For the best  wedding photographers in Kolkata it’s the main objective to present the newly wedded couple the best memories as a collection which they can cherish for their whole life . for the newly wedded couples the abridgement of their wedding day memories is also a special thing that they wait for .so for both of the parties it is the most important thing, that is, wedding albums and for this CANVERA is the best option one could get .

CANVERA  is an establishment which is into mass production of photobooks. They are a well-known brand and the albums printed by them is known as canvera photobook .CANVERA,s design has been setting industry standards with their unparalleled expertise . Their upload to print process is seamless and extremely user friendly .a photographer can make use of it with minimum effort .They offer a series of design themes for designing wedding albums .

Main purpose

In the printing world, there is nothing canvera couldnot do. There is canvera print advantage for businesses . They can print anything you can name for example world class posters, fliers , leaflets, coffee table books.For life events, you can check out their Canvera Classifieds which is India’s largest photographers directory . you can find professional photographers over there according to location and budget and even can share your assignement where they can find you a perfect photographer that you need.

Company overview

CANVERA is a web-enabled photobook company that offers online photography and printing solutions.it is a private company based out of Bangalore . They generates $13k revenue per employee. They have received a funding of total $18.9M . You can download their app named CANVERA APP from Google Play or the App Store and carry the photo printing app wherever you go.Canvera is a company which is Into mass printing of photobooks and they are well established brand and the photobook printed by canvera is known as canvera photobook .

Indian weddings are larger than life event , it’s a complete celebration by itself.no matter what is the standard of living , whatever society or backdrop it is , it is celebrated with utmost grandeur.today technology is in such a point where we can shoot a complete event with our phones only . DSLR cameras are a common household name nowadays  but still there is a good demand for professional photographers . you will be lucky enough if your wedding album got delivered in a  week or so. Some people get it after ages

Twelve years back there was no digital footprint in this country , marriages was important then also but it took four to five weeks to get delivered . the digital photography and availability of rapid services was waiting to get started .there were some old players trying to own the market but they lacked the intention of introducing new technologies .CANVERA saw this as a golden opportunity . the twelve-year-old Bangalore based startup got started with the intention of ruling this monopoly market .DHIRAJ KACKER and PEEYUSH RAI started this company in 2007 . it is now an online photography business provider which provides mass customised printed products and ecommerce solutions to best wedding photographers in kolkata. the company now has around 20,000 professional photographers in the country and it is now spread in 400 cities.

The business started to flourish as their core belief was always in technology ,over the years canvera introduced new kinds of photobooks , albums , with different paper options and choices .

Meanwhile canvera is creating new options and choices for both clients and wedding photogarphers in Kolkata which is helping both the sides equally .so opting for canvera for wedding album is the best thing for both the photogarphers for their business and for the soon to be married couples to relive their happiest day forever.