Every bride and groom in the world always dreamt of a perfect wedding according to their characters and likings for at least once. they want to capture each and  every moment of the special day which they will cherish for their whole lives with their loved one . for these, they have wedding photographers in Kolkata who can store all these extraordinary moments and gift it to the newly married couple as a present of their lifetime.but there are other ways by which they can create a complete cinematic  film of the whole ceremony which will restore the moments in such a way that the happy couple can live their wedding day for each and every days of their lives.

Now, what is a cinematic wedding film you may ask? A CINEMATIC WEDDING FILM  is a storytelling film because they are shooting to tell a love story not just a document of every single clip of your wedding day .they will make you feel like a damsel in distress to be saved and united by your knight in shining armour that you always dreamt of. well, nowadays most of the brides don’t want to be a saved by anyone rather she wants to be loved more by her prince, so no need to worry you can give your opinions and preferences to the wedding photographers in Kolkata and they will give the best cinematic wedding film created for you.

Now you may be thinking about hiring a wedding cinematographer, but you have a lot to know about it first. firstly,  do you want to capture the whole ceremony or just one day, you want a chronological arrangement of each and every ritual of the ceremony or an amalgamation of different parts of the ceremonies mixed together. with different video styles,  personality traits and working choices you have to be sure about your cinematographer who checks all your demand.

These are some traits that you can look for in a pro cinematographer:

  1. Whose style aligns with the bride and groom
  2. A cinematographer who can work well with the photographer
  3. A professional who knows her/his boundaries
  4. A person with a calm attitude
  5. Someone who can plan in order
  6. Who has a good recommendation and good reviews?
  7. A person who is clear about what he will deliver and in what time


The art of editing wedding films begins with and ends with the expertise of cinematic create a film of a complete ceremony is not a joke , it needs proper skill, perfect types of equipment and correct knowledge about the editing of the videos and clips which is the most integral part for creating  a cinematic wedding film .for getting into practical editing techniques for wedding film we have to briefly understand the editing theory and must improve any editor’s  practical editing skills. nowadays considering the trend of wedding films becoming more cinematic some simple formulas can help to create a wedding cinematic film by techniques exercised in editing.

In any video or film, there are two basic practical constituents: images and audio. With these practical constituents there are two abstract essentials too : pacing and tone.these four essentials are the main components of cinematic storytelling and are vital for any editor to understand .this special occasion Is just one occurrence where families are built around the all central story that you are being asked to deliver .wedding videos, the souvenir of a lifetime, assistance  from this formula colossally if considered and utilized by a skilled editor in post.

There are four techniques an editor can follow:






Vignettes, masking and mattes in your software’s terms are built upon similar coding but are used for diverse effects. vignettes provide subtly deepened borders .they focus our consideration, add a longing tone, or look like classic vintage film. While they are possibly the corniest and cliche in wedding effects, we still recommend their use .masks and mattes are applied to remove unwanted features or to create the desired shallow depth of field look. colour grading and colour correction can be used interchangeably .both are absolute essences in wedding video editing.raw video may look fine but the passionately charged look of colour graded shots can be nothing short of amazing .black and white or sepia hues add a classic vintage look. outdoor weddings with a warm red-yellow colour pass become more relaxed and warm like a summery afternoon. lighting effects like lens flares, spotlights and flashes can easily be added to mimic lighting conditions not present in the initial wedding creates mood, emotion and tone .the flashes, lens flares and the virtual spotlight add a theatrical conclusion.

Wedding stories are the exclusion to the spoiler alert rule.we not only want to know the wedding story ends blissfully, we expect it to. The bride and groom as crucial viewers have paid for no wonders, a happy ending . a happy ending every time is beneficial for business.necessity  for an accomplished cinematographer and editor is now greater than ever. Wedding photographers of Kolkata shot and edit this romantic event on time and cinematically which offers happy returns to not only the happy couple but the wedding cinematographer and editor as well.