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Kolkata is being called the “City of Furious, Creative Energy” as well as the “cultural capital of India” and “ City of Joy”. In our previous blogs, we have mentioned the concept of Pre-Wedding Photography and it’s growing acceptance among the Indian to be wed couples. So here, in this article, we will focus on Kolkata’s various location which can be the best of best outdoor destinations for a pre-wedding shoot.

Kolkata and the greater sub-urban areas adjacent to Kolkata are very much popular among the localities of Kolkata and eastern India. So at first, we are focusing on some locations which are located in the heart of Kolkata.

  1. Princep Ghat: The two kilometer stretch of exquisite riverfront (of the sacred Ganges) is what magnifies its photographic significance. A popular chill out place for lovebirds is a good enough idea for pre-wedding photography, especially early in the morning or on the verge of twilight. The aggregation of white pillars, a park, railway tracks, Ganges and bridge view, all in a single location, goes well with all kinds of
  2. Maidan and Victoria Memorial: Tinny greenish bungalows, horse-drawn carriages, Gupchup sellers and broad roads etc are making the Life on the Maidan as the quintessence of life in Kolkata. The combination of Tram Tracks, Carriages drawn by horses and above all the gateway of the Victoria Memorial Hall has always been the first priorities of every wedding photographer while choosing the location suitable for pre-wedding photography and video.
  3. Eco Park: Located in the extension in the Eastern Part of the city and close to the airport, in New Town, The Government of West Bengal have developed a nature-themed park or Eco Park. The assemblage mostly consists of laid-back visitors who have come to relax and enjoy. Once you are there you can take all the time you need to complete the shooting void of any distractions and disturbance.

Rose Garden, Butterfly Garden, Cafe Ekante, Eco Iceland, Deer Park are the key attractions of this place.

  1. The Rajbari, Bawali: Located within 30kms from Kolkata, in South 24 Parganas, The Rajbari itself, an extraordinary, architectural masterpiece, was built around 250 years ago.It is only recently that The Rajbari, the only building now remaining from this time, albeit in ruins, has been salvaged and exquisitely restored to reflect the opulence, style, and grace of the Zamindars of Bengal. Now it is being turned into a luxurious resort and an ideal place for heritage-themed pre-wedding shoots and bespoke wedding events.
  1. Botanical Garden: Located on the bank of the river Hooghly, the botanical garden is also an ideal pre-wedding photography destination with water lily, banyan tree, and palms.

Apart from the above, within 500kms, there are destinations like Mandarmani, Tajpur and Digha in the coast of the bay of Bengal are very much popular among them to be wed couples as a pre-wedding destination.

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Pre-wedding photography in popular destinations and the colorful environment is a new trend in Indian wedding photography. From 2010 onwards these pre-wedding photography has prominently become a practice of wedding families or even the best wedding photographers in India. This blog will discuss with certain components of  Pre Wedding Photography and Video.

Importance of the Moment: Be it a casual spring hangout at local destinations or a planned trip to any heritage sites or travel destinations, professional pre-wedding photographers in India are ready to click each and every moment’s wheater it is candid or photographically planned. Usually, photographers focus on the candid moments of the time spent by two lovebirds or the couples.

Silhouette Photographs: There are different styles of photography involved in pre-wedding. The most common style of photography which is very popular from pre-wedding is Silhouette. A silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject. These silhouette images can be used as the invitation posters which usually couples share from their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Props: The role of the props is very important in pre-wedding photography. BubblesConfetti, colorful balloons, frames, rings, scrabble letters, glitter, holi colors etc can be used as props that make the moment more interesting. A cycle ride, vintage cars, Superbikes and Cars dupatta, blanket and similar kind of stuff are very popular nowadays.

Cinematic Influences: Bollywood style wedding is a very popular concept. So photographers usually get influenced from the movie stills of popular films and compose the subjects. In case of Pre Wedding Video or Wedding Stories cinematic shots with different camera angles, aerial views etc are being used to make the presentation more attractive.

Outfits: The pre-wedding photography plays the ultimate role in modern wedding album’s first pages. So the couples are advised to choose their outfits wisely. They should try different outfits for different frames to diversify the essences of the images.

Locations: Choice of location is the most important part of  Pre-Wedding Photography. A resort with plenty of green areas and nature influences or a sea beach, all the locations have certain exclusive factors. So you will have to choose your location wisely.

Last but not in the least, you should book your pre-wedding photographer at least three months before your wedding. So that you can plan a hassle free pre-wedding hang out the day with the best cooperation from your pre-wedding photographers.

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How to choose perfect images for a wedding photography album


If you are a newly married Indian bride or groom, lying in confusion to choose the best photographs out of 1000 images from the raw files given by your hired photographers then this article will help you choose the best shots for your wedding album.

A Wedding Photographer in 21st century clicks plenty of photographs of not only the bride or groom. Their family, invitees, and friends and their movements during various rituals, various wedding gifts, decorations and food everything plays major role in wedding photography. Nowadays capturing candid moments of people and their reactions during the rituals are trending most. So your primary focus will be choosing the candids which include your near and dear ones, office colleagues or business associates, friends etc. Because it will occupy the 60 percent of your albums.

After the candids, you can look after the traditional portraits with your family members, especially with the elders. 20-25 images from these portraits you can select for the photobook or album. Apart from portraits, you must be choosing the photos of the costumes, jewelry, wedding cakes, wedding foods etc for good fillers in your album.


So 70 percent of your album is occupied with perfect images. Now your job is to find out the best of the best couple shots according to your preferences. A few of the pre-wedding images clicked in any cozy destination or in nature parks will diversify the flavor of the album. All together you can choose 15 percent of your pre-wedding and rest 20 percent from your wedding or reception day.

Now ask your photographer to plot those images in a creatively designed theme and to follow the pattern of the rituals according to the timeline of the event.

Last but not the least, your pre-wedding save the date poster may ease your headache of choosing the perfect cover image of your wedding album. If you want to differ, then find out the best couple photograph clicked on your wedding night.

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