Every bride and groom especially the bride have lots of wishes and pictures in her mind about her dream wedding with her loved one .she wants it to be flawless .not only her, her parents also wants to give their princess a perfect and splendid wedding of her life with everything they have. but the only peril for that is our present economy, which is in recession and which hike the prices so much that it becomes tough for some people.

planning a wedding is tough stuff. unless you have a bulk of income.pile on a recession, sky high fuel costs, scarce job markets and less than savoury housing situation and you have got a full-scale wedding budgeting nightmare .a majority of the monetary strain on bridegroom and their families seems to come from either a lack of employment or fear of an impending layoff .job security is a hot topic right now whether you are planning a wedding or not.even if someone is rolling in wealth and have no issues with spending more to have their dream wedding they have a guilt trip as its an extra pressure on their parents as sometimes our parents aren’t any better off than us.we know that our parents struggle in general and we wouldn’t expect them to give over more than they have .

Amidst of every important things for  a wedding like venue, lights , flowers, food, dresses and all the ritualistic pieces  there is one thing the family misses out and that is a good wedding photographer .they want everything perfect but they don’t want to spend more for a wedding photographer but they expect them to give  their best this economic crisis as prices of the stuff hike up so does the wedding photographer’s cost .he also have to arrange stuff where he cant do cost-cutting and that too for your own good. if they use cheap products for your budget then the memory you wanted to store for your life will be a blunder.

You can do cost-cutting in lights, in flowers, in decorations even in venues. a cheap venue also can be beautified by simple and creative designing and if you want a perfect dream wedding while staying in budget, you can come up with many cost-cutting which will not affect your wedding but don’t do cost-cutting in wedding photographers.if you just go for any cheap wedding photographer in Kolkata ,it will hamper your wedding photos and videos which is uncorrectable .

Those who are employed full time in photography might experience recession differently from freelancer or small business wedding photographers in Kolkata. but employed photographers and photo editors also need to prepare for the possibility of being laid off in this recession a strong economic stature also decent photography is somewhat hard to find.when  recession hits ,one of the first things to be cut from a wedding photography company’s budget is luxury.depending on the inflation structure both clients and the photographers had to spend according to their survival .the underpaid professional photography includes wedding photographers and small business photographers and sadly this doesn’t stop here.

Now for the wedding photographers in Kolkata,

If you are worried about the bookings and seeking ways to make your business inflation-proof then you can start off by removing one thing: your photos.yes, you heard it right .the photos are not exactly what differentiate two photographers, it’s the stuff that you are selling to the clients according to their money.

Photography buyers, even sophisticated ones, evaluate a photographer worth based on factors other than the pictures .because anyone can take a picture, right ? in the case of a wedding couple, providing CDs with all the images and a copyright release might be more valuable to them than a wedding album nowadays.

Here are four ways for creating perceived value in the market where you work .by concentrating on these more you can differentiate your business from others.

  1. Be a resource
  2. Treat other business owners as clients
  3. Care about your clients
  4. Market consistently over time.

These tips are all to help you grow your business .by caring and marketing for your clients your business community and other business owners of your market will start to build a group of people who are loyal to your business.

All these ways will take time obviously, your business will not shine overnight but in times like these, the clients will care more about what they get than the artistry of the pictures you make and it’s the surest path through recession.