Bengali Wedding Photography

India, being a diversified country has many different cultures for each and every occasion. Wedding is one of them. Being a wedding photographer based in Kolkata Team wedding photo creators is well aware of Bengali Weddings and its Vast Rituals. Each and every culture have their own tradition and significance. As a well-known photographer in this market we make sure we must capture the most precious and special moments of the Bride-Groom’s life and their family. The best wedding photographers will always go to the maximum extent to capture all the special moments from Ashirbaad to Bouvaat. There are few rituals like Gaaye Holud, Bodhu Baran, Malabadal, Saptapadi etc. where we got such beautiful and picture perfect frames which we are once in a lifetime moments. From the Glowing smiling face of the BOU to the Handsome expression of the BOR, from the Gossiping NONOD to the busy ShalaBabu, we are responsible to capture each and every one.