intimate wedding shoot

With the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario, every human action is disturbed due to certain restrictions. An intimate wedding shoot is something where only a few people are invited and are performed in an intimate environment, like someone’s personal home.We call it the new normal where people have to either refrain from performing or taking part in normal activities or follow certain norms that restrict normal movements.  These norms majorly include social distancing, wearing masks and proper and regular sanitization.

Festivities and ceremonies have taken a back seat and the human interactions are taking place in sectors which are only mandatory. However, festivities and ceremonies to have their own significance and we just can’t turn a blind eye to them and sit back. So, in order to keep them going, we have to perform them in restricted ways in order that they don’t become a luxury. So, there too, if certain norms are followed, it’s safe to say that things don’t get out of control. Wedding industry to has taken a toll and it’s an obvious thing. So, weddings, if at all are to be performed, needs to have certain things in place. Thus, People are now going to intimate weddings.

An intimate wedding is now becoming a go-to option as it observes the norms that are to be obeyed in the current Coronavirus pandemic scenario.  An intimate wedding is now becoming a go-to option as it observes the norms that are to be obeyed in the current Coronavirus pandemic scenario. So, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata are here to guide their clients as to how to shoot an intimate wedding so that it seamlessly merges into being called a wedding photoshoot.

Going casual – Everybody understands the sensitivity of the situation and thus, it is better if everyone adjusts, especially the photographers. They must not impose anything on the couple and must resort to candid wedding photography. The shoot must be in keeping with the homely ambience and thus, the shoot must happen in such a way that it doesn’t look like a shoot but just a casual set of clicks so the that the couple doesn’t need to adjust for the pose-coordination. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata go by just that.

Proper communication – An alternative to being casual is that you sit with the couple before the ceremony and ask what they want. It’s given that they would not be able to come up with something the professional models do. But, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata must make the pose-coordination happen in such a way that they don’t have to act. Like, one can leaf through the pages of their family album and ask the couples to re-create something that has happened before. Like, re-creating the poses, the memories. This way, the couple might feel free and the wedding photoshoot may not look as of they are imposed.

Understanding the pulse – During the pressing times like these, it’s sometimes obvious that the photographers might have to play multiple roles. By multiple roles, it is meant that they might have to play extra roles of event planners and what not. With an economic crunch going on everywhere, it is obvious that the clients might want to keep things small in terms of arrangements and it rests assured that the best wedding photographers in Kolkata might have to play more that one role. So, they must understand the pulse and talk it out as to what the clients are actually looking for.

Improvisation – It goes without saying that the conditions are unusual and thus the wedding photoshoot will not happen in a professional way like in the olden days. So, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata must have the skills to improvise so that the strangeness of the current scenario doesn’t show up in the shoots. The best wedding photographers must have the skills and confidence that they can seamlessly slip into the new normal.

Proper support – With the new normal creeping into our lives, you have to prepare for the worst. So, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata must have proper backing in terms of resources like camera and entourage lest something worst should happen. So, it is always useful that the team is prepared for the worst and should be able to back themselves up in case of emergency. So, it is a pre-requisite that the team must have proper resources and man power to back themselves in case all hell breaks loose.

Intimacy – It’s easier to interact and get into the skin of the situation if the photographers tend to familiarize themselves with the family and the emotion of the whole situation. Only then, will the best wedding photographers in Kolkata be able to be one with the clients and remove the cloak of professionalism? It is only then the photographers will be able to shoot something that is in keeping with the sensitivity of the whole situation and the outcome will be an endearing one.

Scheduling – It is necessary that the photographers and all the entourage know the timings of all events and be ready beforehand. As the situation is sensitive, the client may not want to waste time or mince words. So, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata are expected that they be at their professional best in terms of timing of the wedding photoshoot.

In the know – The teams must be kept coordinated with all the nitpickies of the event so that they don’t lag behind. They have to be on their toes and consider things like in emergency situations. They must know the ‘wheres and whats’ of the event so that they don’t miss out on the intricate things. Like, the location of the groom or the exact place of the wedding. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata are expected to do so.

Trust – There has to be proper trust among the team members as well as in the clients as to the fact that they will be able to pull off the wedding photoshoot. It is not easy for anybody in these trying times so the team and the clients have to accept that and move forward. The team of photographers must know their strengths and weaknesses and play their roles accordingly. So proper trust in individuals may do the trick.

Proper care – Care must be taken in order to handle the photos and also at the time of delivery. It is an obvious thing but it needs mentioning because of the fact that the scenario we are in is extremely pressing and the team of photographers may find it difficult to deliver the photos within their usual timings. So, proper care and communication are necessary.

So, it is expected that this serves as a proper guide as to what should be kept in mind while shooting an intimate wedding photoshoot. The key is to enjoy and be a part of the inner circle in order to understand the pulse of the clients. In addition to that, it goes without saying that all the basic health kits are to be and the health norms are to be followed while the shoot is going on.