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Holi Ideas


Pre-wedding photography has been a popular practice among the people of the new generation because of its newness and innovative concept. Pre-wedding photography has seen an uphill curve because of its various choices in terms of locales, poses of the couples, colours, use of lightings, themes and props and whatnot. A pre-wedding photographer’s success also lies in the fact that the couples are also embracing various out of the box ideas that a pre-wedding photographer offers. They have broken the shackles of traditional orthodoxy and making things exciting for something that is apparently ordinary. As far as yesteryear’s concepts are concerned, things were really boring as there were either no photoshoot as far as pre-wedding photography is concerned or no photography at all. So, nowadays, pre-wedding photography has become an in-thing.

With Holi knocking at the door, it would be a couple’s delight to be involved in something colourful. A pre-wedding photographer too will find it exciting to be involved in something that emancipates his skills in pre-wedding photography. With colours all around, it’s like icing on the cake as colours to become a part of the props, themes and the chemistry between the couples. If we talk about the couples, it is the best time for them to be involved in such a thing as the colours will only contribute to the aura that hovers around a to-be-wed couple. It will be a great thing to add to a pre-wedding photography resume as it is an exciting thing to conceptualize and capitalize his themes on.

So, after all this vanity, we delve into some of the ideas to offer to the lovebirds:

Mesmerising smoke colours:  Smoke colours involve the use of various pipes and sticks as sources the wavy effects as the colours gush out of them. Our best wedding photographers in Kolkata have all what it takes to support and offer this as one of the many ideas. It’s dramatic and cinematic and it’s a feeling that every to-be-wed couple would want to experience. Our best wedding photographers in Kolkata have all what it takes to give the couples the movie experience through cinematic wedding videos.

The Holi of flowers: Use of flowers as props can be an easy but effective idea that works as good as any innovative idea. Flowers are something that have never lost their relevance, be it festivities or marriage. Flowers are anyway a must in weddings and to use them along with flowers in pre-wedding photography add more meaning to the festivity that is to come. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata offer the best of such ethnicity.

Informal and friendly celebrations: It is the simplest and easiest idea of all. Maybe, you can book a place, maybe a resort, have your friends invited in the place with all the Holi props which include colour balloons, watercolour guns, powder colours and flowers. With this kind of arrangement, a lot of things are done and dusted i.e. the locales of a resort, people and friends around playing the cupids in the pre-wedding photography with all the colours splashing around the couples. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata would love become the reason for such a beautiful experience.

Go Traditional: Traditions are immortal entities and they never lose relevance. It has carried on with its old school charm. The suggestions from the best wedding photographers in Kolkata to the groom would be to wear Punjabis and Sarees as far as the bride is concerned.

Feeling the festivity: Holi is extremely romantic a festival. Bollywood has always utilized the charm this festival offers. Be it dancing with a group totally clad in white smeared in colours, or be it smearing the woman’s cheeks with red colours. This idea of immersing oneself in the festivity would be the most candid thing to be in. It’s candid but cinematic too. Nothing can be more romantic, cinematic and candid at the same time. Our best wedding photographers in Kolkata would be happy to capture such beautiful moments.

Spontaneity: Kolkata is the yardstick of old school charm. The ‘para’ culture and that exemplifies Dol in such a way that you don’t need props to accentuate the charm. The colours here and there on the streets, colourful surroundings of the newly welcomed spring and the old school charm keep it simple and candid. A couple that goes by traditions will love to have the best wedding photographers in Kolkata to capture the candid moments through pre-wedding photography or cinematic wedding videos.

The Bend-the-knee proposal: Now this is cinematic but it’s something that all the couples have gone through. The guy bending his knee in front of a surprised girl who is covering her cheeks with her hands in disbelief and all of this happening amongst colours – that’s something to keep a record of through cinematic wedding video.

Romance of colours: This is a typical Holi thing that happens here and there. In order to make it extraordinary, our best wedding photographers in Kolkata has ideas to take care of that. We suggest you take their help and you are in for a surprise, definitely.

Playing with props: This is infinitesimal in terms of ideas. A prop adds various dimensions to a pre-wedding photography, and any kind of photography so to speak. A pair of wings may make the bride the angel, a heart-shaped pillow can portray the chemistry between the couples or a prop that makes things mushy and filmy might amp up the things. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata are there to capture the moments through pre-wedding photography or the cinematic wedding videos.

Romantic Holi Numbers: That’s a cliché but it’s not something irrelevant. People do like over the top things as the memory the etch, stay for a longer time. Come, contact the best wedding photographers in Kolkata and capture the beautiful moments.


So, this Holi, go crazy, sweet and spread the love in the air along with beautiful colours.

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Why and how to choose the best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata for UP-Bihar & Marwari community weddings.

wedding photography

In Kolkata there are people of all cultures ,communities and diversity.so when it comes to weddings we can see a whole lot of new rituals and traditions and can be a part of it .likewise in Marwari community and UP Bihar community we can see a whole lot of rituals which are completely different from each other like their community itself but the central idea stays the same that is the union of two happy souls . best wedding photographers in Kolkata gives their best to create a fairytale wedding for the newly wedded couples of these communities to cherish for their whole lives.


A Bihari wedding is very colourful and vibrant on its own. They love their weddings rustic and traditional.they have a chain of rituals that they celebrate with the soon to be married couple .a typical up Bihari wedding have pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding rituals which are very interesting and quite unusual.

1.Satya Narayan Katha

It’s a puja organised by the bride’s family and all family friends and the groom’s family take part in it.it is a prayer service and a lamp or Diya is lit which remains lit for the whole duration of the marriage.

  1. Cheka

It’s an official engagement ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings and gifts or shaguns.it first happens in the bride’s place and on the next day the same ritual takes place in the groom’s place which is known as Cheka.

3.Haldi kutai

The Haldi ceremony which follows the Cheka .all the married women of groom’s family make a turmeric paste and send it to the bride which is applied to her body and while this takes place the women of the bride’s family sing and danced to their folk songs.

  1. Tilak

In this ritual, the brides’ brother visits the groom’s house with a tilak thaal and this shows that the bride’s family has accepted the alliance. the brother applies tilak on the groom’s forehead and gives him gifts of clothes, jewellery and clothes to celebrate the ritual. the bride’s family gives the Haldi paste and groom’s marriage day outfit and the groom’s family gives him the gold Nath, bridal clothes and maang tikka for the bride and send him off after a grand meal.

5.Haldi ritual

The groom’s family apply the Haldi paste send by the bride’s family on the groom .the married women take part in this ritual.

  1. Dhritdhaari and matripooja

The parents of both bride and groom celebrate this ritual together to seek blessings of their departed ancestors .they offer clothes or money knows as paunpooji to ask forgiveness from their ancestors and also offered to the elders of the family.

7.Silpoha and imli ghutai

Silpoha ceremony is the rice grinding ritual which is done as the sun comes out on the marriage day .the groom’s mother wraps the rice in a churni and then grinds it on a silbatta. imli ghutai is done to ward off the evil eye.

8.Paricchavan ritual

On the wedding day, the groom’s mother performs paricchavan or aarti .the whole ritual takes place before the baratis take off.

9.Jaimalaand galsedi

The exchange of garlands between bride and groom is called jaimala and it takes place at the mandap .the galsedi ritual is conducted by the married women and the bride’s mother after the exchange of garlands.they heat up the betel leaves in a lamp and burn it to ashes .this ash is smeared on the groom’s face and cow dung is thrown behind the groom.

10.Kangnabandhana and kanyadaan

In this ritual the priest ties bracelets on both bride and groom’s hand .there stay a barber who cuts the toenails and fingernails of the couple at the mandap .after this the bride’s parents give away the bride to the groom which is known as kanyadaan.

11.Bhaisur nirakshan, kuldevtaki puja and pheras

In this ritual, the bride is gifted with saris, jewellery, lehengas by her father in law and her brother in law. after this the couple prays to the family deity or kuldevta then the pheras are done around the sacred fire.


The elders of the family shower cash and gifts on the groom and then he leaves with his bride to his house.this is vidaai.the bride’s brother escorts the newly married couple to the decorated car and takes them home.


Swagat ritual is done to welcome the newly wedded couple at the groom’s place.puja is done and parents shower rice and flower on them. a copper vessel filled with rice along with a plate of Alta and two cane baskets are placed at the entrance .the bride pushes the vessel with her right foot and then she steps on the aalta plate.in mooh, dikhai the bride is given money, a pair of gold bangles and other gifts from her in-laws .after that Satyanarayana puja takes place for a successful up Bihari wedding.

Marwari community

the Marwari community is completely different from the above community but it’s not at all less in any vibrancy and exuberance.like all other Indian weddings, this is also celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and grandeur.they have some interesting and fun rituals which show Marwari authenticity and cultural richness.

1.Nandi Ganesh puja

This is a prayer service for lord Ganesh and the family dieties and asks for their blessings.it is hoped that any celebration or ceremonies should be started by the puja of Lord Ganesh for prosperity and success.

2.Mudda tikka

This is the engagement ceremony where the family of the groom visit the bride’s family with gifts and items for the puja. then the exchange of rings takes place.

3.Ladies sangeet

This is a fun ceremony which happens on the day of mudda tikka or one or two days before the wedding. the brides get dressed up and sit on a chowki or tool and all the ladies of her family and her in-laws family assemble around her . they all sing and dance to popular Bollywood songs and also on their folk songs.it’s a complete entertaining ritual and it eases out the relationship of both the families.


Mehendi is also a very blissful ceremony for the ladies especially for the friends and cousins of the bride .henna dye is applied on the hands and feet of the bride and also the other ladies .mehendi is a sign of happiness, profusion and fulfilment in the lives of the women.


A havan is a ritual where a fire is lit and offerings are made into it like ghee and other sacred things, while priests chant mantras for the success of the marriage and well being of the bride and groom


The groom’s family has to carry a decorated ceremonial umbrella, a sword, two-floor cushions, garlands and paan to the wedding venue while the groom leads the procession on a decorated mare .the relatives and the friends of the groom dance and sing while going to the marriage venue


The exchange of garlands after the barati is welcomed by the bride’s family took place, where the bride and groom exchange their malas or garlands.


This is a ritual where a cloth tied around the waist of the groom is tied to the end of the veil of the bride .then its put on the shoulder of the groom which signifies the two have become one.


In this ritual, the bride’s father hands her over to the groom and asks him to take her responsibility.

10.Saptapadi or phere

The bride and the groom go around the holy wedding pyre seven times.the first 3 rounds bride leads and the next four is led by the groom.

11.Sumangalika –sindoor daan

After the pheras, the groom puts vermillon on the forehead of the bride. the sindoor is the biggest sign of the marital status of a woman .this are the ending and the most important ritual of the wedding.

12.Vidai paharavni

After all the small rituals the bride bid farewell to her beloved family teary-eyed and move on with her newly wedded husband to start a new journey of life.

Both of the above communities are of two poles in their culture in their rituals in their traditions but one thing stays similar in every wedding of any culture that is the starting of the journey of two people who are in love.most of the Marwari or up Bihari families wanted photographers of their communities as they hoped for people who can understand and are well accustomed with their rituals and traditions. Staying in Kolkata it is not always possible for them to find a perfect Marwari or Bihari photographers for their event. Best wedding photographers in Kolkata are comfortable enough to make each and every ritual of both the communities in their style which will have the essence of the culture.they will give each and every couple of whatever community they belong from, a perfect wedding memoir which they can cherish forever. best wedding photographers in Kolkata are aware of the ritual variations of each community so they can capture every special and memorable moment from any rituals to create an amalgamation of every event.

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How online marketing has changed the wedding photography business trends in Kolkata

wedding photography

Wedding photographers in Kolkata lie and die by whether or not they can book clients and not just any clients, their ideal clients which help to make taking wedding photos a cool experience that can pay the bills. When setting up your own photography business, it is important to be serious about what kind of client you want to work for and direct all of your advertising attention to enticing these types of people. The best photographs come from being able to form a connection with the people you work with and as long as you have the technical image taking skills to go along with it – photography is a fairly easy thing .we feel that we have a valuable voice in the world of marketing photography services because we have seen great attainment in our first year of booking clients and have learned much in the process as well.

Nowadays the online sector has been the most popular platform for the best wedding photographers in Kolkata where there are ample prospects for the marketing of any kinds of business whether its huge or small. There are many good options for the marketing online which changed the wedding photography business trends in Kolkata.

Ways how can one use online marketing to give a company a new dimension :


Social media has its place when it comes to marketing your wedding photography business. There is a lot of inherent value and FACEBOOK is prime real estate for representing your brand in the online world and capturing the consideration of potential new clients. There are several ways to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool, so let’s take a look below:

  • Facebook Ads

One of the obvious options is running a paid advertisement on Facebook. Through this system, you can directly target even the most niche people.

  • Post photos and tag your clients

One of the best ways to use Facebook is to simply post photos from your recent sessions and wedding .Tagging your client in the images will allow them to sneak peeks of your work ,and will disclose your photograph to their friends + family FB as well.

  • Make a best of folder ,and tag all of your clients

Keeping your facebook account organized will make it easier for approaching clients to look through your work . one simple way to help accelerate this is to make a best of folder.This could be broken down by year if you have been in the business for a while .Only include the absolute best,and remember to tag all of the clients again.


  • Share posts on your personal account

One easy way to expand the net of who is seeing your posts is to share your business page posts  on your personal account .


INSTAGRAM is really by design made for sharing photography. A large portion of our bookings come from simply posting and experimenting with hastags like Best wedding photographers in Kolkata,Pre wedding photographers in Kolkata, Wedding photographers in Kolkata etc.Some of our favourite clients found us in this way .Instagram is another way to expose your brand share only the best pictures you have ,and  look to  create an uniform image feed so when someone new stumbles upon your work they can get an immediate sense of your photography style .In addition to the regular uploading of photos which again should be the best and highest quality ones you have ,you should take advantage of instagram stories to update regularly in  between your main updates .it is common for us to upload lower resolution images just to showcase what we are currently doing .it provides an ability to provide a more immediate social media update without the pressure to keeping your image feed standardized with your best work.


There are many platforms that have been designed to allow you to control all of your social media accounts from one central hub and schedule posts .This has a lot of potential to be useful .There is a substantial time investment to earn how to properly use these tools ,and produce all of the posts to be scheduled weeks or months in advance .one thing to keep in mind if you do decide to automate some of your posting is to still retain some personality .our fear with automation is that it can lead to producing content that is a bit robotic or inauthentic ,which is not a good trade off for more content .


The best way to control the look, feel and message of your brand online is through your own website .if you do not have one yet, it is absolutely time to set one up. there are many great web hosts out there depending on how much time and money you have to dedicate to creating a web presence. Some of the sites where we can create the websites are GoDaddy.


Going along with your photography business website, it is important to regularly update your website. Pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata are consistently working to refine this process ourselves and admittedly it can be challenging, especially when shooting a lot of sessions and weddings and editing photos non stop all week .still it is important and a critical piece of marketing your business .the way we envision website content and the act of blogging is that they are broken down into different categories:

  • Staple content: these are pieces of content meant to be unchanging on your site. These pieces are often quite long (2000+ words) , really drive home an important topic and tend to take a lot of time to produce.you could consider our wedding photo creators page to be a staple piece of content .
  • Sales content: the next type of content that usually requires a little less time are those articles specifically designed to sell something .while the word “ sales “ can sound a bit frightening ,it is really the major component of running a successful photography business.the sales content we will discuss can be broken down into two categories:

Selling your services – producing blog content to sell your own services is invaluable .a simple type of this content is news when you are booking for a new year of weddings , or letting people know that you are setting up mini sessions for the holiday season. This type of content can run the gamut between long and indispensable ,to short and quick update blurbs.

  • Personal /Brand building content : this is content that might not rank really high in search engines ,or immediately drive sales ,but will help your website to stay current with new updates and will allow you to add more of yourself into your brand.have a section of your blog dedicated to just spilling out updates about your personal and professional life.hopefully its obvious but only share personal things that you would want shared with your target audience and general public as a whole .

The sky is the limit with blogging and it really is what you make of it.another important element is also how all these content can be shared with your social media networks,thus introducing new content there too.


Search engine optimization or SEO  is very important to long term success in marketing your brand online .every search engine is built around algorithms that determine how content is displayed and where different websites and web pages rank.these algorithms take into account the keywords used in article – in the headers ,the body of the text ,the images file names ets and can make or break wether your content is found by prospective clients when searching for photographers in your area .in the world of photography localized SEO is vey much appreciated.


One of the easiest ways to create some buzz for your business and attract potentially new clients is simply running a promotion like free add ons like a photo album ,discounts in services etc.you can post on facebook to share and like a post to be entered to win a free couple pre wedding shoot or wedding shoot. The hardest part about doing this is finding the balance where you are offering something a prospective client would want ,and where you are not taking a total loss on offering the service.for those just starting out ,this can be an excellent way to get in the door to build a portfolio .


Pinterest ,Inc is a social media web and mobile application company which operates a software system designed to enable discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images . it’s a free website that requires registration to use.users can upload ,save,sort and manage images known as pins and other media content through collections known as pinboards. It is a great platform for the wedding photographers in Kolkata to increase their popularity on a large scale and on a much bigger market.


No other website has much more worldwide video grip than YOUTUBE. This is a video sharing website which allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists,report,comment on videos and subscribe to other users .it offers a wide variety of user generated and corporate media videos . so if you create a channel of your own in youtube and regularly post all your events videos ,teasers ,behind the scenes clips and make it more accessible to the viewers and potential customers by showing them directly how you work they can rely more and get a clear idea of what hard work you had to put in every events you get.in this golden time when youtube is at the peak of its popularity it is a great chance to get yourself on the world map of wedding photography.

Best wedding photographers in Kolkata will take advantage of all the avenues available to them.the in-person marketing that comes from making real connections with current clients, potential clients and other vendors and businesses in your area is vital in the photography industry and is complemented by internet marketing that comes with running your own website and keeping up with social media.


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Six Exciting Holi Themed Pre-Wedding Ideas for the Couples who are Getting Married


It’s that day of the year when you’ll take in the musical tracks ‘Balam pichkari‘ or ‘Rang barse‘ from every rooftop no concern where you stay (well, at least in North and East India!). Yes, it’s Holi.

Why should Holi be significant to the couples getting married soon? As the best wedding photographers in Kolkata read today’s article and you can plan your pre-wedding shoot around Holi accordingly.

1. You won’t need extra sprags as there are going to be tonnes of vibrant colors: Effervescences of colors at the Holi festival celebrates very beautifully in photographs too. Take inspiration from some pedantically selected pictures from various Indian Wedding Photography Photo Blogs and just take off those!!

But we recommend you to go for the organic colors to refrain from the risk of skin allergies before the wedding.

2. Worries for the perfect outfit has gone: Choose old clothes from your wardrobes and throw all the worries regarding your perfect outfits together.

3. Enchanting in the smoky colors: You can use smoke color bombs, cylinders or sticks to add some dramatic touches. It will give the ultimate cinematic feel to the pictures and films that you’re making with your wedding photographers in Kolkata for the pre-wedding shoot.
4. Phoolon ki Holi & Flowers: Use flower petals to create an aura of Phoolon Ki Holi. Vibrant colors of the fresh flowers will add some auspicious flavors to your captured memories.
5.Friendly Celebration: Book a resort or choose any lawn & invite your friends for the grand Holi celebrations. Arrange flowers, color balloons and dusted colors to show some of your wicked skills and let your photographers capture the fun packed candid moments.
Things you should keep in your mind: If you are planning such a pre-wedding shoot then you’ll have to be cautious about very few factors. To ensure the output of your expenditures on photography may be a failure if you pick up any random venue for the shooting. A scheduled place with time specifications and carrying a backup of spare props can help you and your photographers in Kolkata from any kind of an unwanted mess.

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Five Tips for The Wedding Photographers in Kolkata to Capture the Best Bridal Portrait

Wedding Photographer

Every bride is very much bothered about the bridal portraits their wedding photographers capture. From the moment of getting ready for the D-Day to post-wedding reception, brides long for giving away the best poses in their minds. Every bride looks different and unique and it is your lookout as the best wedding photographer to make them look perfect in every shot. Their temperament, physical presence, and the way they are the things you need to highlight while you are capturing them. To help you click the best bridal portraits, we have come up with five essential tips. You can consider these before you start clicking. Watch below.

1. Plan and share her poses: It is always beneficent for the bride if you show her how to pose according to your foresight. It will give her the clarity, help her build confidence and she will feel more comfortable as well. First of all, you need to make sure that she is unperturbed as she might not be used to posing in ways that you suggest. By showing her how accurately you want her to pose, your job will also get easier.

  1. Give her tips on eyesight: Ask the bride to look at you or look at a distance for a better portrait. You can do that when she is opaque about next. She must be getting ready to pretense, will look around, look at you or somewhere else and must be unaware of the camera. That’s the moment when you can get a snap as a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata that looks completely natural. Moreover, she must be entirely herself at that fastidious moment which will give you a perfect pose.
  2. Bride’s neck and shoulders need special attention: During the shoot, check if your bride’s chin is barbed uphill or if she is looking down too far. If her chin is upward, her next will look long or if she is looking down, then it almost certainly will create a double chin or no chin at all in the image you capture. Likewise, you need to be very cautious about her shoulders. Let her push back her shoulders in order to get a greater body language for your image. Or if she has open shoulders, ask her to go round a little away from the camera.
  3. Hands and fingers play an impactful role in good portraits: The positioning of the bride’s hands creates a lot of divergence in the picture you capture. Give a reminder to her to relax her hands and finger that will help her pose more at ease. Give her a prop up or ask her to hold her bridal dress on the sides.
  4. Arrange the background appropriately: Likewise, you should be very attentive to the background of every image you capture if you want to butter up your client with the best wedding story. If the background is jumbled or has superfluous colors, the image will suffer. That being the case, we recommend you to be prepared in go forward to find the most appropriate background.

One vital thing you need to keep in mind while photographing a bride is to enhance her buoyancy throughout. Besides, comprehend the bride and her personality level well which help you get more candid and genuine poses from her.

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10 Creative Ways To Utilize Gopro Camera At Wedding For Wedding Photographers In Kolkata

Wedding Photographers In Kolkata

What comes to our mind when we think about a GoPro action camera? Probably snorkeling, mountain biking, snowboarding, skydiving, or…weddings? Okay, probably not that last one, until now. As the wedding photographers in Kolkata, we may not have thought about it.

GoPro cameras are tiny, lightweight, and comically easy to toss into your camera bag on wedding days. But what for, you ask?

Here are 10 ways to use the GoPro camera at your next wedding.

1. Exchange of gift: The bride and groom these days to give each other a gift the day of the wedding. Ask if you would be allowed to place a GoPro inside of the gift box to imagine the reaction of the person receiving it. This could work for wedding party gifts, too!

2. Time-lapse videos: Videos are very useful for setting the scene, establishing your location, or progressing from one time of day to another. Get a shot of the sun rising or setting, the clouds floating, the reception or ceremony spaces filling with guests, or the wedding party getting ready. Set up the GoPro on a tripod mount or a flex clamp and let the camera do the capture!

3. Tucking away the camera: Try putting the camera behind the altar at the mandap or Wedding Venue. This will give a whole new outlook of the ceremony film!
4. Relying on Dog’s View: If the couple is having their dog to be part of the wedding, get creative. GoPro makes a harness that can be used on all dogs. The GoPro will attach to the dogs back allowing you to get a different scene from their perspective.
5. Attach the camera to a special guest: Assemble a GoPro on a person using the chest mount or wrist strap – this could be a member of the wedding party, or even the bride/groom. See the day through their eyes: walking down the path, dancing on the dance floor, or getting into a cake fight. You, as a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata you will get plenty of candid film footages.
6. Outside or Inside the Car: Use the suction cup to assemble the GoPro to the car. Set it up as a time-lapse to capture the drive from the Barat to the venue or attach to the side for a unique perspective of the bride and groom after Vidayi getting in and out of the car.
7. Hide in Floral Arrangement: A perfect way to capture a time lapse of the bride and groom when toasts are being made, getting film of them stealing kisses throughout the night or the camera-shy guests dancing from an insignificant angle place the GoPro in a centerpiece or floral arrangement for a completely unique view of the bride and groom at the table, or of the guests at the reception.
8. Getting Ready Shots: Place a GoPro on the back of the door where the groom’s suit is hanging (or on a window, etc). When the suit jacket or sherwani is removed from the hanger, you’ll now see a different angle of the groom getting ready with his party.
9. Selfie Stick: Get the guests in on the fun, and capture the party from their perspective! Attach a GoPro on a selfie stick and bring it on the dance floor.

10. GoPro to the bottle: On a bottle of preferred drink in the groom’s room, attach a GoPro to the bottle, to get really up near and personal!

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Pre Wedding and Wedding in Backdrop of Festivals of Kolkata and Royal Wedding Venues


Kolkata’s cultural contexts are unrivaled, and so is their an esteem towards the traditional way of weddings, which deserve the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. This blog will put some light into the festivities and their relationships with Wedding Photography.
1. Pre Wedding Photography:

It’s being told that marriages are made in Heaven. But nowadays, they are being made of some of the eminent locations of the city of joy. Weddings in Kolkata have caught up with the West with concepts like Pre-Wedding Shoots, where the bride and groom to be, take photo sessions in popular locations to give their wedding album or video a special perceive.

Kumartuli had become the most wanted destination of Pre-Wedding Photography in Kolkata this year. For the past two months of August and September, wedding photographers in Kolkata are coming with their various equipment and soon to be married couples in tow, to Kumartuli. The members of Kumartuli Merit Silpi Samity conceded that the number of the pre-wedding shoots has gone up this year.

As Kolkata is regarded as the land of colorful festivals, so we can’t ignore the impact of Diwali and Christmas among the mass. So during Diwali, the use of sky lantern and crackers in pre-wedding photography in India has become a booming trend for the last few years.

As per the cross-cultural essence of the city, Kolkata celebrates the joy of Christmas in the month of December. People from the various community together celebrate the carnival of Christmas. Young couples hover around the  Park Street, bow-barracks and their adjacent lanes by holding each other’s hand. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata can plan a beautiful pre-wedding shoot in the backdrop of Christmas.  Evening shots with the street lightings of the city can be the ultimate showstopper of your wedding album.

  1. Wedding Photography:

Kolkata is a city of grand mansions and Rajbaris. So nothing can come more close to your dream of the grand palatial wedding than having it in Kolkata’s most iconic palaces.

The Shobhabazar Rajbari will pull out all stops to give you a feel of the refinement of an out moted era — gaddas, hookahs, vintage chandeliers, antique memorabilia, and faux gas lamps. One of the major attractions of Kolkata with its centuries-old Durga Puja, it is best to book this palace for your wedding at least a year back from the event.

The European-styled Chaatu Babu Latu Babu mansion with a huge courtyard flanked by colonnade columns and antique Belgian glass chandeliers screams of royal grandeur. This venue with cozy decorations can make your wedding day epic.

Around 35 km away from Kolkata, the palace of the zamindars of Bawali is a luxurious apartment set in the backdrop of rural Bengal. The rajbari has been recently reimposed to its former glory and charm, and modern luxurious conveniences have been added. The Chokher Bali room is stacked with antique woodwork and artifacts from centuries back, making this neoclassical palace resort perfect for a profligate royal wedding.

Hope this article will help you to find out the perfect time and venue for your wedding and other allied requisites.

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As a professional photographer, it is really hard to resist the enticement once you understand the true potentiality of a big fat Indian Wedding. Being a wedding photographer you must have a dream to shoot an Indian Wedding in popular wedding destination. Now the point is to plan the shoot and cinematography for the wedding and of course the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. This blog will put some light into it.

An Introduction to Indian Wedding: A typical Indian wedding happens over a number of days. Each day of the wedding has its own set of rituals and ceremonies which can be both religious as well as non-religious. Deep-rooted customs and beliefs are often being practiced in the form of rituals, which are practiced during bright events such as weddings.An apprehension of the ceremonies gives you an astounding edge over other wedding photographers.

Understanding the expectations of the client: The business policy of every wedding planning or wedding photography company should be hundred percent client oriented. In case of affluent families, somebody from the wedding families books the photographers rather than the to be coupled decide by their own. So it is always better to meet the couple first and establish their expectations. Then you will have to meet the family members to plan the entire event. You will have to be prepared to photograph the huge number of guests which is usually not less than 1000.

Type of Photographs: Candid images with the cousins, siblings, and friends of the bride or groom are being taken during the mahendi, sangeet and varmala. You will have to concentrate on family portraits with the parents of the bride or groom at the same time. So you will have to arrange separate sets of lights and other equipment for each ceremony of the entire event.

Cinematic Wedding Highlight: To shoot a cinematic wedding highlight of an Indian Wedding is another crucial aspect of the photography companies. Using some newly invented devices like Go-Pro, Osmo, Helicam or Drone or Jimmy Jiv ( may require in case of farmhouse, lawn ) and to re-organize the videos are very very important.

The number of Photographers and Cinematographers: A team of minimum 3 photographers and 2 cinematographers along with 2 helpers we recommend to the photography companies.


Pre-Wedding Rituals: In pre-wedding rituals like mahendi,haldi, sangeet, Prarthana, and haldi a photographer should focus not only the moments created by the people involved but also the small details like the design of the mahendi, bridal costumes etc.

The Baarat: Once the groom and their relatives or the baarat rich on to venue, You will have to start capturing the candid moments. To get the best shots you will have to take your position before the baarat comes.

Photographing the Mandap: A mandap or the main wedding place is being decorated in different forms.  It is a consecrated area at the venue where the bride, the groom, and the priest sits and the wedding is solemnized. Once you enter the venue you will easily identify it by the way it is designed. Usually, it is on a high platform so that everybody can see it from a distance. There should be four pillar-like structures surrounding a square enclosure. There may or may not be a canopy, depending on the venue. The structure is decorated with fresh flowers, colorful fabrics, and other embellishments. It can be photographed before the wedding, during the wedding and even after the wedding.

Hope you find this article resourceful and it will help to plan a shoot for a big fat Indian Wedding.

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Kolkata is being called the “City of Furious, Creative Energy” as well as the “cultural capital of India” and “ City of Joy”. In our previous blogs, we have mentioned the concept of Pre-Wedding Photography and it’s growing acceptance among the Indian to be wed couples. So here, in this article, we will focus on Kolkata’s various location which can be the best of best outdoor destinations for a pre-wedding shoot.

Kolkata and the greater sub-urban areas adjacent to Kolkata are very much popular among the localities of Kolkata and eastern India. So at first, we are focusing on some locations which are located in the heart of Kolkata.

  1. Princep Ghat: The two kilometer stretch of exquisite riverfront (of the sacred Ganges) is what magnifies its photographic significance. A popular chill out place for lovebirds is a good enough idea for pre-wedding photography, especially early in the morning or on the verge of twilight. The aggregation of white pillars, a park, railway tracks, Ganges and bridge view, all in a single location, goes well with all kinds of
  2. Maidan and Victoria Memorial: Tinny greenish bungalows, horse-drawn carriages, Gupchup sellers and broad roads etc are making the Life on the Maidan as the quintessence of life in Kolkata. The combination of Tram Tracks, Carriages drawn by horses and above all the gateway of the Victoria Memorial Hall has always been the first priorities of every wedding photographer while choosing the location suitable for pre-wedding photography and video.
  3. Eco Park: Located in the extension in the Eastern Part of the city and close to the airport, in New Town, The Government of West Bengal have developed a nature-themed park or Eco Park. The assemblage mostly consists of laid-back visitors who have come to relax and enjoy. Once you are there you can take all the time you need to complete the shooting void of any distractions and disturbance.

Rose Garden, Butterfly Garden, Cafe Ekante, Eco Iceland, Deer Park are the key attractions of this place.

  1. The Rajbari, Bawali: Located within 30kms from Kolkata, in South 24 Parganas, The Rajbari itself, an extraordinary, architectural masterpiece, was built around 250 years ago.It is only recently that The Rajbari, the only building now remaining from this time, albeit in ruins, has been salvaged and exquisitely restored to reflect the opulence, style, and grace of the Zamindars of Bengal. Now it is being turned into a luxurious resort and an ideal place for heritage-themed pre-wedding shoots and bespoke wedding events.
  1. Botanical Garden: Located on the bank of the river Hooghly, the botanical garden is also an ideal pre-wedding photography destination with water lily, banyan tree, and palms.

Apart from the above, within 500kms, there are destinations like Mandarmani, Tajpur and Digha in the coast of the bay of Bengal are very much popular among them to be wed couples as a pre-wedding destination.

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Things to know to hire a best and affordable Candid wedding photographer Kolkata

wedding photographer

Photography is an art, when you know you have an occasion and you need a candid wedding photographer Kolkata, you should not hire an unprofessional photographer. Your occasion would be successful without photo shot, but a photographer can add on something that will give your occasion a boost. Here, in this article we are about to discuss about candid wedding photographer. However, there are many things to know when you are about to hire candid wedding photographer for your occasion.

Why Hire Candid Wedding Photographer

A best photographer knows how to make your occasion more interesting giving you the best photography experience. Not all photographers are professional, not even, they have experience in photography, and then how could they give you best photography experience? Yes, only a candid wedding photographer Kolkata would be your choice for all your photography need for all such occasions. Let us see four things that you need to know in the time you hire a wedding photographer in Kolkata.

  • Ask your photographer if they are experienced in candid wedding photography and then you hire them.
  • Ask your photographer if they use all new techniques to give you the best photography experience.
  • Ask your photographer if they provide that occasional wedding photography for which you are asking them.
  • Ask your photographer to provide the particular plan that you need for your wedding photography.

Your occasion would be successful without photo shot, but a photographer can add on something that will give your occasion a boost. Hire only experienced candid wedding photographer Kolkata for best and affordable photography and that could be your choice for all you need. The best photography experience only can be possible when you hire the best as well as best priced wedding photographer. They can do the photography; if you hire them for other occasions and that, you know which would be your best as well as affordable photography experience.

Ask your photographer if they are experienced in candid wedding photography and then you hire them. You can ask your photographer if they use all new techniques to give you the best photography experience. You can ask your photographer and the candid wedding photographer Kolkata if they provide that occasional wedding photography for which you are asking them. You can ask your photographer to provide the particular plan that you need for your wedding photography.


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