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How online marketing has changed the wedding photography business trends in Kolkata

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Wedding photographers in Kolkata lie and die by whether or not they can book clients and not just any clients, their ideal clients which help to make taking wedding photos a cool experience that can pay the bills. When setting up your own photography business, it is important to be serious about what kind of client you want to work for and direct all of your advertising attention to enticing these types of people. The best photographs come from being able to form a connection with the people you work with and as long as you have the technical image taking skills to go along with it – photography is a fairly easy thing .we feel that we have a valuable voice in the world of marketing photography services because we have seen great attainment in our first year of booking clients and have learned much in the process as well.

Nowadays the online sector has been the most popular platform for the best wedding photographers in Kolkata where there are ample prospects for the marketing of any kinds of business whether its huge or small. There are many good options for the marketing online which changed the wedding photography business trends in Kolkata.

Ways how can one use online marketing to give a company a new dimension :


Social media has its place when it comes to marketing your wedding photography business. There is a lot of inherent value and FACEBOOK is prime real estate for representing your brand in the online world and capturing the consideration of potential new clients. There are several ways to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool, so let’s take a look below:

  • Facebook Ads

One of the obvious options is running a paid advertisement on Facebook. Through this system, you can directly target even the most niche people.

  • Post photos and tag your clients

One of the best ways to use Facebook is to simply post photos from your recent sessions and wedding .Tagging your client in the images will allow them to sneak peeks of your work ,and will disclose your photograph to their friends + family FB as well.

  • Make a best of folder ,and tag all of your clients

Keeping your facebook account organized will make it easier for approaching clients to look through your work . one simple way to help accelerate this is to make a best of folder.This could be broken down by year if you have been in the business for a while .Only include the absolute best,and remember to tag all of the clients again.


  • Share posts on your personal account

One easy way to expand the net of who is seeing your posts is to share your business page posts  on your personal account .


INSTAGRAM is really by design made for sharing photography. A large portion of our bookings come from simply posting and experimenting with hastags like Best wedding photographers in Kolkata,Pre wedding photographers in Kolkata, Wedding photographers in Kolkata etc.Some of our favourite clients found us in this way .Instagram is another way to expose your brand share only the best pictures you have ,and  look to  create an uniform image feed so when someone new stumbles upon your work they can get an immediate sense of your photography style .In addition to the regular uploading of photos which again should be the best and highest quality ones you have ,you should take advantage of instagram stories to update regularly in  between your main updates .it is common for us to upload lower resolution images just to showcase what we are currently doing .it provides an ability to provide a more immediate social media update without the pressure to keeping your image feed standardized with your best work.


There are many platforms that have been designed to allow you to control all of your social media accounts from one central hub and schedule posts .This has a lot of potential to be useful .There is a substantial time investment to earn how to properly use these tools ,and produce all of the posts to be scheduled weeks or months in advance .one thing to keep in mind if you do decide to automate some of your posting is to still retain some personality .our fear with automation is that it can lead to producing content that is a bit robotic or inauthentic ,which is not a good trade off for more content .


The best way to control the look, feel and message of your brand online is through your own website .if you do not have one yet, it is absolutely time to set one up. there are many great web hosts out there depending on how much time and money you have to dedicate to creating a web presence. Some of the sites where we can create the websites are GoDaddy.


Going along with your photography business website, it is important to regularly update your website. Pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata are consistently working to refine this process ourselves and admittedly it can be challenging, especially when shooting a lot of sessions and weddings and editing photos non stop all week .still it is important and a critical piece of marketing your business .the way we envision website content and the act of blogging is that they are broken down into different categories:

  • Staple content: these are pieces of content meant to be unchanging on your site. These pieces are often quite long (2000+ words) , really drive home an important topic and tend to take a lot of time to could consider our wedding photo creators page to be a staple piece of content .
  • Sales content: the next type of content that usually requires a little less time are those articles specifically designed to sell something .while the word “ sales “ can sound a bit frightening ,it is really the major component of running a successful photography business.the sales content we will discuss can be broken down into two categories:

Selling your services – producing blog content to sell your own services is invaluable .a simple type of this content is news when you are booking for a new year of weddings , or letting people know that you are setting up mini sessions for the holiday season. This type of content can run the gamut between long and indispensable ,to short and quick update blurbs.

  • Personal /Brand building content : this is content that might not rank really high in search engines ,or immediately drive sales ,but will help your website to stay current with new updates and will allow you to add more of yourself into your brand.have a section of your blog dedicated to just spilling out updates about your personal and professional life.hopefully its obvious but only share personal things that you would want shared with your target audience and general public as a whole .

The sky is the limit with blogging and it really is what you make of it.another important element is also how all these content can be shared with your social media networks,thus introducing new content there too.


Search engine optimization or SEO  is very important to long term success in marketing your brand online .every search engine is built around algorithms that determine how content is displayed and where different websites and web pages rank.these algorithms take into account the keywords used in article – in the headers ,the body of the text ,the images file names ets and can make or break wether your content is found by prospective clients when searching for photographers in your area .in the world of photography localized SEO is vey much appreciated.


One of the easiest ways to create some buzz for your business and attract potentially new clients is simply running a promotion like free add ons like a photo album ,discounts in services can post on facebook to share and like a post to be entered to win a free couple pre wedding shoot or wedding shoot. The hardest part about doing this is finding the balance where you are offering something a prospective client would want ,and where you are not taking a total loss on offering the service.for those just starting out ,this can be an excellent way to get in the door to build a portfolio .


Pinterest ,Inc is a social media web and mobile application company which operates a software system designed to enable discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images . it’s a free website that requires registration to use.users can upload ,save,sort and manage images known as pins and other media content through collections known as pinboards. It is a great platform for the wedding photographers in Kolkata to increase their popularity on a large scale and on a much bigger market.


No other website has much more worldwide video grip than YOUTUBE. This is a video sharing website which allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists,report,comment on videos and subscribe to other users .it offers a wide variety of user generated and corporate media videos . so if you create a channel of your own in youtube and regularly post all your events videos ,teasers ,behind the scenes clips and make it more accessible to the viewers and potential customers by showing them directly how you work they can rely more and get a clear idea of what hard work you had to put in every events you this golden time when youtube is at the peak of its popularity it is a great chance to get yourself on the world map of wedding photography.

Best wedding photographers in Kolkata will take advantage of all the avenues available to them.the in-person marketing that comes from making real connections with current clients, potential clients and other vendors and businesses in your area is vital in the photography industry and is complemented by internet marketing that comes with running your own website and keeping up with social media.


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When the world saw the very first photographer, the idea of being able to capture the world as we see it took off promptly. In a relatively short period of time,  film photography evolved from black and white to colour photography. From there, it made motion pictures possible, allowing us to see the world from our couches at home. When the first digital camera was invented little did the inventors know that it would later transfigure the world of photography and media in general. Today, billions of images are captured and shared between people and the number of image recording devices is growing at a rapid, unstoppable rate. There are cameras literally everywhere – in our mobile phones, homes , computers , cars and even in wearables like eyeglasses and watches.We trust these devices to give us a sights of reality ,acknowledged moments of time that we can go back to and review and yet with the fast growth ,ease of access and use of image and video manoeuvring tools . In Indian wedding photography we have been seeing more footage that can twist reality , whether we are looking at popular magazine covers ,internet sites or news media ,the imagery we see is getting harder and harder to trust , since it is being altered ,faked or staged .Media turned out to be a powerful tool to influence and exploite people ,which brings up the question and the importance of integrities in photography .Not only the adulteration in photography ,some photography companies do try to expand their fame by posting fake  online reviews to grab the attention of clients who are more comfortable of choosing best wedding photographers in kolkata for their big day by just reading the reviews . But they get tricked most of the time.

Now if you do some research and find some questions that are somewhat hard to answer ,that how can you save yourself from getting tricked by fake online reviews of photography companies ,best wedding photographers in Kolkata can create a set of ethical rules and  guidelines that should help photographers in indian wedding photography in determining whats acceptable and whats not.

Whether we are the CEO of the company or just an employee of the best wedding photographers in kolkata ,we work so hard to build up our business ,its status, and to gain positive client reviews.Its frustrating when someone attempts to ruin that hard work by leaving a fake review online,and in the age of “ fake news “ and sponsored reviews on Amazon ,this can be a big concern .

Word of mouth marketing (WOM)  is  a powerful asset in our line of work.Its gets people talking and today ,potential customers / clients are becoming more and more likely to trust an online review ( good or bad ) than the word of a brand .

Consumer studies have found that :

  1. 85% of consumer trust online reviews as much as personal references.
  2. 79% of consumers read a fake review in the last year ,but 84% cant always spot them.
  3. 94% were influenced by an online review to avoid the business .

That’s why its extremely important to take time to weed out fake reviews before they can harm our business .


Now we can think that we can understand how much it can affect our business in indian wedding photography  and even our  professional relationship with our client unintentionally . So we have to deal with it.We the WEDDING PHOTO CREATORS  ,wedding photographers in Kolkata can give you  5 simple tips about how to remain unaffected from fake online reviews and how to deal with them.

  1. DIFFERENTIATION OF THE FAKE ONES FROM THE REAL :We have to be able to differentiate between a fake review and a real review .
  2. VICIOUS REVIEW TONE: A genuine review ,even a negative one ,will usually use more moderate language.
  3. GENERAL OR NON SPECIFIC CRITICISMS: Authentic reviews usually provide specific information about the writer’s experience with a business.
  4. HIGHLY INFLATED POSITIVE REVIEWS BY THE SAME PERSON ON THE PROFILE OF ONE OF YOUR COMPETITORS : This could be a tell-tale sign that the reviewer is connected to the competitor .
  5. MULTIPLE POSITIVE REVIEWS OVER A VERY BRIEF SPAN OF TIME :This is a sure sign of a bogus reviewer looking to create promotional buzz.

After we have done identifying the fake reviews ,it is time to report it.

This are the important steps when dealing with the problem and getting it removed as quickly as possible.

Once we have reported it ,it is time to respond to the fake is very natural to feel angry and defensive about a review that isn’t true ,but responding while emotional can miscarry. So we have to give ourselves some time to calm down and formulate a professional reaction .Leaving a well thought out retort to a negative review can help us earn respect and restore our reputation with current and future customers/clients.People are often more likely to look at our reply than the review itself ,so it is important to respond.

Here’s some more tips about what to do while leaving a response:

1.MAINTAIN A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE : Show professionalism and restraint in the tone and nature of the response .

  1. SHARE THE PROBLEM WITH OUR FOLLOWERS: Its better to be transparent and get things out in the open.

3.BOUNCE BACK: After responding ,minimize  any possible damage by burying the fake review under a bunch of great ones.

The most important thing not to do is respond negatively .

Now after responding  it is also important to continue observing our reviews.we have to create a plan for how we are going to maintain and monitor these reviews on a more regular basis.

We the wedding photo creators, wedding photographers in Kolkata are very much loyal and dedicated to our customers /clients and we do our best to create a wonderful chain of moments from their fairytale wedding .So like any other wedding photographers in kolkata we don’t want to tarnish our earned reputation or get distrusted by some online fake reviews .So we have to stand against it professionaly and have to deal with it to keep working with all our efficiency.

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