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Pre-wedding Photographers in Mumbai based Destinations

pre-wedding photographer in mumbaiFrom heritage buildings to high-rise buildings, from largest slums in the world to one of the costliest residential areas, Mumbai is a city of contrasts and one cannot leave the city without being mesmeric. Mumbai is hardly foreseeable and is full of aesthetic bombshells. So being pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai, we have shortlisted some beautiful places to plan any kind of pre/post wedding shoot in Mumbai.

1. Marine Drive: Marine drive takes you away from the from the hurly-burly of the city. Hanging gardens is situated on top of Malabar Hill, Walkeshwar, from here you can view Chowpatty beach, marine drive (also known as queens necklace) & Bombay Skyline. You can capture your couples in the background of the rising or setting Sun, the joggers, the walkers, the hawkers, or the sea-facing buildings. During high tide, the scene turns phenomenal with waves hitting the rocks and smearing water high up the air.

2. Bandra: One can clearly see the Bandra-Worli Sea Link which is another incredible structure that should be photographed to complete his/her couple’s Mumbai Diary. Linking Road, Bandstand, and the Bandra Fort are some other places which we can opt for pre-wedding photography.

3. Vintage Lover’s Paradise Asiatic Library: If you’re fascinated with grandeur and elegance, then the  Asiatic Library is a beautiful combination of both and will look splendid in both color and dramatic monochrome photographs.

4. Vasai Fort: Remember Coldpaly’s “ Hymn of the Weekends” video? Yes, If you want to shoot your couple in a historic backdrop then Vasai Fort is an ideal place to select.

5. Kala Ghoda: Whether you want your couples to pose against the iconic architecture of the blue synagogue, in front of the horse painted on the Khyber wall, with the art galleries behind you or on the wide pavements, under the sprawling old trees, you’ll make beautiful memories and pictures.

6. The Gateway of India: The Gateway of India is a majestic, classy exemplar of a historical monument with modern relevance. Its Victorian architecture, the ocean sparkling in the back and the boats bobbing up and down will make for some stunning pictures. You’ll definitely not forget to utilize the adjacent Taj Mahal Palace to utilize as a backdrop of your couple’s photograph posing together.

7. Sanjay Gandhi National Park: It is the world’s largest protected urban tropical forest and it’s right here, a short drive away from the heart of the city. You’ll have people go green when they see your pictures.

8. Azad Maidan: With over 22 acres of open space, the iconic domes and towers of CST (formerly Victoria Terminus) in the background, you can have the ground to yourselves early in the morning for the panoramic and wide shoot.

9. Mumbai Samachar: The Mumbai Samachar building outside is a beautiful deep red and a standout location in the Fort area of the city. Plan to contrast against it, maybe bring in some fun props and you’ll ‘be in the news’ with your friends with your excellent photo shoot.

10. Nature: Every year, from October to March, flamingos come to the mangroves at Sewri providing fantastic opportunity to photograph these fabulous parks at Borivli and the Byculla Zoo are two places where one can photograph wildlife. Kanheri Caves inside the National Park is also a great place to photograph nature.

11. Kharghar Hills: It is located on the Sion Panvel Highway at one and half hour drive during peak traffic hours from the heart of Mumbai. From the main road, a branch road is made around the 300 m edge of the golf club and it terminates at the base of Kharghar hills. This small road is known as driving range. From here, there are earthbound ways to climb on the hills and enjoy the beauty of the scenery around. Trekking is a popular activity here. During the rainy season, a lot of people from Kharghar and nearby areas visit here to enjoy the waterfalls and the river nearby.

12. Other Places: There are some wonderful places where one can do street photography in Mumbai. One of them is Mohammad Ali Road, the street-food capital of the city, especially during Ramzan time. Other exciting places are Chor Bazaar, Colaba, and Dadar station market.

Though we have shortlisted the places on the basis of the popularity and the number of footfalls, as a pre-wedding photographer in India, you should treat your self like an explorer while you’re into Mumbai. The overcrowded local trains, clean and clear Juhu beach, Bandra-Worli sea link at midnight and other small things can be your subject to capture. All the best!! Happy Shooting.

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Sankey and Vishaka’s Pre-Wedding Shoot by Wedding Photo Creators

pre wedding

Being an association of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we choose to film couples in exotic destinations as per their preferences. Sankey and Visakha are a newlywed couple and we took the privilege to photograph and film them from their pre-wedding shoot to wedding and reception. Today in this blog, we will share our experiences with the couple during producing their pre-wedding film.

Mandarmani as a pre-wedding destination: Mandarmani is very popular now a day among the destination wedding photographers as a pre-wedding location. The core attractions of Mandarmani is the crawling of red crabs around the 13kms long beach and it’s known to be the longest drive in beach in India. From Kolkata, after crossing the second Hooghly Bridge, Kona Expressway leads to Mumbai Road. As the total drive takes about 4 hours from Kolkata via Kolaghat and Nandakumar. From Nandakumar, there is a right turn towards Contai. In the said Kolkata- Digha highway there is a place named Chawalkhola where a left side road ends at Mandarmani.


The Journey: So one fine morning we the team and the couple started for Mandarmani from Kolkata. Being in Mandarmani gives the shutterbugs some amazing pre-wedding photography goals. The resort, booked by the couple to the beach, well-laid lawns with verdant nooks, relatively low waves of the sea gave us the motivation to film and shoot the couple in the lap of nature.

Filming and Photography: Their concern was the pre-wedding film and we wanted to produce it in a unique way. Some aerial shots were taken to project the venue, and then we captured the picturesque waves of the bay of Bengal. Dine out shots, driving in the beach, low light shot during the night made the video different and colorful. Our aim was to establish the togetherness of the couple on screen. We also captured some worthwhile walking shots. When the joy of sharing sweet nothings turn into togetherness for a lifetime, you know the walk was worthwhile.

Importance of the Dress Code: Dress code plays a very significant role. A pre-wedding photo shoot is a window for others to see what kind of a couple you are. The photos are like an invitation for your friends to experience a fun day or evening out with the to-be-weds. A photoshoot and cinematography take a lot of time to get those picture perfect shots, and you really don’t want to be sweating it out while smiling for the camera. So we suggest our clients November to February due to the comfortable weather conditions. They picked a suit with waistcoat and gown type long dresses. There were Hawaiian collections and easy breezy closets too for candid moments in the sea beach. Colorful Punjabi suites were picked by the to be a bride for his immense affection for Bollywood movies.

Props as the side characters: Props like a jacket, umbrella, cycle, empty wooden boats in the sea beach played a pivotal role during frame planning as props are used as visual experience enhancers in the pre-wedding shoot.

Moments: Beach, car drive and candid moments are the ultimate epitome of romance. Additionally, fresh leaves, cool morning with few rays of sunshine made the perfect picture background. During the night, we took some indoor shots of dining out and bonfire. Wide shots in the resort arena made the couple picture perfect.

Our two days long pre-wedding photography and film project was an experience full of fun, new learning and joy. We’re known for our professionalism and the advantages of hiring the professional photographers in Kolkata are being discussed in prior articles. But it was our privilege that we got a very warm welcome from the couple and the friendly attitude helped us to be committed and deliver as per expectations.

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