DIY Photo ideas

Well, to begin with, it is safe to say that any kind of art needs innovation and improvisation and it is a necessary basic thing in any kind of art. As for photography, DIY photos is all about impromptu ideas in order to get things done.

The improvisation in a session of wedding photography is just like any other aspect as it is extremely common. It’s true that pre-wedding shoot or any kind of wedding photography has various benchmarks set by some exemplary artists but that does not imply the fact that one has to stick to them. It’s up to the artist involved in wedding photoshoot or pre-wedding shoot whether to stick to traditions or improvise.

Most of the photographers go by the second option. With wedding photography gaining ground with every passing day, it is clear that the clients to are embracing out-of-the-box stuff as pre-wedding shoot or wedding photography were never in vogue in the olden days. It’s a millennial thing and it proves that the couples that are set to tie the knot, are also allowing things, not in tradition and making a part of it so that it is deemed a part of a tradition for the coming generation.


Wedding photos and pre-wedding photos are too special to the ones tying the knot as they hold the memories to cherish forever and thus this plays a huge role in the festivity. So, in order to enrich pre-wedding photoshoot or pre-wedding shoot, a lot of minds must come together and unleash their individual plethora of creativity in order to make wedding photography and pre-wedding photography a success. So, it evident that not always will someone stick to the boring basics and tradition and do things according to the traditional stuff. Thus, it is obvious that new, and unexplored avenues will come into play and that’s the best part of it.

So, then, Do It Yourself or DIY things come into play in case of wedding photography or pre-wedding shoot. DIY things are always fun in case of wedding photography and pre-wedding photoshoot as there are no strict rules and things look really candid once the final output is obtained. In order to make things more interesting, a photo booth can be introduced. But we need to know what a photo booth actually is. Traditionally speaking, a photo booth is basically a kiosk that serves a “studio” with proper lights and equipment to set the mood. Photobooth serves as perfect ways to do some easy but quick shoot with practically zero hassle.


A Photobooth for wedding photography or pre-wedding shoot will serve as great ways to perform wedding photography or pre-wedding photography with the guests and the couples in a way that would seem effortless yet beautiful that would take a place in the wedding or family album. A photo booth takes wedding photography and pre-wedding shoot to a different level. Provided that the photo booth is blessed with proper lightings, it’s a fun way to light up the whole ambience of the wedding.

Talking of photo booths, let’s talk about certain praiseworthy ideas for a photo booth that you yourself can come up with:

  • Use of cloths: One can simply use cloths in order to come up with something that is in keeping with the theme. Someone can make use of the cloths at the background of a particular colour such that it is suitable for wedding photography. For example, if a Cristian wedding is happening, it is known that white is the colour that is worn in the majority. So, white cloth with proper design can be used in the background. Thus, the colour has to be proper mainly for the theme of the wedding photoshoot and pre-wedding photoshoot. Moreover, a colour often accentuates the whole ambience, especially light. So, the choice of clothes with proper colour is a mandatory one.


  • Use of props: Besides cloths, one can use props in the likes of ribbons, laces, beads and other objects that are in keeping with the theme. There are no strict rules as such as to how to design the things as it’s all about creativity. Ribbons, laces, beads and stuff always mean a festivity as they are always used on such occasions. So, they are always a must-have when you are designing your own photobooth for wedding photography and pre-wedding shoot.


  • Use of blackboards: Chalkboards or blackboards symbolise innocence. It is in a way reminiscent of school days. Suppose, the couple set to tie the knot are school buddies. They are bound to have their own share of sweet memories. Just like the way friends would write fun things on a blackboard on the last day of school, one can come up with those school memories on the blackboard serving as the background of the photobooth. This is a fun way to amp up things in a session of wedding photography.


  • Fun character props: One can do funny cosplays and do makeups to play a character inside the photobooth. Let’s say, one can have props that his favourite TV character uses in his daily life. Maybe she has a thing for bushy moustache and thus she holds a moustache while clicking pictures. This is how wedding photography or a pre-wedding photoshoot session can be fun. The props are easy to make with cardboard sticks, colours and scissors. It’s always fun to keep things out of the box and simple. Try not to complicate things.


  • Using frames: This is also a fun way to keep things fun and simple. One can catch hold of unused or left out photo frames and pose with them as if your face fits in them. This might sound really silly but it’s actually not if proper wedding photography session is in order. It looks really sweet with the couples posing with the frames on. It’s moderately easy to catch hold of such frames or can be made with the help of cardboards and they make for proper and fun wedding photography or pre-wedding shoot.


  • Use symbols, direction and signs: Since this DIY, one can do one thing. Keep the props as it is and use a to-do list that is to be kept in front of the props. There will be step by step information like taking a particular prop, wear it and so on. This makes the wedding photography session even more fun. The ones who are in it, the attendees, couples and the photographer will have an extremely fun time shooting the whole thing.


  • Use of cut-outs: One can have cut-outs of the bride and the groom. We often see giant cut-outs of movie stars before his/her film releases and how the fans throng in front of them to click pictures. To make the photobooth attractive, one can come up with the cutouts of the bride and groom and the attendees can click pictures with them in the wedding photoshoot It may so happen that the wedding couples are busy attending the invitees and thus, are not available for photo sessions. Thus, it is a great idea to make up for their absence and moreover, it gives a feeling of what a star the couples actually are!


  • Be filmier: One can make the use of Chandelier. It is nothing but a dreamy setting with mirrors, furniture, glittery clothes and other props that gives a feel of how the couples are made in heaven. This can be a great idea for pre-wedding shoot and wedding photography. This would make for a great background in the photo booth and will find the best place in the wedding album. This will be a picturesque thing when clicked with proper lightings and angles.


  • Using polaroid cameras: Using of polaroid cameras can come handy. If the photographers involved in wedding photography have polaroid cameras, then nothing like it. The polaroid cameras will come up with the best of the scenes that are no less than cinematic. It is to be made sure that the photographers are prudent enough and have the experience to take the leap. The photobooth involved in must also have proper lightings and props to complement the calibre of a polaroid camera.


  • Using message boards: Photobooths can be decorated with various message boards that talk of life and how beautiful it is to spend the rest of the life with someone and complement each other. The messages can be written on chalkboard, paper and on billboards with beautiful calligraphy that would make wedding photography and pre-wedding shoot session a success.

Thus, for the success of the photo booth concept, the above-mentioned ideas can be kept in mind.