Maternity Photography


Maternity photography is a new vogue in India. This is a perception where women are advancing to be creatively snapped while they were expectant. Its a trend now were shutterbugs capture motherhood in a special way that the mom-to-be and dad-to-be could relish this stunning trip eternally. We, the Wedding Photo creator are focusing in this form of photography in Kolkata for last one year. Pregnancy is very vibrant in a couple’s life celebrating their moment of making a family. We, the Wedding Photo creator in Kolkata are creating picturesque snaps of the mom–to- be as superior art portraits for their maternity recollections. The dad-to-be is also involved in for the couple’s photograph featuring the baby bump. For the Wedding Photo creator, it is not a vocation but a zeal for them. The Wedding Photo creator of Kolkata captures an indescrible acquaintance between the momma and their babies in the womb. The Wedding Photo creator captures the moment knowing the worth and appeal of it. We not only seize the moments, we bag the emotion in it.

When a seven-month pregnant DEMI MOORE posed naked embracing her baby bump for a magazine cover, in 1991. It caused a universal turmoil. What more started was an unthinkable craze of women coming forward to be pleasingly photographed while they were pregnant? Now the maternity photography work is one of the premium virtuosity, done by a proficient maternity photographer like the wedding photo creators of Kolkata and transformed a photo into that of an impeccable magnum opus which the mom-to-be is going to cherish.

We are one of the best maternity photographers in Kolkata that has been making beautiful memories of pregnancy. Capturing the mom-to-be when she is glowing and being happy about life growing inside her is our proficiency. It is an enchanted segment in life which should have reminiscences frozen with maternity or pregnancy photographs.

We, the Wedding Photo creator take the mom-to-be outdoors to a park, or any other outdoor locations and uses natural light and captures the best of the mom-to-be’s expressions. We later use unique editing skills to truly make an amazing photograph. Maternity photo shoots are all about having some light-hearted fun times together.

The bond between the couples become even persuasive during those nine months of pregnancy. Allthough, only one of you is carrying the baby, every experience is conjoint. You feel the same things, joy &bliss, enthusiasm & excitement and the adventure that you two are living is worth apprehending.

Every girl wants to behave toward like a queen. Pregnancy is the time where you can indulge yourselves and welcome the motherhood In you elegantly. Wedding Photo creator in Kolkata will come up with some supercool photoshoot ideas to show off your baby bump and welcome the newest member of your life. There are some truly good memories which our professional photographers can give you while you are having a baby bump. This is a most inimitable and important time in a couples life and to remember and cherish these moments forever maternity photo shoot is the must.

We, the Wedding Photo creator even came up with some supercool photoshoot ideas to show –off your baby bump like

  • Shooting with the whole family
  • Dressing up the mommy –to – be like a princess
  • Mom and dad –to – be in the photograph together
  • Shooting with their favorite pets
  • Mom and dad with the older siblings
  • Photoshoot using props.


Wedding Photo Creators will provide you with the best moments of your maternity.