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Unplugged wedding- an innovative photography concept in Kolkata

Unplugged wedding


As any wedding photographer we know one of the most nerve-wracking events is when a guest completely terminates the flawless moment that a photographer is being appointed to seize. Whether they stand up during the varmala, take photos with their phones in front of your camera, or unintentionally cause half the family to look off to the side during impersonated family portrait, wedding photo bombs can be a real annoyance. We the wedding photographer in Kolkata suggests you go for an “UNPLUGGED WEDDING“.


This perception is totally new and not so popular in India. But we are here to provide you with the concept of the unplugged wedding and why is it so important. We will be first to launch this new concept of the unplugged wedding in Kolkata along with our team of best wedding photographers.

An “UNPLUGGED WEDDING “  is when a couple getting married have made a decision that they would prefer if their wedding guest did not take photos and /or upload them to social media.

There are many alternatives on this, from having an unplugged ceremony only ,when guest are expectant to put their phones and cameras away until after the marriage has been over, to a stern “NO PHOTO POLICY” for the entire wedding celebrations, to a complete “social media blackout” until the subsequent day or when the bride or groom have a chance to announce their matrimony themselves .

To do an unplugged wedding gives you a purpose to acknowledge the employed wedding photographer the possibility to capture the wedding as proficiently and flawlessly as without likely missing key shorts caused by obtrusive guest photographers.


Over the last few years, progression in expertise has given us the volume to share the photos on social media. These modifications have meant that most people now have the ability to take photos or videos and share them for the world to see in a matter of seconds. In an everyday situation, this is not a problem but, it only takes a short discussion with an openly recognized identity or event management to tell you that it can cause big issues with image management and privacy requirements.

With this unplugged wedding, there will be no diversions of phone or camera and the guest will be free to immerse themselves in the occurrence that you have spent months planning. And without constantly checking their phone, your family and friends will be much more open to, and may even actively seek out communications with other guests that they may not have met before.

Although the technology of taking photos has progressive, the photography skills of most people have not.A professional and experienced wedding photographer will make the best of any lightning situation so you can skip the unflattering, inappropriate, g rainy or dark photos that some guest think are okay to upload in social media. the extra benefit of not having a camera in everyones hand means that your photographer wont need to push for prime position or have blinding flashes over expose the photos they do take.

The most important part of arranging an unplugged wedding is the communication of your wishes to your guest and telling them why you chose to have an unplugged wedding as many wont be happy with this decision . For some family and friends your wedding maybe the first time they have heard the term “UNPLUGGED WEDDING “ in Kolkata , so you need to be very clear about what you are requesting of them and why .

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The pre-wedding shoot is like a commitment shoot that takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day to show the bonds between the couples. A pre-wedding photo shoot is equally important for couples to show their love for each other. If you are about to get hitched we can bet a million dollars that the most thrilling will be your pre-wedding photo shoot and we the Wedding Photo Creators being one of the best pre-wedding photographers in India are here to present you with best candid pictures of both of you.

Pre-wedding shoots are best when they depict the spirit of the couple to its fullest. To get perfect images of your loving moments, reconnoiter your interest as a duo and feature them in your shoot. But nowadays being an occupied couple its difficult for both of them to choose a perfect place where they can have their pre-wedding shoot done. So here we are to provide you with the best destination wedding photography done in Bangalore with our destination wedding photographers spread all over India. We will deliver you with the best pre-wedding photographer in Bangalore.

No matter how much we hate crazes, pre-wedding photo albums look extremely mind-blowing. Sure a lot of covering up and peculiar pretention in civic places goes into it but with charismatic surroundings of the effervescent pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore, the final results are totally worth enclosing. Being a working couple it is not easy to sit down and pick up the places so here we are giving you the perfect wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore that you must consider, given the fact that we will even offer you with the best pre-wedding photographers that can do marvels with there snaps here.



Lalbagh is a trance location in Bangalore with vivacious flowers, expansive greenery with a tinge of ruggedness and a lake which is the perfect backdrop for that dreamy pre-wedding album. Head here during the early morning, you will have an easy weather and lesser crowd for the shoot.


Location-High court of Karnataka, ambedkarveedhi,sampangi,ramanagar

Located near lalbaghcubbon park also is among the best pre-wedding locations in Bangalore. The gardens here are well maintained and there are sculptures to add a little fun to the snap.


You cannot go wrong with Nandi hills to do your pre wedding photoshoots in Bangalore. The variety of backgrounds you have here is incomparable. Lush greenery, Nandi hills cave, enchanting tipu’s fort and ancient temples like bhoga, nandeeshwara temple add a traditional touch to the clicks. Opt for an early morning shoot.


A road corridor fringed with an abundance of greenery, this is one of the most romantic places for photoshoots in Bangalore during the early morning. You have a peaceful atmosphere that will embiebe in your surround. Alongside capacious greenery, you have TALAGHATTAPURA LAKE, gardens and TURAHALLI FOREST to get clicked.


Stealing the show with a lake surrounded by verdant greenery, jp outskirts is a serine locale for your special photographs to come to life. Here you can enjoy complete privacy as it is a less visited spot in Bangalore.


Location-100/1,halvarthur main road ,siddapura,white field

An expansive ranch for relaxed pre wedding photography in Bangalore,satoriflourishes shaped gardens and extensive space closer to flora. This huge area also gives you the opportunity to go innovative and play with the circumstances.


Location-opposite FORUM VALUE MALL, white field main road, palm meadows,narayanappagarden, white field

The German vibe swirls in the air in the summer house which is among the best pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore. With its history dated back to 1950, this cottage has its own collection of antiquated cars. You can get the shoot done any time of the day adding a classic feel to it.


Location-21stkilometre , kanakapura road, opposite art of living international center.

A location away from the hustle of the city with optulent halls and brimming luxury. If you fancy one of the immaculate places in Bangalore, this is your still.


Location-770, escape hotel, 100 feet road Indira Nagar

One of the most chiche and quirkiest pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Bangalore, brick lane grill is a posh white themed hotel restaurant. It features a swimming pool where you can find many frames for your pictures.


Location-25 Windsor square, golf course road.

The stunning white neo-classical structure dating back to the 19th century adds a lot of vintage charm to your frame.

Hope this blog will help you to find out the best pre-wedding photographers in Bangalore.

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Maternity Photography In India

Maternity Photography


Maternity photography is a new vogue in India. This is a perception where women are advancing to be creatively snapped while they were expectant. Its a trend now were shutterbugs capture motherhood in a special way that the mom-to-be and dad-to-be could relish this stunning trip eternally. We, the Wedding Photo creator are focusing in this form of photography in Kolkata for last one year. Pregnancy is very vibrant in a couple’s life celebrating their moment of making a family. We, the Wedding Photo creator in Kolkata are creating picturesque snaps of the mom–to- be as superior art portraits for their maternity recollections. The dad-to-be is also involved in for the couple’s photograph featuring the baby bump. For the Wedding Photo creator, it is not a vocation but a zeal for them. The Wedding Photo creator of Kolkata captures an indescrible acquaintance between the momma and their babies in the womb. The Wedding Photo creator captures the moment knowing the worth and appeal of it. We not only seize the moments, we bag the emotion in it.

When a seven-month pregnant DEMI MOORE posed naked embracing her baby bump for a magazine cover, in 1991. It caused a universal turmoil. What more started was an unthinkable craze of women coming forward to be pleasingly photographed while they were pregnant? Now the maternity photography work is one of the premium virtuosity, done by a proficient maternity photographer like the wedding photo creators of Kolkata and transformed a photo into that of an impeccable magnum opus which the mom-to-be is going to cherish.

We are one of the best maternity photographers in Kolkata that has been making beautiful memories of pregnancy. Capturing the mom-to-be when she is glowing and being happy about life growing inside her is our proficiency. It is an enchanted segment in life which should have reminiscences frozen with maternity or pregnancy photographs.

We, the Wedding Photo creator take the mom-to-be outdoors to a park, or any other outdoor locations and uses natural light and captures the best of the mom-to-be’s expressions. We later use unique editing skills to truly make an amazing photograph. Maternity photo shoots are all about having some light-hearted fun times together.

The bond between the couples become even persuasive during those nine months of pregnancy. Allthough, only one of you is carrying the baby, every experience is conjoint. You feel the same things, joy &bliss, enthusiasm & excitement and the adventure that you two are living is worth apprehending.

Every girl wants to behave toward like a queen. Pregnancy is the time where you can indulge yourselves and welcome the motherhood In you elegantly. Wedding Photo creator in Kolkata will come up with some supercool photoshoot ideas to show off your baby bump and welcome the newest member of your life. There are some truly good memories which our professional photographers can give you while you are having a baby bump. This is a most inimitable and important time in a couples life and to remember and cherish these moments forever maternity photo shoot is the must.

We, the Wedding Photo creator even came up with some supercool photoshoot ideas to show –off your baby bump like

  • Shooting with the whole family
  • Dressing up the mommy –to – be like a princess
  • Mom and dad –to – be in the photograph together
  • Shooting with their favorite pets
  • Mom and dad with the older siblings
  • Photoshoot using props.


Wedding Photo Creators will provide you with the best moments of your maternity.


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Pre-Wedding Couple Photography in Rain

pre-wedding photographers

“Bad weather makes good pictures.” Almost everyone would be couple’s dream is to get clicked in the rain while romancing. As the lovebirds, you’ll never ever want to miss the chances of getting clicked while you and your partner seeing on each other with pure love beneath the umbrella.

As the pre-wedding photographers in India, we prefer the frame with downpour rain to picture your precious moments. We really get a very little time to cover the shoot before everything ( including the equipment ) get ruined. But we are comfortable to shoot on a thunderstorm than a slow and constant rain.

Twilight and night render the best opportunity to take amazing rain picture. A remote flash hidden behind a couple enables the photographer to freeze the raindrops and make them look magical. City lights and streets are amazing during and just after the rain, and storm clouds can make for a dramatic background for pictures.

But, all the above tips are for shooting during the original rain. You can plan it artificially also. The real trick to capturing rain is making sure you have the water backlit correctly. This will help capture the individual drops on camera. You’ll also notice that many rain shots are close-ups or medium close-ups — which hides the rain machine in the background.

Now come to the aspects of different feelings. None in the earth who doesn’t enjoy to drench with his/her interest in love in rain. None can deny the awesome feelings of watching rainfall with girlfriend or wife. Falling in love is like the rain, it’s unpredictable, but there are always signs before it completely falls.

Here are some cool ideas to pose in front of the shutterbugs during a rain themed pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. You don’t need to be afraid of getting wet as two lovers in the rain have no need of the umbrella. So get wet if you can and don’t hesitate to express your love.

2. Rains make a heart go romantic. Ever danced in the rain? The feeling is inexplicably beautiful. Hold your sweetheart’s hand and walk in the rains while the clouds play cupid.

  1. Last but not the list, kiss in the rain!! The night might end, The rain may stop but the kiss you give me in rain will never be forgotten.

So if you’re finding your shutterbug to make your rainy day out with your loved one remarkable, what stops you to hire the best pre-wedding photographers in India for a rain themed pre-wedding shoot.


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