booking a distant venue

This one is particularly for the couples, who hire the photographers residing out of their own place. You have to establish that the stay arrangement of your photographer is done as early as possible, to your own place. And, in case you are having a destination wedding, then there could be nothing better than having your photographer in the same hotel or resort where you are staying. This will ensure that your destination wedding photographer does not miss any important moment, and is easily available even at certain candid moments. Additionally, they will be saved from the inconveniences of traveling back and forth with entire camera gear, when there are a couple of hours between two ceremonies.

6. Doing mess with copyrights and usage rights

Some couples might get confused by the concept that the pictures taken at their wedding for which they have paid, are owned by them. Well, prior to booking a photographer, you should be having these questions for you and your photographer both:

What is it that you are entitled to when you entitle a photographer to shoot your wedding?
Who owns the copyrighted images?
What rights do you have in your wedding images, and what rights, if any, does the photographer have?

Well, Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country, which grants the photographer of an original photograph, exclusive rights to its use and distribution. Usually, these rights are provided for a limited time, with the intention of enabling the photographer to receive reprisal for their inventive effort.

So, you hire a photographer and in return for your investment, you are entitled to certain usage rights in the images. In the matter of your own wedding images, these rights are usually extended to personal use. This means that you will be able to do whatever you want with the images as long as you do not use them for business purposes. So, at the end of the day, all you really should have is the usage rights. At the same time, the photographer should still be able to be recognized as the creator of the photograph or film and keep his or her moral right. The photographer might want to use those from your wedding on his/her website for self-promotion, but will not be able to use images for any commercial use unless a model release is signed.

Inessential to say, pictures are the only way to preserve the moments of the most beautiful day of your life. And one of the ways to get the best wedding pictures is, to let an adroit do this task. So, all you have to do now before booking a professional photographer for your wedding is, to keep these tips in mind so as to avoid any clash between you and the photographer’s interest.

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How to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

wedding photographer

Mumbai is not only the commercial capital of India but also a great place to visit to see so many things. If you have already come here, then you must know the charming things in Mumbai. You could come to see repeatedly for sure. If you are from this city, then you must know how to find the wedding photographer in Mumbai, because it is your day and the day comes only once in one life. Therefore, you should not miss capturing the memory of your wedding.

Let us see how to find the best veteran wedding photographer in Mumbai.

There are many different occasions you come across and you have probably met many photographers but also must know well in wedding photography. This time you are here to know and to find the best photographer in the city and you will not miss it. In a market like India, where any X, Y, Z can pick a camera up and become a photographer, then it is really difficult to know whether the X, Y, Z is a practiced and having experience in photography and also the person is really good in photography or not.

Wedding Photography in Mumbai

Things to know before you hire a wedding photographer in Mumbai:

Mumbai is not like other places. It is one of the most trusted but expensive cities in the country. If you come to know more about this city, you should read the country guide as well. In a market like India, where anyone can pick a camera up and become a photographer, then it is really difficult to know whether he is a professional and having experience in photography and also the person is really professional in photography or not. You should see the six most important things that you know before you hire a wedding photographer in Mumbai.

1.Whether they are the professional photographer for wedding photography.
2.Whether they are a veteran photographer for catering the wedding occasion.
3.Whether they are good at photography and have a couple of years of experience.
4.If they got experience with wedding photography then how long they are in this domain.
5. If they are many years in this domain then they are asking for cost-effective wedding photography or not.
6. Ask the photography to show the previous work, so that you can understand the way they do their work and the quality of work they provide for wedding photography.

Lastly, it is said that photography is nothing but an art and only a professional wedding photographer in Mumbai can help you to do the work with utmost care and sincerity at the same time for sure.

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Sankey and Vishaka’s Pre-Wedding Shoot by Wedding Photo Creators

pre wedding

Being an association of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we choose to film couples in exotic destinations as per their preferences. Sankey and Visakha are a newlywed couple and we took the privilege to photograph and film them from their pre-wedding shoot to wedding and reception. Today in this blog, we will share our experiences with the couple during producing their pre-wedding film.

Mandarmani as a pre-wedding destination: Mandarmani is very popular now a day among the destination wedding photographers as a pre-wedding location. The core attractions of Mandarmani is the crawling of red crabs around the 13kms long beach and it’s known to be the longest drive in beach in India. From Kolkata, after crossing the second Hooghly Bridge, Kona Expressway leads to Mumbai Road. As the total drive takes about 4 hours from Kolkata via Kolaghat and Nandakumar. From Nandakumar, there is a right turn towards Contai. In the said Kolkata- Digha highway there is a place named Chawalkhola where a left side road ends at Mandarmani.


The Journey: So one fine morning we the team and the couple started for Mandarmani from Kolkata. Being in Mandarmani gives the shutterbugs some amazing pre-wedding photography goals. The resort, booked by the couple to the beach, well-laid lawns with verdant nooks, relatively low waves of the sea gave us the motivation to film and shoot the couple in the lap of nature.

Filming and Photography: Their concern was the pre-wedding film and we wanted to produce it in a unique way. Some aerial shots were taken to project the venue, and then we captured the picturesque waves of the bay of Bengal. Dine out shots, driving in the beach, low light shot during the night made the video different and colorful. Our aim was to establish the togetherness of the couple on screen. We also captured some worthwhile walking shots. When the joy of sharing sweet nothings turn into togetherness for a lifetime, you know the walk was worthwhile.

Importance of the Dress Code: Dress code plays a very significant role. A pre-wedding photo shoot is a window for others to see what kind of a couple you are. The photos are like an invitation for your friends to experience a fun day or evening out with the to-be-weds. A photoshoot and cinematography take a lot of time to get those picture perfect shots, and you really don’t want to be sweating it out while smiling for the camera. So we suggest our clients November to February due to the comfortable weather conditions. They picked a suit with waistcoat and gown type long dresses. There were Hawaiian collections and easy breezy closets too for candid moments in the sea beach. Colorful Punjabi suites were picked by the to be a bride for his immense affection for Bollywood movies.

Props as the side characters: Props like a jacket, umbrella, cycle, empty wooden boats in the sea beach played a pivotal role during frame planning as props are used as visual experience enhancers in the pre-wedding shoot.

Moments: Beach, car drive and candid moments are the ultimate epitome of romance. Additionally, fresh leaves, cool morning with few rays of sunshine made the perfect picture background. During the night, we took some indoor shots of dining out and bonfire. Wide shots in the resort arena made the couple picture perfect.

Our two days long pre-wedding photography and film project was an experience full of fun, new learning and joy. We’re known for our professionalism and the advantages of hiring the professional photographers in Kolkata are being discussed in prior articles. But it was our privilege that we got a very warm welcome from the couple and the friendly attitude helped us to be committed and deliver as per expectations.

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Pre-wedding photography in popular destinations and the colorful environment is a new trend in Indian wedding photography. From 2010 onwards these pre-wedding photography has prominently become a practice of wedding families or even the best wedding photographers in India. This blog will discuss with certain components of  Pre Wedding Photography and Video.

Importance of the Moment: Be it a casual spring hangout at local destinations or a planned trip to any heritage sites or travel destinations, professional pre-wedding photographers in India are ready to click each and every moment’s wheater it is candid or photographically planned. Usually, photographers focus on the candid moments of the time spent by two lovebirds or the couples.

Silhouette Photographs: There are different styles of photography involved in pre-wedding. The most common style of photography which is very popular from pre-wedding is Silhouette. A silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject. These silhouette images can be used as the invitation posters which usually couples share from their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Props: The role of the props is very important in pre-wedding photography. BubblesConfetti, colorful balloons, frames, rings, scrabble letters, glitter, holi colors etc can be used as props that make the moment more interesting. A cycle ride, vintage cars, Superbikes and Cars dupatta, blanket and similar kind of stuff are very popular nowadays.

Cinematic Influences: Bollywood style wedding is a very popular concept. So photographers usually get influenced from the movie stills of popular films and compose the subjects. In case of Pre Wedding Video or Wedding Stories cinematic shots with different camera angles, aerial views etc are being used to make the presentation more attractive.

Outfits: The pre-wedding photography plays the ultimate role in modern wedding album’s first pages. So the couples are advised to choose their outfits wisely. They should try different outfits for different frames to diversify the essences of the images.

Locations: Choice of location is the most important part of  Pre-Wedding Photography. A resort with plenty of green areas and nature influences or a sea beach, all the locations have certain exclusive factors. So you will have to choose your location wisely.

Last but not in the least, you should book your pre-wedding photographer at least three months before your wedding. So that you can plan a hassle free pre-wedding hang out the day with the best cooperation from your pre-wedding photographers.

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How to choose perfect images for a wedding photography album


If you are a newly married Indian bride or groom, lying in confusion to choose the best photographs out of 1000 images from the raw files given by your hired photographers then this article will help you choose the best shots for your wedding album.

A Wedding Photographer in 21st century clicks plenty of photographs of not only the bride or groom. Their family, invitees, and friends and their movements during various rituals, various wedding gifts, decorations and food everything plays major role in wedding photography. Nowadays capturing candid moments of people and their reactions during the rituals are trending most. So your primary focus will be choosing the candids which include your near and dear ones, office colleagues or business associates, friends etc. Because it will occupy the 60 percent of your albums.

After the candids, you can look after the traditional portraits with your family members, especially with the elders. 20-25 images from these portraits you can select for the photobook or album. Apart from portraits, you must be choosing the photos of the costumes, jewelry, wedding cakes, wedding foods etc for good fillers in your album.


So 70 percent of your album is occupied with perfect images. Now your job is to find out the best of the best couple shots according to your preferences. A few of the pre-wedding images clicked in any cozy destination or in nature parks will diversify the flavor of the album. All together you can choose 15 percent of your pre-wedding and rest 20 percent from your wedding or reception day.

Now ask your photographer to plot those images in a creatively designed theme and to follow the pattern of the rituals according to the timeline of the event.

Last but not the least, your pre-wedding save the date poster may ease your headache of choosing the perfect cover image of your wedding album. If you want to differ, then find out the best couple photograph clicked on your wedding night.

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Why New Indian Wedding Photographers are focusing on Candid Wedding Photography


Each Indian wedding has its unique story and the professional wedding photographers use the tools of photographic substance to tell the clients story as they will remember it and will want to share.With both style and a sense of priority, new Indian Wedding Photographers are making a statement about authenticity, using the art of photography to create a visual account of any wedding ceremony, whether shot as candid images or composed as traditional family and couple portraits. The modern Indian Wedding Photographers or photo artists find the visual opportunities in the setting of a camera and other instruments, employs ambient or innovative lighting techniques, frames shots in creative ways and capture the unique moments in whatever venue or environment the wedding ceremony, rituals, and reception take places.

In previous days the overall look out of the Indian wedding families were mostly different from nowadays. There was a trend to hire the cameramen rather than appointing a photo artist. The photographers used to plan their job in calculative ways also. A few reasons are listed below:

  1. The cameras and the accessories like lenses etc were technically least advance
  2. The cost of the films and the lighting set up were highly expensive.
  3. Higher costs of film development and album procurement were involved in wedding planning.
  4. Spending on wedding decorations, destinations, venues, and photography were much lesser than these days.


But today the scenario has been changed drastically. Wedding families preferences have been changed along with the technical uplifting of photography as a science. The ideas of film reels and their development, traditional lighting and less attractive album have gone. An increasing demand of Candid Wedding Photography is being observed in modern days.

Introduction of DSLR cameras with varied range of prime and wide lenses, Incubation and adaptation of pre and post wedding photography concepts, choosing attractive destinations as wedding venues and people’s willingness to spend on the decorations and lighting are playing a significant role in wedding planning and photography business.

The main objective of candid wedding photography is to capture the image and the ambiances without the knowledge of the subjects. As photographers are now free from the headache of counting the number of clicks so they are devoting their time to capture the moments which are impossible to reproduce. So modern day albums or photo books are not just the albums, they are being treated as well-designed memory records which are filled with precious candid moments.


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Who are the best wedding photographers in India?

wedding photographer

Here are the most important people of Indian weddings and it is none other than the wedding photographer wants to click on all in marriage because they all wear amazing clothes. There is also a memory in these photos, so the photographer is a very important part of every marriage. This is the best place for your wedding day

Wedding photography is photography for activities related to weddings. It includes photographs of the couple before marriage, as well as full marriage coverage.

Photography is an art that usually captures unusual moments of life on a photographic film. This art is very rare in Kolkata city. The best photographer till now in Kolkata is Jashaswi Das Majumder. Their talented team crew is serving the dimensions of events, music, pre-marriage, and marriage at a reasonable cost. Through the art of our photography, serving in the areas of Kolkata, India, we are behind the success of many opportunities, events and people’s marriage. Are there.

Wedding Photo Creators offers a complete package of photography solutions in Photography, Kolkata. Our photos perform brilliant moments of moment, which are attractive and attractive

We offer you different aspects of photography, including the following:

True photography: True photography is now popular in India. The young generation is found in such photography. We have our crew, which are in the best photography, do not feel shy to contact us.

Single / Double Picture: The painting is an advanced form of pictures. Senior generations still come to this kind of photography. Give us the honor to portray your beauty on fine paper.

Contemporary Photography: We offer this photography to your family’s dear children. This allows you to see their progress in an album physically and financially. Later you have something to boast and admire.

Traditional photography and videography: As it is said, the traditional method of gold photography is never out of style, you just need to take the right people with a mixture of advanced techniques and traditions.

Wedding Photography and Videography: We are the best wedding photographer in Kolkata; we cover every event of marriage including Tilak, Engagement, Music, Mehndi, Verma, Pavilion, Vidya and Reception.

Real Estate Photography: We also have a new and inventive style of real estate photography to showcase its plots, houses, and flats for magazines, articles or newspapers.

Landscape Photography: This style of photography is devoted to nature lovers. The beauty of this world has been hidden from the busy eyes of this generation. We as a professional photographer find this responsibility to bring the hidden characteristics of this nature before this generation.

Fashion photo shoots: We offer you the best photo shoots in Kolkata. If you are a model and want to impress someone with your portfolio then you are in the right place. Feel free to contact us

Event Photography: Event photography is very rare art. Photography in Kolkata is the best photographer for the purpose of the event in Kolkata. We consider every event as special because it is also special for you.

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Unleash Your Wedding Memory with Best Wedding Photographer in India

wedding photographer

Like other photography, wedding photographer and their professionals also have some features that help people capture their memories for future. It is solely and completely relate to wedding photography so it needs to have some understanding about photography that helps you make a memorable things happen. Like other work, wedding photographer in India also skilled enough to provide you best photography experience. They can help you capture the memory for your wedding with best ever photography experience. If you do want wedding photographer, you should contact them immediately for better and affordable service that you need for your wedding.

Capturing wedding memory with bet photography

Photography is a different job that can work only by a professional as well as experienced photographer. The majority of photographers are not that much skilled in a way that can help you. Some professional photographers are there in India who can help you capture the memory for your wedding with best ever photography experience. If you do want wedding photographer, you should contact them immediately for better and affordable service that you need for your wedding.

What are the needs of hiring wedding photographer?

A best wedding photographer knows how to create one’s occasion, especially wedding interesting, which gives you the best as well as affordable photography experience. Albeit, not all the skilled photographers are truly professional, and not even, they have highly professional experience in wedding photography, and then how could your wedding photographers give you the best of best photography experience? Yes, only a professional and highly skilled wedding photographer Kolkata would be your one and only choice for all your photography need for all such occasions, especially for wedding.

Let us discuss four important things that you should know when you are about to hire a wedding photographer for your next occasion, especially for the sake of wedding.

  • Ask your wedding photographer whether he has enough experienced in candid wedding photography and then you decide to hire him for your wedding.
  • Ask your wedding photographer whether he uses all types of technologies that are required for your best of best wedding photography experience.
  • Ask your wedding photographer whether he needs to have something different for the future occasional wedding photography by way of capturing memory.
  • Ask your wedding photographer to give you a budget specific plan that you need for your next occasion or wedding ceremony.

Your wedding occasion would be much successful sans photo shot, but a professional photographer can adjoin on something and sometimes that will give your wedding occasion a true boost. Hire only the experienced as well as professional wedding photographer in Kolkata for the sake of best as well as affordable photography, and that can be your best of best choice for the professional photo graphical or better to say wedding photography need. If you do not know who to hire or which wedding photography is to hire, then you are probably at the right place.

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