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Weddings, it’s the biggest deal in Indian society and culture. Eventually, two people come together in holy matrimony to spend their whole life with each other. They dream about having a perfect family filled with happiness and joy and peace. it’s the biggest celebration for everyone whether it’s for the bride and groom’s parents, their siblings, friends, relatives and mostly for the bride and groom. But for one person the whole concept of a wedding is like a dream coming true and that person is the bride. She from her childhood to her teenage life to her adulthood dreamt about her wedding with different maturity levels indeed, but its always about her fairytale wedding.

Thinking of wedding, the first thing that comes to the mind of the bride is her looks for different rituals her dresses, her jewellery, her makeup and accessories, her shoes everything create a completely different setting for different rituals and it also affects her wedding photography and cinematography hugely. best wedding photographers of Kolkata always try to suggest the best bridal trousseau for the bride according to her tradition, preferences and mood which enhance her happy looks in her photographers which she will cherish for her whole life with her husband.

In India gold and diamond pieces of jewellery are the main components of the bridal trousseau, it doesn’t matter of which culture the bride is from its customary everywhere. We have some guidelines to decrease your pressure a little bit.

There is nothing more authentic and charming their wearing heirloom pieces .it can be not so much of your taste or maybe too much for you but nothing is too much in a wedding and what can be more special for you than wearing your mom’s or grandmother’s jewellery and starting your new life.

We all know the phrase “ diamonds are girl’s best friend “ it’s sure is ! but traditionally gold is in the highest position to enhance your look to its utmost can look as royal as a queen and as beautiful as it can get in your special day.

You might be thinking why we are discussing about jewellery first and not dresses. Always remember, it will be a huge mistake to buy jewellery based on the idea of your dress. you will wear your pieces of jewellery more than your bridal dress. so focus on your style statement and buy jewellery accordingly and move onto your saree, gowns, lehengas!

As a new bride to be every girl wants to create a self-styled bridal trousseau according to her statement. so here are a complete list of jewellery and dresses according to their traditional names for brides of different culture.


Jewellery :

  • Sonar mukut … crown
  • Tikli …… tiara
  • Nolok….nose ring
  • Kaan Bala, Kaan pasha, jhumko ….. earring
  • Chic…….choker
  • Saath Noli har …..layered necklace
  • Ratnachur ….hand trinket
  • Chur, Bala….. bangles
  • Sakha, pola, noa …. The bridal bangles only worn by Bengali brides
  • Nupur …….. anklet

Dress :

Bengali brides love to wear gorgeous traditional Bengali sarees in their rituals and obviously the scarlet red benarasi saree for the wedding ritual which makes them look like a goddess.


Jewellery :

They wear a complete set of head charms, necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose ring, kamarbandhs and anklets of heavy designs and of different kinds like,

  • Diamond jewellery
  • Mango Mala
  • Naksi and temple jewellery
  • Polki diamond jewellery
  • Antique gold jewellery
  • Guttapusalu haram/pearls necklace
  • Pacchi jewellery
  • Kundan jewellery
  • kasu haram / kasulaperu


They like Bengali brides, love to wear gorgeous kanjeevaram silks and many other silks saree for every ritual and the colours depend on their personal preferences.


Jewellery :

The brides wear gold, silver and diamond pieces of jewellery studded with semi-precious stones.

  • kundalas … earring
  • anklets … nupura
  • dekdaman … headpiece
  • necklace

Dress :

 they wear gorgeous lehengas for their rituals.

the complete looks of every bride is planned by the bride themselves with their best friends and sisters from two and three months or more before the wedding. so a lot of changes can come afterwards but eventually, it stands out to be the best, which creates a different aura for the videos and photos taken by the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

the more the bride is dolled up, the more the photos can get improved. whatever the stature, culture or socio background is of the bride, every girl looks pretty in her wedding day as its one of the happiest day of her life, getting along with love of her life.

not always we need expensive dresses, jewellery or heavy makeups, what we need is peace at heart and smile on face, that can be captured by the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. the bridal trousseau is the added advantage which take it to its topmost level.