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Weddings, it’s the biggest deal in Indian society and culture. Eventually, two people come together in holy matrimony to spend their whole life with each other. They dream about having a perfect family filled with happiness and joy and peace. it’s the biggest celebration for everyone whether it’s for the bride and groom’s parents, their siblings, friends, relatives and mostly for the bride and groom. But for one person the whole concept of a wedding is like a dream coming true and that person is the bride. She from her childhood to her teenage life to her adulthood dreamt about her wedding with different maturity levels indeed, but its always about her fairytale wedding.

Thinking of wedding, the first thing that comes to the mind of the bride is her looks for different rituals her dresses, her jewellery, her makeup and accessories, her shoes everything create a completely different setting for different rituals and it also affects her wedding photography and cinematography hugely. best wedding photographers of Kolkata always try to suggest the best bridal trousseau for the bride according to her tradition, preferences and mood which enhance her happy looks in her photographers which she will cherish for her whole life with her husband.

In India gold and diamond pieces of jewellery are the main components of the bridal trousseau, it doesn’t matter of which culture the bride is from its customary everywhere. We have some guidelines to decrease your pressure a little bit.

There is nothing more authentic and charming their wearing heirloom pieces .it can be not so much of your taste or maybe too much for you but nothing is too much in a wedding and what can be more special for you than wearing your mom’s or grandmother’s jewellery and starting your new life.

We all know the phrase “ diamonds are girl’s best friend “ it’s sure is ! but traditionally gold is in the highest position to enhance your look to its utmost can look as royal as a queen and as beautiful as it can get in your special day.

You might be thinking why we are discussing about jewellery first and not dresses. Always remember, it will be a huge mistake to buy jewellery based on the idea of your dress. you will wear your pieces of jewellery more than your bridal dress. so focus on your style statement and buy jewellery accordingly and move onto your saree, gowns, lehengas!

As a new bride to be every girl wants to create a self-styled bridal trousseau according to her statement. so here are a complete list of jewellery and dresses according to their traditional names for brides of different culture.


Jewellery :

  • Sonar mukut … crown
  • Tikli …… tiara
  • Nolok….nose ring
  • Kaan Bala, Kaan pasha, jhumko ….. earring
  • Chic…….choker
  • Saath Noli har …..layered necklace
  • Ratnachur ….hand trinket
  • Chur, Bala….. bangles
  • Sakha, pola, noa …. The bridal bangles only worn by Bengali brides
  • Nupur …….. anklet

Dress :

Bengali brides love to wear gorgeous traditional Bengali sarees in their rituals and obviously the scarlet red benarasi saree for the wedding ritual which makes them look like a goddess.


Jewellery :

They wear a complete set of head charms, necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose ring, kamarbandhs and anklets of heavy designs and of different kinds like,

  • Diamond jewellery
  • Mango Mala
  • Naksi and temple jewellery
  • Polki diamond jewellery
  • Antique gold jewellery
  • Guttapusalu haram/pearls necklace
  • Pacchi jewellery
  • Kundan jewellery
  • kasu haram / kasulaperu


They like Bengali brides, love to wear gorgeous kanjeevaram silks and many other silks saree for every ritual and the colours depend on their personal preferences.


Jewellery :

The brides wear gold, silver and diamond pieces of jewellery studded with semi-precious stones.

  • kundalas … earring
  • anklets … nupura
  • dekdaman … headpiece
  • necklace

Dress :

 they wear gorgeous lehengas for their rituals.

the complete looks of every bride is planned by the bride themselves with their best friends and sisters from two and three months or more before the wedding. so a lot of changes can come afterwards but eventually, it stands out to be the best, which creates a different aura for the videos and photos taken by the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

the more the bride is dolled up, the more the photos can get improved. whatever the stature, culture or socio background is of the bride, every girl looks pretty in her wedding day as its one of the happiest day of her life, getting along with love of her life.

not always we need expensive dresses, jewellery or heavy makeups, what we need is peace at heart and smile on face, that can be captured by the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. the bridal trousseau is the added advantage which take it to its topmost level.

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Why canvera is the best choice for Photographers and wedding couples for their wedding albums


For the best  wedding photographers in Kolkata it’s the main objective to present the newly wedded couple the best memories as a collection which they can cherish for their whole life . for the newly wedded couples the abridgement of their wedding day memories is also a special thing that they wait for .so for both of the parties it is the most important thing, that is, wedding albums and for this CANVERA is the best option one could get .

CANVERA  is an establishment which is into mass production of photobooks. They are a well-known brand and the albums printed by them is known as canvera photobook .CANVERA,s design has been setting industry standards with their unparalleled expertise . Their upload to print process is seamless and extremely user friendly .a photographer can make use of it with minimum effort .They offer a series of design themes for designing wedding albums .

Main purpose

In the printing world, there is nothing canvera couldnot do. There is canvera print advantage for businesses . They can print anything you can name for example world class posters, fliers , leaflets, coffee table books.For life events, you can check out their Canvera Classifieds which is India’s largest photographers directory . you can find professional photographers over there according to location and budget and even can share your assignement where they can find you a perfect photographer that you need.

Company overview

CANVERA is a web-enabled photobook company that offers online photography and printing is a private company based out of Bangalore . They generates $13k revenue per employee. They have received a funding of total $18.9M . You can download their app named CANVERA APP from Google Play or the App Store and carry the photo printing app wherever you go.Canvera is a company which is Into mass printing of photobooks and they are well established brand and the photobook printed by canvera is known as canvera photobook .

Indian weddings are larger than life event , it’s a complete celebration by matter what is the standard of living , whatever society or backdrop it is , it is celebrated with utmost technology is in such a point where we can shoot a complete event with our phones only . DSLR cameras are a common household name nowadays  but still there is a good demand for professional photographers . you will be lucky enough if your wedding album got delivered in a  week or so. Some people get it after ages

Twelve years back there was no digital footprint in this country , marriages was important then also but it took four to five weeks to get delivered . the digital photography and availability of rapid services was waiting to get started .there were some old players trying to own the market but they lacked the intention of introducing new technologies .CANVERA saw this as a golden opportunity . the twelve-year-old Bangalore based startup got started with the intention of ruling this monopoly market .DHIRAJ KACKER and PEEYUSH RAI started this company in 2007 . it is now an online photography business provider which provides mass customised printed products and ecommerce solutions to best wedding photographers in kolkata. the company now has around 20,000 professional photographers in the country and it is now spread in 400 cities.

The business started to flourish as their core belief was always in technology ,over the years canvera introduced new kinds of photobooks , albums , with different paper options and choices .

Meanwhile canvera is creating new options and choices for both clients and wedding photogarphers in Kolkata which is helping both the sides equally .so opting for canvera for wedding album is the best thing for both the photogarphers for their business and for the soon to be married couples to relive their happiest day forever.

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How to plan your budget for wedding photography during this economic recession


Every bride and groom especially the bride have lots of wishes and pictures in her mind about her dream wedding with her loved one .she wants it to be flawless .not only her, her parents also wants to give their princess a perfect and splendid wedding of her life with everything they have. but the only peril for that is our present economy, which is in recession and which hike the prices so much that it becomes tough for some people.

planning a wedding is tough stuff. unless you have a bulk of income.pile on a recession, sky high fuel costs, scarce job markets and less than savoury housing situation and you have got a full-scale wedding budgeting nightmare .a majority of the monetary strain on bridegroom and their families seems to come from either a lack of employment or fear of an impending layoff .job security is a hot topic right now whether you are planning a wedding or not.even if someone is rolling in wealth and have no issues with spending more to have their dream wedding they have a guilt trip as its an extra pressure on their parents as sometimes our parents aren’t any better off than us.we know that our parents struggle in general and we wouldn’t expect them to give over more than they have .

Amidst of every important things for  a wedding like venue, lights , flowers, food, dresses and all the ritualistic pieces  there is one thing the family misses out and that is a good wedding photographer .they want everything perfect but they don’t want to spend more for a wedding photographer but they expect them to give  their best this economic crisis as prices of the stuff hike up so does the wedding photographer’s cost .he also have to arrange stuff where he cant do cost-cutting and that too for your own good. if they use cheap products for your budget then the memory you wanted to store for your life will be a blunder.

You can do cost-cutting in lights, in flowers, in decorations even in venues. a cheap venue also can be beautified by simple and creative designing and if you want a perfect dream wedding while staying in budget, you can come up with many cost-cutting which will not affect your wedding but don’t do cost-cutting in wedding photographers.if you just go for any cheap wedding photographer in Kolkata ,it will hamper your wedding photos and videos which is uncorrectable .

Those who are employed full time in photography might experience recession differently from freelancer or small business wedding photographers in Kolkata. but employed photographers and photo editors also need to prepare for the possibility of being laid off in this recession a strong economic stature also decent photography is somewhat hard to find.when  recession hits ,one of the first things to be cut from a wedding photography company’s budget is luxury.depending on the inflation structure both clients and the photographers had to spend according to their survival .the underpaid professional photography includes wedding photographers and small business photographers and sadly this doesn’t stop here.

Now for the wedding photographers in Kolkata,

If you are worried about the bookings and seeking ways to make your business inflation-proof then you can start off by removing one thing: your photos.yes, you heard it right .the photos are not exactly what differentiate two photographers, it’s the stuff that you are selling to the clients according to their money.

Photography buyers, even sophisticated ones, evaluate a photographer worth based on factors other than the pictures .because anyone can take a picture, right ? in the case of a wedding couple, providing CDs with all the images and a copyright release might be more valuable to them than a wedding album nowadays.

Here are four ways for creating perceived value in the market where you work .by concentrating on these more you can differentiate your business from others.

  1. Be a resource
  2. Treat other business owners as clients
  3. Care about your clients
  4. Market consistently over time.

These tips are all to help you grow your business .by caring and marketing for your clients your business community and other business owners of your market will start to build a group of people who are loyal to your business.

All these ways will take time obviously, your business will not shine overnight but in times like these, the clients will care more about what they get than the artistry of the pictures you make and it’s the surest path through recession.

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Why and how to choose the best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata for UP-Bihar & Marwari community weddings.

wedding photography

In Kolkata there are people of all cultures ,communities and when it comes to weddings we can see a whole lot of new rituals and traditions and can be a part of it .likewise in Marwari community and UP Bihar community we can see a whole lot of rituals which are completely different from each other like their community itself but the central idea stays the same that is the union of two happy souls . best wedding photographers in Kolkata gives their best to create a fairytale wedding for the newly wedded couples of these communities to cherish for their whole lives.


A Bihari wedding is very colourful and vibrant on its own. They love their weddings rustic and traditional.they have a chain of rituals that they celebrate with the soon to be married couple .a typical up Bihari wedding have pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding rituals which are very interesting and quite unusual.

1.Satya Narayan Katha

It’s a puja organised by the bride’s family and all family friends and the groom’s family take part in is a prayer service and a lamp or Diya is lit which remains lit for the whole duration of the marriage.

  1. Cheka

It’s an official engagement ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings and gifts or first happens in the bride’s place and on the next day the same ritual takes place in the groom’s place which is known as Cheka.

3.Haldi kutai

The Haldi ceremony which follows the Cheka .all the married women of groom’s family make a turmeric paste and send it to the bride which is applied to her body and while this takes place the women of the bride’s family sing and danced to their folk songs.

  1. Tilak

In this ritual, the brides’ brother visits the groom’s house with a tilak thaal and this shows that the bride’s family has accepted the alliance. the brother applies tilak on the groom’s forehead and gives him gifts of clothes, jewellery and clothes to celebrate the ritual. the bride’s family gives the Haldi paste and groom’s marriage day outfit and the groom’s family gives him the gold Nath, bridal clothes and maang tikka for the bride and send him off after a grand meal.

5.Haldi ritual

The groom’s family apply the Haldi paste send by the bride’s family on the groom .the married women take part in this ritual.

  1. Dhritdhaari and matripooja

The parents of both bride and groom celebrate this ritual together to seek blessings of their departed ancestors .they offer clothes or money knows as paunpooji to ask forgiveness from their ancestors and also offered to the elders of the family.

7.Silpoha and imli ghutai

Silpoha ceremony is the rice grinding ritual which is done as the sun comes out on the marriage day .the groom’s mother wraps the rice in a churni and then grinds it on a silbatta. imli ghutai is done to ward off the evil eye.

8.Paricchavan ritual

On the wedding day, the groom’s mother performs paricchavan or aarti .the whole ritual takes place before the baratis take off.

9.Jaimalaand galsedi

The exchange of garlands between bride and groom is called jaimala and it takes place at the mandap .the galsedi ritual is conducted by the married women and the bride’s mother after the exchange of garlands.they heat up the betel leaves in a lamp and burn it to ashes .this ash is smeared on the groom’s face and cow dung is thrown behind the groom.

10.Kangnabandhana and kanyadaan

In this ritual the priest ties bracelets on both bride and groom’s hand .there stay a barber who cuts the toenails and fingernails of the couple at the mandap .after this the bride’s parents give away the bride to the groom which is known as kanyadaan.

11.Bhaisur nirakshan, kuldevtaki puja and pheras

In this ritual, the bride is gifted with saris, jewellery, lehengas by her father in law and her brother in law. after this the couple prays to the family deity or kuldevta then the pheras are done around the sacred fire.


The elders of the family shower cash and gifts on the groom and then he leaves with his bride to his house.this is vidaai.the bride’s brother escorts the newly married couple to the decorated car and takes them home.


Swagat ritual is done to welcome the newly wedded couple at the groom’s place.puja is done and parents shower rice and flower on them. a copper vessel filled with rice along with a plate of Alta and two cane baskets are placed at the entrance .the bride pushes the vessel with her right foot and then she steps on the aalta mooh, dikhai the bride is given money, a pair of gold bangles and other gifts from her in-laws .after that Satyanarayana puja takes place for a successful up Bihari wedding.

Marwari community

the Marwari community is completely different from the above community but it’s not at all less in any vibrancy and all other Indian weddings, this is also celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and grandeur.they have some interesting and fun rituals which show Marwari authenticity and cultural richness.

1.Nandi Ganesh puja

This is a prayer service for lord Ganesh and the family dieties and asks for their is hoped that any celebration or ceremonies should be started by the puja of Lord Ganesh for prosperity and success.

2.Mudda tikka

This is the engagement ceremony where the family of the groom visit the bride’s family with gifts and items for the puja. then the exchange of rings takes place.

3.Ladies sangeet

This is a fun ceremony which happens on the day of mudda tikka or one or two days before the wedding. the brides get dressed up and sit on a chowki or tool and all the ladies of her family and her in-laws family assemble around her . they all sing and dance to popular Bollywood songs and also on their folk’s a complete entertaining ritual and it eases out the relationship of both the families.


Mehendi is also a very blissful ceremony for the ladies especially for the friends and cousins of the bride .henna dye is applied on the hands and feet of the bride and also the other ladies .mehendi is a sign of happiness, profusion and fulfilment in the lives of the women.


A havan is a ritual where a fire is lit and offerings are made into it like ghee and other sacred things, while priests chant mantras for the success of the marriage and well being of the bride and groom


The groom’s family has to carry a decorated ceremonial umbrella, a sword, two-floor cushions, garlands and paan to the wedding venue while the groom leads the procession on a decorated mare .the relatives and the friends of the groom dance and sing while going to the marriage venue


The exchange of garlands after the barati is welcomed by the bride’s family took place, where the bride and groom exchange their malas or garlands.


This is a ritual where a cloth tied around the waist of the groom is tied to the end of the veil of the bride .then its put on the shoulder of the groom which signifies the two have become one.


In this ritual, the bride’s father hands her over to the groom and asks him to take her responsibility.

10.Saptapadi or phere

The bride and the groom go around the holy wedding pyre seven times.the first 3 rounds bride leads and the next four is led by the groom.

11.Sumangalika –sindoor daan

After the pheras, the groom puts vermillon on the forehead of the bride. the sindoor is the biggest sign of the marital status of a woman .this are the ending and the most important ritual of the wedding.

12.Vidai paharavni

After all the small rituals the bride bid farewell to her beloved family teary-eyed and move on with her newly wedded husband to start a new journey of life.

Both of the above communities are of two poles in their culture in their rituals in their traditions but one thing stays similar in every wedding of any culture that is the starting of the journey of two people who are in love.most of the Marwari or up Bihari families wanted photographers of their communities as they hoped for people who can understand and are well accustomed with their rituals and traditions. Staying in Kolkata it is not always possible for them to find a perfect Marwari or Bihari photographers for their event. Best wedding photographers in Kolkata are comfortable enough to make each and every ritual of both the communities in their style which will have the essence of the culture.they will give each and every couple of whatever community they belong from, a perfect wedding memoir which they can cherish forever. best wedding photographers in Kolkata are aware of the ritual variations of each community so they can capture every special and memorable moment from any rituals to create an amalgamation of every event.

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Every bride and groom in the world always dreamt of a perfect wedding according to their characters and likings for at least once. they want to capture each and  every moment of the special day which they will cherish for their whole lives with their loved one . for these, they have wedding photographers in Kolkata who can store all these extraordinary moments and gift it to the newly married couple as a present of their lifetime.but there are other ways by which they can create a complete cinematic  film of the whole ceremony which will restore the moments in such a way that the happy couple can live their wedding day for each and every days of their lives.

Now, what is a cinematic wedding film you may ask? A CINEMATIC WEDDING FILM  is a storytelling film because they are shooting to tell a love story not just a document of every single clip of your wedding day .they will make you feel like a damsel in distress to be saved and united by your knight in shining armour that you always dreamt of. well, nowadays most of the brides don’t want to be a saved by anyone rather she wants to be loved more by her prince, so no need to worry you can give your opinions and preferences to the wedding photographers in Kolkata and they will give the best cinematic wedding film created for you.

Now you may be thinking about hiring a wedding cinematographer, but you have a lot to know about it first. firstly,  do you want to capture the whole ceremony or just one day, you want a chronological arrangement of each and every ritual of the ceremony or an amalgamation of different parts of the ceremonies mixed together. with different video styles,  personality traits and working choices you have to be sure about your cinematographer who checks all your demand.

These are some traits that you can look for in a pro cinematographer:

  1. Whose style aligns with the bride and groom
  2. A cinematographer who can work well with the photographer
  3. A professional who knows her/his boundaries
  4. A person with a calm attitude
  5. Someone who can plan in order
  6. Who has a good recommendation and good reviews?
  7. A person who is clear about what he will deliver and in what time


The art of editing wedding films begins with and ends with the expertise of cinematic create a film of a complete ceremony is not a joke , it needs proper skill, perfect types of equipment and correct knowledge about the editing of the videos and clips which is the most integral part for creating  a cinematic wedding film .for getting into practical editing techniques for wedding film we have to briefly understand the editing theory and must improve any editor’s  practical editing skills. nowadays considering the trend of wedding films becoming more cinematic some simple formulas can help to create a wedding cinematic film by techniques exercised in editing.

In any video or film, there are two basic practical constituents: images and audio. With these practical constituents there are two abstract essentials too : pacing and tone.these four essentials are the main components of cinematic storytelling and are vital for any editor to understand .this special occasion Is just one occurrence where families are built around the all central story that you are being asked to deliver .wedding videos, the souvenir of a lifetime, assistance  from this formula colossally if considered and utilized by a skilled editor in post.

There are four techniques an editor can follow:






Vignettes, masking and mattes in your software’s terms are built upon similar coding but are used for diverse effects. vignettes provide subtly deepened borders .they focus our consideration, add a longing tone, or look like classic vintage film. While they are possibly the corniest and cliche in wedding effects, we still recommend their use .masks and mattes are applied to remove unwanted features or to create the desired shallow depth of field look. colour grading and colour correction can be used interchangeably .both are absolute essences in wedding video editing.raw video may look fine but the passionately charged look of colour graded shots can be nothing short of amazing .black and white or sepia hues add a classic vintage look. outdoor weddings with a warm red-yellow colour pass become more relaxed and warm like a summery afternoon. lighting effects like lens flares, spotlights and flashes can easily be added to mimic lighting conditions not present in the initial wedding creates mood, emotion and tone .the flashes, lens flares and the virtual spotlight add a theatrical conclusion.

Wedding stories are the exclusion to the spoiler alert rule.we not only want to know the wedding story ends blissfully, we expect it to. The bride and groom as crucial viewers have paid for no wonders, a happy ending . a happy ending every time is beneficial for business.necessity  for an accomplished cinematographer and editor is now greater than ever. Wedding photographers of Kolkata shot and edit this romantic event on time and cinematically which offers happy returns to not only the happy couple but the wedding cinematographer and editor as well.

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How online marketing has changed the wedding photography business trends in Kolkata

wedding photography

Wedding photographers in Kolkata lie and die by whether or not they can book clients and not just any clients, their ideal clients which help to make taking wedding photos a cool experience that can pay the bills. When setting up your own photography business, it is important to be serious about what kind of client you want to work for and direct all of your advertising attention to enticing these types of people. The best photographs come from being able to form a connection with the people you work with and as long as you have the technical image taking skills to go along with it – photography is a fairly easy thing .we feel that we have a valuable voice in the world of marketing photography services because we have seen great attainment in our first year of booking clients and have learned much in the process as well.

Nowadays the online sector has been the most popular platform for the best wedding photographers in Kolkata where there are ample prospects for the marketing of any kinds of business whether its huge or small. There are many good options for the marketing online which changed the wedding photography business trends in Kolkata.

Ways how can one use online marketing to give a company a new dimension :


Social media has its place when it comes to marketing your wedding photography business. There is a lot of inherent value and FACEBOOK is prime real estate for representing your brand in the online world and capturing the consideration of potential new clients. There are several ways to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool, so let’s take a look below:

  • Facebook Ads

One of the obvious options is running a paid advertisement on Facebook. Through this system, you can directly target even the most niche people.

  • Post photos and tag your clients

One of the best ways to use Facebook is to simply post photos from your recent sessions and wedding .Tagging your client in the images will allow them to sneak peeks of your work ,and will disclose your photograph to their friends + family FB as well.

  • Make a best of folder ,and tag all of your clients

Keeping your facebook account organized will make it easier for approaching clients to look through your work . one simple way to help accelerate this is to make a best of folder.This could be broken down by year if you have been in the business for a while .Only include the absolute best,and remember to tag all of the clients again.


  • Share posts on your personal account

One easy way to expand the net of who is seeing your posts is to share your business page posts  on your personal account .


INSTAGRAM is really by design made for sharing photography. A large portion of our bookings come from simply posting and experimenting with hastags like Best wedding photographers in Kolkata,Pre wedding photographers in Kolkata, Wedding photographers in Kolkata etc.Some of our favourite clients found us in this way .Instagram is another way to expose your brand share only the best pictures you have ,and  look to  create an uniform image feed so when someone new stumbles upon your work they can get an immediate sense of your photography style .In addition to the regular uploading of photos which again should be the best and highest quality ones you have ,you should take advantage of instagram stories to update regularly in  between your main updates .it is common for us to upload lower resolution images just to showcase what we are currently doing .it provides an ability to provide a more immediate social media update without the pressure to keeping your image feed standardized with your best work.


There are many platforms that have been designed to allow you to control all of your social media accounts from one central hub and schedule posts .This has a lot of potential to be useful .There is a substantial time investment to earn how to properly use these tools ,and produce all of the posts to be scheduled weeks or months in advance .one thing to keep in mind if you do decide to automate some of your posting is to still retain some personality .our fear with automation is that it can lead to producing content that is a bit robotic or inauthentic ,which is not a good trade off for more content .


The best way to control the look, feel and message of your brand online is through your own website .if you do not have one yet, it is absolutely time to set one up. there are many great web hosts out there depending on how much time and money you have to dedicate to creating a web presence. Some of the sites where we can create the websites are GoDaddy.


Going along with your photography business website, it is important to regularly update your website. Pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata are consistently working to refine this process ourselves and admittedly it can be challenging, especially when shooting a lot of sessions and weddings and editing photos non stop all week .still it is important and a critical piece of marketing your business .the way we envision website content and the act of blogging is that they are broken down into different categories:

  • Staple content: these are pieces of content meant to be unchanging on your site. These pieces are often quite long (2000+ words) , really drive home an important topic and tend to take a lot of time to could consider our wedding photo creators page to be a staple piece of content .
  • Sales content: the next type of content that usually requires a little less time are those articles specifically designed to sell something .while the word “ sales “ can sound a bit frightening ,it is really the major component of running a successful photography business.the sales content we will discuss can be broken down into two categories:

Selling your services – producing blog content to sell your own services is invaluable .a simple type of this content is news when you are booking for a new year of weddings , or letting people know that you are setting up mini sessions for the holiday season. This type of content can run the gamut between long and indispensable ,to short and quick update blurbs.

  • Personal /Brand building content : this is content that might not rank really high in search engines ,or immediately drive sales ,but will help your website to stay current with new updates and will allow you to add more of yourself into your brand.have a section of your blog dedicated to just spilling out updates about your personal and professional life.hopefully its obvious but only share personal things that you would want shared with your target audience and general public as a whole .

The sky is the limit with blogging and it really is what you make of it.another important element is also how all these content can be shared with your social media networks,thus introducing new content there too.


Search engine optimization or SEO  is very important to long term success in marketing your brand online .every search engine is built around algorithms that determine how content is displayed and where different websites and web pages rank.these algorithms take into account the keywords used in article – in the headers ,the body of the text ,the images file names ets and can make or break wether your content is found by prospective clients when searching for photographers in your area .in the world of photography localized SEO is vey much appreciated.


One of the easiest ways to create some buzz for your business and attract potentially new clients is simply running a promotion like free add ons like a photo album ,discounts in services can post on facebook to share and like a post to be entered to win a free couple pre wedding shoot or wedding shoot. The hardest part about doing this is finding the balance where you are offering something a prospective client would want ,and where you are not taking a total loss on offering the service.for those just starting out ,this can be an excellent way to get in the door to build a portfolio .


Pinterest ,Inc is a social media web and mobile application company which operates a software system designed to enable discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images . it’s a free website that requires registration to use.users can upload ,save,sort and manage images known as pins and other media content through collections known as pinboards. It is a great platform for the wedding photographers in Kolkata to increase their popularity on a large scale and on a much bigger market.


No other website has much more worldwide video grip than YOUTUBE. This is a video sharing website which allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists,report,comment on videos and subscribe to other users .it offers a wide variety of user generated and corporate media videos . so if you create a channel of your own in youtube and regularly post all your events videos ,teasers ,behind the scenes clips and make it more accessible to the viewers and potential customers by showing them directly how you work they can rely more and get a clear idea of what hard work you had to put in every events you this golden time when youtube is at the peak of its popularity it is a great chance to get yourself on the world map of wedding photography.

Best wedding photographers in Kolkata will take advantage of all the avenues available to them.the in-person marketing that comes from making real connections with current clients, potential clients and other vendors and businesses in your area is vital in the photography industry and is complemented by internet marketing that comes with running your own website and keeping up with social media.


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When the world saw the very first photographer, the idea of being able to capture the world as we see it took off promptly. In a relatively short period of time,  film photography evolved from black and white to colour photography. From there, it made motion pictures possible, allowing us to see the world from our couches at home. When the first digital camera was invented little did the inventors know that it would later transfigure the world of photography and media in general. Today, billions of images are captured and shared between people and the number of image recording devices is growing at a rapid, unstoppable rate. There are cameras literally everywhere – in our mobile phones, homes , computers , cars and even in wearables like eyeglasses and watches.We trust these devices to give us a sights of reality ,acknowledged moments of time that we can go back to and review and yet with the fast growth ,ease of access and use of image and video manoeuvring tools . In Indian wedding photography we have been seeing more footage that can twist reality , whether we are looking at popular magazine covers ,internet sites or news media ,the imagery we see is getting harder and harder to trust , since it is being altered ,faked or staged .Media turned out to be a powerful tool to influence and exploite people ,which brings up the question and the importance of integrities in photography .Not only the adulteration in photography ,some photography companies do try to expand their fame by posting fake  online reviews to grab the attention of clients who are more comfortable of choosing best wedding photographers in kolkata for their big day by just reading the reviews . But they get tricked most of the time.

Now if you do some research and find some questions that are somewhat hard to answer ,that how can you save yourself from getting tricked by fake online reviews of photography companies ,best wedding photographers in Kolkata can create a set of ethical rules and  guidelines that should help photographers in indian wedding photography in determining whats acceptable and whats not.

Whether we are the CEO of the company or just an employee of the best wedding photographers in kolkata ,we work so hard to build up our business ,its status, and to gain positive client reviews.Its frustrating when someone attempts to ruin that hard work by leaving a fake review online,and in the age of “ fake news “ and sponsored reviews on Amazon ,this can be a big concern .

Word of mouth marketing (WOM)  is  a powerful asset in our line of work.Its gets people talking and today ,potential customers / clients are becoming more and more likely to trust an online review ( good or bad ) than the word of a brand .

Consumer studies have found that :

  1. 85% of consumer trust online reviews as much as personal references.
  2. 79% of consumers read a fake review in the last year ,but 84% cant always spot them.
  3. 94% were influenced by an online review to avoid the business .

That’s why its extremely important to take time to weed out fake reviews before they can harm our business .


Now we can think that we can understand how much it can affect our business in indian wedding photography  and even our  professional relationship with our client unintentionally . So we have to deal with it.We the WEDDING PHOTO CREATORS  ,wedding photographers in Kolkata can give you  5 simple tips about how to remain unaffected from fake online reviews and how to deal with them.

  1. DIFFERENTIATION OF THE FAKE ONES FROM THE REAL :We have to be able to differentiate between a fake review and a real review .
  2. VICIOUS REVIEW TONE: A genuine review ,even a negative one ,will usually use more moderate language.
  3. GENERAL OR NON SPECIFIC CRITICISMS: Authentic reviews usually provide specific information about the writer’s experience with a business.
  4. HIGHLY INFLATED POSITIVE REVIEWS BY THE SAME PERSON ON THE PROFILE OF ONE OF YOUR COMPETITORS : This could be a tell-tale sign that the reviewer is connected to the competitor .
  5. MULTIPLE POSITIVE REVIEWS OVER A VERY BRIEF SPAN OF TIME :This is a sure sign of a bogus reviewer looking to create promotional buzz.

After we have done identifying the fake reviews ,it is time to report it.

This are the important steps when dealing with the problem and getting it removed as quickly as possible.

Once we have reported it ,it is time to respond to the fake is very natural to feel angry and defensive about a review that isn’t true ,but responding while emotional can miscarry. So we have to give ourselves some time to calm down and formulate a professional reaction .Leaving a well thought out retort to a negative review can help us earn respect and restore our reputation with current and future customers/clients.People are often more likely to look at our reply than the review itself ,so it is important to respond.

Here’s some more tips about what to do while leaving a response:

1.MAINTAIN A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE : Show professionalism and restraint in the tone and nature of the response .

  1. SHARE THE PROBLEM WITH OUR FOLLOWERS: Its better to be transparent and get things out in the open.

3.BOUNCE BACK: After responding ,minimize  any possible damage by burying the fake review under a bunch of great ones.

The most important thing not to do is respond negatively .

Now after responding  it is also important to continue observing our reviews.we have to create a plan for how we are going to maintain and monitor these reviews on a more regular basis.

We the wedding photo creators, wedding photographers in Kolkata are very much loyal and dedicated to our customers /clients and we do our best to create a wonderful chain of moments from their fairytale wedding .So like any other wedding photographers in kolkata we don’t want to tarnish our earned reputation or get distrusted by some online fake reviews .So we have to stand against it professionaly and have to deal with it to keep working with all our efficiency.

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Pre Wedding shoot in Kolkata by Wedding Photo Creators and its exclusive Subjects.

pre wedding photography

In nowadays wedding the concept of photography has been changed. Wedding shoot is the cherish memories of the couples that is reflected by the photographs. Talking about wedding photographs, pre-wedding is the latest trend. It is a concept that the to be wed couples get a chance to create some precious moments which are going to their lifetime memories.

In Kolkata, we do pre-wedding in various places. Where vintage shoot in the heritage places is added extra flavour in our works. From Victoria memorial hall to holy Bagbazaar Ganga ghat we will serve the best wedding photographs in your album. Wedding Photo Creators has a commitment towards you to make memorable your pre-wedding moments.

  • VICTORIA MEMORIAL HALL: While in Kolkata, Victoria memorial hall is one of the finest display of British colonial architecture which is one of the best destinations for Pre-wedding Photography in Kolkata. Here are so many features to exploit creativity.
  • PRINCEP GHAT: Two kilometres stretch of the beautiful riverfront is what amplifies its photographic significance. Princep Ghat is the most preferred location by couples for the pre-wedding shoot. We Wedding Photo Creators believe that it is the best location to capture a couple in a romantic mood. It is a very classic location which has a combination of White Pillars of James Prince’s memorial statue, Railway tracks and bridge view, all in a single location. Best wedding photographers of Kolkata always has a soft corner for this location.
  • MAIDAN: From Hoogly in the west to Chowringhee and Park street in the east, Maidan is a huge urban park. This huge stretch of Greenline with lush greenery, tram tracks and statues make this place as a great location for Pre-wedding shoot. Especially at the time of Christmas, this place has the top preference for pre-wedding photographers. From St.Paul Cathedral to Allen park there’s a lot of options available for your shoot. Its Vastness is the reason why it’s one of the preferred locations for Kolkata based Wedding Photographers.
  • BIG BAZAAR MA-ER GHAT: Bagbazaar is the oldest part of Kolkata. It’s the place of royal Bengalee personalities. Ganga ghat of Bagbazaar is a very well place for Pre-wedding couple shoot. In the evening you can shoot your best shot along with Ganga Aarti which will add special flavour in your snaps. This calm place is always been a preferable location for Wedding Photographers.
  • HERITAGE BUILDINGS Of KOLKATA: Kolkata is also called City of Palaces as for a long time in the era of British Raj many Babu of Calcutta earned a lot of offerings from Company. These Heritage houses are a very interesting option for wedding photographers. Nowadays lots of pre-wedding shoots are taken place in these Heritage houses. Marble Palace of Raja Rajendra Roy is one of the finest destinations for a Couple shoot in Kolkata. The Ghosh Bari of Pathuriaghata is another heritage House with a good condition where you can capture loveable moments of pre-wedding Best photographers of Kolkata are very interested in these locations.

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Three Major Things to be Considered When You Book Your Wedding Photographer

kolkata-photographer (1)

In numerous blogs prior to this article, we have already discussed a few essential topics for the wedding families to consider before hiring any wedding photographer in Kolkata. In this era of aggressive digital marketing and promotions, every individual is showcasing his/her creative talent in various interactive media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to get some good business out of these activities. But in consumer point of view, you as a consumer will have to prioritize your intellect rather than your mind in a matter of taking conscious decisions on booking your photographer for your wedding. Today as wedding photographers in Kolkata, we will focus on the things which we want you to consider when you book your photographer.


Are you paying for some serious artwork or just for another candid wedding photography package?

Well, it’s very difficult for you to convince us as a potential connoisseur of artwork and photography that for what you’re paying for regarding the photography in your dream wedding. Now, first, you should have the clarity on your expectations. Candid wedding photography is just a name or a trend in modern days. We can bet that most of the people just do not understand the scope and features of true candid wedding photography. Hence if you think you have a budget of more than 1.5lacs for any standard wedding photography packages which includes the coverage of both side rituals, then you are advised to go for the actual artistic photographers rather than the self-proclaimed candid wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Do you believe in Google Rankings of the Photographers ensure their credibility in terms of deliverable?

Yes, in the modern business environment, particularly in show business we cannot overlook the importance of search engine activities to generate traffic for the websites. But that doesn’t mean that the highest position or rank holder is the best one to meet your expectations. Choose your photographer wisely. Go through the websites and social media presence and manage your time to sit with the photographers to understand their works.

Are you expecting a Wedding Story or Cinematic Wedding Video to be in your inbox within a very strict timeline of two months?

If as a client of a photographer in Kolkata, you’re expecting the above then we can ensure you that you’re not getting the best output or the best wedding video film as desired. Filming the moments, aerial cinematography and action shots are just a part of shooting the moments. The most important role in every wedding film is being played by the editors and their editing skills. The best wedding video is not all about the shots that the cinematographer has captured, it’s the editing of the video and the post-production that actually makes the difference.

Are you intervening too much into photographer’s job?

Please do not interfere in photographer’s job once you’re agreed with their and your terms and conditions before both of you’ve signed the terms of agreement paper or the mutual mail confirmations as once you’ve paid then it’s their responsibility to complete it with their creative skills and efforts.   


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Four Different Wedding Photography Types can be offered by Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

As with every popular photography alcove, wedding photography allows photographers to explore their imaginative freedom while seeking inspiration from others. This results in wedding photographers in Kolkata having several “distinct” styles, depending on their aimed purpose.

These paths are not strict standards followed by wedding photographers in Kolkata, especially since every style tends to be fused with other styles. But of course, it’s a good intention to understand them if you’re interested in becoming a wedding photographer in Kolkata and developing a unique style of your own.


Photojournalistic Wedding Photography:  A lot of imaginations and inventiveness are required for this wedding photography style, not to mention some essential skill in quickly adjusting camera settings, framing, and shooting as moments unravel around the photographer. Aside from that, photographers in Kolkata will have to blend in, sometimes with a telephoto lens to easily capture candid moments. The results are real and natural images that will evoke a flood of emotions.


Illustrative Wedding Photography: Often used for pre-wedding photography sessions, illustrative wedding photography places emphasis on the composition, lighting, and background. The couple is asked to pose in an often picturesque environment, which makes this style an interesting blend of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. Illustrative wedding photography demands some skill in landscape photography, as well as in the use of wide-angle lenses and sometimes even aerial view photography.


Natural Wedding Photography:  Natural wedding photography involves taking photos using innate light rather than with your camera flash or other artificial light sources. The result is obviously more expected, although it’s usually best for weddings in open area after sunrise and before sunset, or anytime in the day wherein the sun isn’t too grim so as to avoid shadows on the subjects’ faces. However, the photographer will have to be very skilled in dealing with shadows and other lighting obstacles. It’s usually best to use a bright lens with a wide aperture that allows more light in to achieve more well-exposed images for this type of captures. As long as you’re using the right white balance setting, the colour temperature of sunlight will instinctively result in warm photos and nice skin tones.


Fashion Wedding Photography: Also considered a type in itself, this wedding photography style focuses on showing off bridal fashion for commercial aspirations. However, we’ve seen this style cross over to a lot of actual wedding and engagement photos in recent years. With the use of lighting setups, trendy poses and expressions, and beautiful backgrounds, this style gives photographers opportunities to be imaginative and creative with their posed shots and for couples to be “models” for a day.

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