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Image Credit: Bollywood Hungama

There is no more lovely, gracious, and charming bond, close association than a good marriage. The newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas dropped two images from both their wedding ceremonies leaving fans asking for more and not ones to dishearten, the fan clubs have got their hands on fresh images from their Hindu style wedding ceremony. In the images released by Hello magazine, the couple looks overjoyed and joyous at their wedding ceremony.

Being the wedding photographers in Mumbai, we were super excited like other fans to get the updates and heartwarming photographs on their Instagram handles. In the photo from the varmala ceremony wherein we see an excited Priyanka laughing her heart out as she tries to put the wedding garland on an evenly wound up Nick.

Another photo that has now come on the internet sees Priyanka dressing up for her wedding day. She looks every bit ghostly dressed in a Sabyasachi hand-embellished lehenga ornamented with tinsel. With hand-cut organza flowers, fresh loops in silk floss, siam-red crystals and layers of threadwork – Priyanka’s bridal collection is one to remember and positively the one to take cues from.

For the Christian ceremony, PC wore Ralph Lauren. The absolute, long sleeve gown was a “hand-beaded and hand-inflated dress featuring floral and scroll motifs, lace-effect tulle appliqués, scalloped sleeves and a high-neck collar,” People reports. It took 1,826 hours to craft.


Nick picked a Ralph Lauren Purple Label double-breasted black tuxedo and custom patent shoes. A small piece of Priyanka’s dress was embroidered into his tuxedo lapel with the words “My Jaan,” Urdu for “My life,” People reports.

Chopra and Jonas have been drowned with condemnations that their wedding was a form of #sponcon, or sponsored content, a term for social media posts that are authored by or explicitly praised brands.

Some have speculated that PC and Jonas plugged these brands on social media because they have somehow ached for ready money. But Chopra and Jonas did what a whole congregation of other celebrities has been doing quietly for years: using the happiest day of their lives to get matter for free.

We are in fear of these astonishing pictures that show them kissing, dancing, happily walking down the vessel as man and wife and one appealing family photo.

A wedding is the most treasured and propitious event for every couple getting married. It is every couple’s dream to make their wedding a dreamy affair.

Everything is planned accordingly and the venue is marvelously decorated to provide it dreamy look. Of course, the groom and the bride are adorned up in the dazzling outfits.

Needless to say, in India, weddings are profligate and all rituals are performed, as well as celebrated to make it excellent and grand.

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Unplugged wedding- an innovative photography concept in Kolkata

Unplugged wedding


As any wedding photographer we know one of the most nerve-wracking events is when a guest completely terminates the flawless moment that a photographer is being appointed to seize. Whether they stand up during the varmala, take photos with their phones in front of your camera, or unintentionally cause half the family to look off to the side during impersonated family portrait, wedding photo bombs can be a real annoyance. We the wedding photographer in Kolkata suggests you go for an “UNPLUGGED WEDDING“.


This perception is totally new and not so popular in India. But we are here to provide you with the concept of the unplugged wedding and why is it so important. We will be first to launch this new concept of the unplugged wedding in Kolkata along with our team of best wedding photographers.

An “UNPLUGGED WEDDING “  is when a couple getting married have made a decision that they would prefer if their wedding guest did not take photos and /or upload them to social media.

There are many alternatives on this, from having an unplugged ceremony only ,when guest are expectant to put their phones and cameras away until after the marriage has been over, to a stern “NO PHOTO POLICY” for the entire wedding celebrations, to a complete “social media blackout” until the subsequent day or when the bride or groom have a chance to announce their matrimony themselves .

To do an unplugged wedding gives you a purpose to acknowledge the employed wedding photographer the possibility to capture the wedding as proficiently and flawlessly as without likely missing key shorts caused by obtrusive guest photographers.


Over the last few years, progression in expertise has given us the volume to share the photos on social media. These modifications have meant that most people now have the ability to take photos or videos and share them for the world to see in a matter of seconds. In an everyday situation, this is not a problem but, it only takes a short discussion with an openly recognized identity or event management to tell you that it can cause big issues with image management and privacy requirements.

With this unplugged wedding, there will be no diversions of phone or camera and the guest will be free to immerse themselves in the occurrence that you have spent months planning. And without constantly checking their phone, your family and friends will be much more open to, and may even actively seek out communications with other guests that they may not have met before.

Although the technology of taking photos has progressive, the photography skills of most people have not.A professional and experienced wedding photographer will make the best of any lightning situation so you can skip the unflattering, inappropriate, g rainy or dark photos that some guest think are okay to upload in social media. the extra benefit of not having a camera in everyones hand means that your photographer wont need to push for prime position or have blinding flashes over expose the photos they do take.

The most important part of arranging an unplugged wedding is the communication of your wishes to your guest and telling them why you chose to have an unplugged wedding as many wont be happy with this decision . For some family and friends your wedding maybe the first time they have heard the term “UNPLUGGED WEDDING “ in Kolkata , so you need to be very clear about what you are requesting of them and why .

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As a professional photographer, it is really hard to resist the enticement once you understand the true potentiality of a big fat Indian Wedding. Being a wedding photographer you must have a dream to shoot an Indian Wedding in popular wedding destination. Now the point is to plan the shoot and cinematography for the wedding and of course the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. This blog will put some light into it.

An Introduction to Indian Wedding: A typical Indian wedding happens over a number of days. Each day of the wedding has its own set of rituals and ceremonies which can be both religious as well as non-religious. Deep-rooted customs and beliefs are often being practiced in the form of rituals, which are practiced during bright events such as weddings.An apprehension of the ceremonies gives you an astounding edge over other wedding photographers.

Understanding the expectations of the client: The business policy of every wedding planning or wedding photography company should be hundred percent client oriented. In case of affluent families, somebody from the wedding families books the photographers rather than the to be coupled decide by their own. So it is always better to meet the couple first and establish their expectations. Then you will have to meet the family members to plan the entire event. You will have to be prepared to photograph the huge number of guests which is usually not less than 1000.

Type of Photographs: Candid images with the cousins, siblings, and friends of the bride or groom are being taken during the mahendi, sangeet and varmala. You will have to concentrate on family portraits with the parents of the bride or groom at the same time. So you will have to arrange separate sets of lights and other equipment for each ceremony of the entire event.

Cinematic Wedding Highlight: To shoot a cinematic wedding highlight of an Indian Wedding is another crucial aspect of the photography companies. Using some newly invented devices like Go-Pro, Osmo, Helicam or Drone or Jimmy Jiv ( may require in case of farmhouse, lawn ) and to re-organize the videos are very very important.

The number of Photographers and Cinematographers: A team of minimum 3 photographers and 2 cinematographers along with 2 helpers we recommend to the photography companies.


Pre-Wedding Rituals: In pre-wedding rituals like mahendi,haldi, sangeet, Prarthana, and haldi a photographer should focus not only the moments created by the people involved but also the small details like the design of the mahendi, bridal costumes etc.

The Baarat: Once the groom and their relatives or the baarat rich on to venue, You will have to start capturing the candid moments. To get the best shots you will have to take your position before the baarat comes.

Photographing the Mandap: A mandap or the main wedding place is being decorated in different forms.  It is a consecrated area at the venue where the bride, the groom, and the priest sits and the wedding is solemnized. Once you enter the venue you will easily identify it by the way it is designed. Usually, it is on a high platform so that everybody can see it from a distance. There should be four pillar-like structures surrounding a square enclosure. There may or may not be a canopy, depending on the venue. The structure is decorated with fresh flowers, colorful fabrics, and other embellishments. It can be photographed before the wedding, during the wedding and even after the wedding.

Hope you find this article resourceful and it will help to plan a shoot for a big fat Indian Wedding.

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