Wedding photographers ideas

Novel Corona Virus has affected almost 188 countries to be precise and is declared as a global pandemic. It originated from China, though its actual source or origin is still in question, but from then, there has been no stopping. It has spread across countries and has taken lives of thousands and the stats are still moving.

China was the first victim of the giant that Corona Virus is and after that, the most affected countries are Italy, Spain, the USA and Germany and so on. India too has been affected with the victim counts of above 300 and rising.

Covid 19 has prompted the Government and other authoritative bodies to lockdown. Though this is the only way to stop the spreading of Corona Virus, basic activities and industries are coming to a halt. Covid 19 has prompted the health department to urge people to stay safe and stay in Isolation and Quarantine to people who are reported to be unfit so to speak. Since, Corona Virus or Covid 19 has prompted the authoritative body to go for a lockdown, a number of essential industries are also getting affected as their business is getting interrupted due to such untoward event. One of the industries that are hugely affected it  Wedding Photography.

The Professional Wedding Photographers in India will be having a tough time because of such a non-creative phase. For artists like them, it’s not easy coping with such an unusual situation that hampers their art. As India has come under the radar of such disease, wedding photographers in India are in a fix.

The ones who have been planning to tie the knot in the months of March and April have their backs against the wall, as there are no options but to postpone the whole event. To postpone means to ask all the arrangers including the photographers to keep everything aside and stay in Isolation or Quarantine. In such trouble times, being one of the main actors in a successful wedding, there are certain things the Wedding Photographers in India can do. We need to discuss them as a guide as well as an assurance to the dejected families.

So, let’s start:

  • Proper Communication: In any kind of troubled moment, especially, during Covid 19, the Wedding photographers in India and the Professional Wedding photographers in India should keep the parties in the loop about their plans during this interruption and keep them assured that they will start their work as soon as the disturbing times go. The couples who have planned for the wedding, might feel a little dejected, but the Wedding photographers in India and the Professional wedding photographers in India must assure them that this too will pass and normalcy will prevail.


  • Be prepared and be flexible: This is an unusual time and it’s tough for everyone as this has never happened. Artists especially are in a fix because of their non-creative phase as Wedding photography is extremely affected. It’s even tougher for the ones who had their weddings slated to be negotiated in March or April. It is of the highest priority as Wedding Photography is concerned to be flexible in their schedule and prepare for any kind of postponement and start their work only when it’s possible. A rigid routine will only affect the creativity and the vendor-party relation.


  • Eloping as an option: Elopement in marriage is always seen as something negative by the society but it can act as something that suits the Covid 19 The wedding photographers in India and the Professional wedding photographers in India can shoot the pre-wedding situations in elopement and perform the reception later. That way, it will encourage the couples before they wear the wedding gowns besides helping the wedding photography industry to carry on with their work.


  • Indoor sessions: Indoor sessions have multiple benefits. Having such interactive sessions in Isolation will not only improve the vendor and the party but will also have the money flow going with indoor photo sessions going on. This is the only way the Wedding photography industry will keep moving and the wedding photographers in India and the professional wedding photographers in India will have their money flow going. This will not only help the industry but also the party that will feel assured of the fact that things will resume once the Corona Virus or Covid 19 attack ceases.


  • Book for later in advance: Booking for December and rescheduling the whole thing will be the key to both the sides in times of Corona Virus or Covid 19. Planning during Isolation and Quarantine for sometime later will keep the financial flow for the wedding photographers in India and professional wedding photographers in India and this will keep the wedding photography industry going. This will help the families involved plan with lots of time in hand and thus restoring normalcy during abnormal times.


  • Explore new avenues: During the times of Isolation and Quarantine, there are certain things the wedding photographers in India and the professional wedding photographers in India must do. Since this is kind of a lockdown, one thing they can do is show up on the internet more often. One can go online and interact with the parties and discuss further plans, go online on social sites and promote their past works by sharing posts, pictures and phone numbers so that more parties look for future ventures so that they have work in the pipeline when the disease spread by Corona Virus or Covid 19 goes away.

So, apart from this, the basic thing that one must do and it is a must is that one must stay in isolation, quarantine, avoid gatherings, wash their hands and stay safe.