Corona Virus has been the talking point all around the world and that is rightly so. People are terrified of the amount of danger it has posed in the recent past. It has attacked thousands and has been fatal to people with low immunity in the likes of little babies and the aged.

Corona Virus or Covid 19 had its inception in the labs of China and then it spread its radar all around the world. Italy has been a major victim after China and then it spread to Italy killing thousands. Spain, Germany, UK and USA have been leading the list.

This has called for emergency and people have been sent to isolation and quarantine. The impact of Corona Virus or Covid 19 has been such that it has been declared as a global threat and a pandemic. Since it is spread through direct contact, direct contact has been restricted all over the world and transportation too has been under the scanner. Airlines, rail transport and other forms of movements have been held under the magnifying glass and is constantly monitored.

It is said that Corona Virus or Covid 19 can spread through gatherings and foreign intrusions. That is the reason why most of the major cities are under lockdown and transport facilities have been stalled. People are strictly prohibited from going out and thus barring from the emergency facilities, all the provisions have been put to a halt and thus, everything is being held under a curfew. Since the activities are practically stopped, a number of industries are now being affected as far as their business is concerned. One of the many industries is Wedding allied industry. Wedding allied industry includes the industries that concerns wedding and everything relating to it.

A wedding ceremony is something that is not only about tying the knot and coming together of two families it’s something that involves arranging for clothes, food, ambience, location and a lot of other stuffs. The ones who were planning to get hitched in the months of March and April and naturally going through a tough time now as they have to be in isolation and in quarantine. With the Corona Virus or Covid 19 coming at you at this rate, there is no hope of normalcy.

Let’s speak certain instances so that things become easier to understand.

  • Wedding allied industry involves the dressmaking industry as well. This involves both the Bridal wear and the Groom wear. Since all the wedding programmes are getting postponed, the labours working in such industries are getting affected. The labour class workers are the backbones of any industry and in case of dressmakers for both bridal wear and groom wear, the labour class people are now either out of work or under zero pay, thus it becomes difficult for such sector of business to carry on with its work. It is surely a time where nothing can be done and it always beneficial to stay indoors, but money is the crux of any kind of business and it must keep on flowing. So, in this kind of a sorry state created by Corona Virus alias Covid 19, the industry is getting affected. For a dress to be made in entirety, a lot of different things for bridal wear and groom wear are required and those things might get imported from different parts of the planet. Since any kind of movement is restricted nowadays, the whole process has come to a halt.
  • Since the wedding is an event of mass gatherings, it is highly recommended these days that the gatherings should be avoided at any cost and thus weddings are getting postponed. Wedding allied industry involves event managers and event management companies that arrange everything that involves the whole event. They do the wedding planning right from the scratch. Since, in troubled times courtesy Covid 19 or Corona Virus infection where people are preferring to go for isolation and quarantine, a wedding is not recommended, any event management company will bite the dust. Wedding planning is a difficult job as one has to keep in mind the budget, the location, personal choices of the families, the themes and props available and many intricate details. Event management companies run with a deep hierarchy and thus, a postponed or cancelled wedding might cost them a lot. So, the planner and the manager who does the wedding planning is in a fix currently.
  • Since Corona Virus or Covid 19 is moving places at a fast rate, a destination wedding is strictly prohibited. In such an event where gatherings are something you can’t do away with, it’s recommended that a wedding is stalled. For a wedding venue such as a resort, a palace, a hall or a simple locale, it becomes really difficult for them to carry on with their business. A wedding venue has to be booked beforehand in order to get hold of it. At a time when a simple human movement is held under the scanner, the wedding venue will also lose its money flow and thus the allied industry gets affected in this sector as well.
  • Caterers are an integral part of a wedding function. With all the weddings either getting cancelled or postponed, the food industry, precisely the catering industry that arrange food for such events are now running at a loss. Catering companies to have labours who are financially not strong enough and thus look forward to such events. With the wedding bells closing down, it becomes really tough for them to deal with the unusual situation created by Covid 19 or the Corona Virus.
  • Wedding photography industry these days has been the frontrunner and a significant earner as far as the wedding allied industry is concerned. Wedding photographers in India, as well as the professional wedding photographers in India, are having a gala time in the recent past with their popularities at the peak. With pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding photoshoots and the post-wedding ones, they are always kept busy. But with people going into isolation and quarantine, it is extremely difficult to keep up with this unusual turn of events as created by Corona Virus AKA Covid 19. The wedding photographers in India and the professional wedding photographers in India are trying their best to keep the wedding photography industry going seamlessly. They are keeping in touch with the clients, assuring them that the actions will resume once normalcy is restored. They are constantly going online and keeping everyone updated as far as their work is concerned and holding indoor sessions, be it photoshoots or interactive ones and taking advanced bookings for later. This is how they are doing their best to keep the wedding photography industry going.


Wedding allied industry is a huge term and demands lots of investment, time and involvement for implementation as wedding ceremonies have always been an integral part of Indian society. The wedding photographers in India and the professional wedding photographers in India who comprise the wedding photography domain in India and the wedding allied industry, on the whole, are trying their best to keep things as it is such work can be resumed as soon as the Corona Virus or Covid 19 fiasco is done away with.